Sunday, April 1, 2007

Meet a Deaf Cat... Ava!

In this vlog, Raychelle talks about deaf cats in general and the parallels in paternalism between deaf people and deaf cats. She then shares some experiences with her deaf cat, Ava and some video clips of Ava.

How do you get the attention of a deaf cat? Just like you do deaf people! Vibrations (from tapping floor, or a nearby object); Breeze (from flapping arm, newspaper, etc); Changing Lights/Shadows (from flashing lights, or blocking/unblocking the stream of sun/light); and of course by Touch (tapping, petting gently). Here are some urls if you'd like to investigate further. Do share your tips on how to "teach" Ava not to claw up furniture! :)

Gallaudet Library FAQ: Deaf Animals
White Cats, Eye Colours and Deaf Cats
Living with a Disabled Cat: Deaf Cats

Please pay no heed to my questionable taste in furniture and decorations... after all I am a poor college student :)


  1. yes you right, my cat is born from a deaf mother and my cat is hearing... but I'm deaf myself and seems that my cat understands me cuz she had experienced with her own deaf mother... (she is 3rd litter from deaf mother)... but seems she lives longer cuz right now my cat is 19 yrs of age... still playful healthy cat.... but she is losing some of her hearing but I still treat her the same since I have to touch her same way as before.... Your Ava is a beautiful cat... thanks for sharing....


  2. try Apple Cider Vinger and spray on the furniture where Ava usually will encourage Ava not to claw bc of the smell of it... and spray the stream of water direct to her when you see her clawing up....
    Ps... Apple Cider apple will not harm the furniture..... Good Luck

  3. OMG really I didn't know that cause my white cat when I was young was the BEST cat... wow she did have one blue and one brownish orangy eye.. wow.. thanks for letting me know.. smile..

    Apple Cider why not use Apple Bitter spray I think will not hurt..

  4. Hello again.... Just wondering have you use the spray of water stream when you catch ava clawing up and shoot the water stream at her yet??? any sucessful ?