Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Philadelphia, PA: Deaf Orange Tabby with CH


Update 06/13/12:

Elli is spayed, UTD on vaccines and is tested negative for FIV/FeLV. DOB is 1/22/2008. Due to an unforeseen change in her owners' living situation, NAR welcomed Elli back into our care (as we would do with all of our adopted cats).  All grown up now, Elli is once again looking for her forever home. Elli keeps to herself, and would be fine as an only cat or with another gentle, laid-back cat.  She does not require any special care except regular brushing and lots of love. She has adapted well to her CH (Cerebullar Hypoplasia). 

For more information about Elli, adoption and her Cerebellar Hypoplasia, check here:

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Deaf Animals Awareness Week: Sept. 16-20th


Prior to my first deaf dogs, for many years, I thought Dalmatians were the only dog breed that may be deaf. I had even bought a Dalmatian statute a long time ago as a symbol. It turns out there are other dog breeds that are deaf. Marley and Murray are Jack Russell Terriers and they were the love of my life. Murray was an easier dog than Marley but I love them both just as much. They have lived and and enjoyed being with other dogs I have fostered. My deaf dogs were the reason I started the Deaf Animals facebook, twitter and website. They were the reason of my eventual interest in adopting other deaf pets such as a deaf cat and ferret. Being deaf myself, I saw that not enough members of Deaf community are aware of deaf pets being in need of a home, I felt it is important to help raise awareness within the deaf community as well as hearing community. It is not only for deaf cats, deaf dogs or deaf ferrets but also for every kind of deaf animal that exists.


Having fostered countless of hearing cats and some deaf cats, Yuki was the first deaf cat I decided to stay with me for good after he was briefly fostered. He was 10 years old and surrendered by a family. I saw how confused, frightened and traumatized he was that I can't imagine placing him elsewhere and subject him any further grief. He was getting comfortable at my home. Unfortunately, within a year or so, it was discovered from x ray that he had untreatable cancer that the only option was euthanasia. The picture of him was on the property of the vet office, to allow him to enjoy the fresh air and be relaxed, before it was time. It was a few months after Marley had crossed the bridge so it was very hard to lose both within a few months as I was a long way from getting over the grief of losing Marley.


Hoppy is my first deaf ferret. So full of energy that other ferrets can't keep up with him! Instead of sleeping many hours a day like ferrets do, he opens his eyes from time to time to see if you're around and if you are, up he is, wanting to get out of the cage to have some fun. He never has it enough. He's truly comical. 

This is Deaf Animals Awareness Week - every single one of them is to be appreciated, cherished and valued. Because of my deaf pets, I have vowed to always have deaf pets as well as foster deaf animals other than the hearing ones. Also, to be deaf animals' advocate. They are as equally important as the hearing animals. I encourage the public's consideration of giving deaf pets a wonderful home. They are a joy. 

If you have a deaf pet(s), do post them on the wall of Deaf Animals Facebook for all others to see!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Alexandria, VA: 4 Cats Have Until Tuesday to Get Help!


Sorry I've been busily out and about looking for places. It's been pretty exhausting. I've had no luck. I'm still trying to search. I was wondering if you knew of any rescues that may be able to help? I would be able to pay a fee, etc. I'm starting to worry because I haven't gotten any response.

I have tried contacting so many rescues. Currently I'm in a situation where I have lost my apartment, and I am living out of motels. I currently have 4 cats that I am looking for homes for them. Out of all, Charlie is the deaf one. I have no family or friends to help, and my absolute last resort would be taking them to a shelter where they would likely be euthanized because of kitten season. I have grown exhausted of looking for options and it has really taken a mental toll on me, and I was wondering if your organization could help or at least point me into the right direction of any rescues or organizations. I've tried other organizations, and a lot of the cat rescues around my area to no avail. Even if it's temporary shelter for them until I can get back on my feet. If there's any program you know of, or any organization that could help, I would be so grateful. Thank you for any help or advice you could assist me with. I am in the Northern Virginia area. I can be reached at


Monday, July 16, 2012

Frenchtown, NJ: Dalmatian Mix Pup Needs a Home


Hi Everyone - please cross post for me. Nobody is interested in Carly and I need your help. Carly is the sweetest most lovable little girl that I have ever had. I think I let her down by labeling her a dalmation mix. She acts nothing like a dalmation. On top of that, she is deaf. At first you won't know it because she does everything right. She just doesn't respond to her name. She is housebroken and crate trained. I am teaching her hand signs. She is playful and gets along with all dogs. She is even good with cats. She loves everybody she meets. She is not skittish at all. It appears that she was born deaf so nothing startles her even when woken up from sleeping. She loves to sit with you on the couch or take a walk. She is low energy. She is spayed and up to date on vaccinations.

Contact: or 908-625-6358


Friday, July 13, 2012

Charlotte, NC: Deaf Cat and Mate Look for a Home

The owner passed away unexpectedly at the age of 37 in the past two weeks. They are now with the aunt, who is trying to get help to find them another home. Please help! Sweetie is 10 years old (deaf, declawed) and Tiger is 5 years old (hearing, declawed). They have been together two years and are pretty close. It would be best for them to be adopted together. The aunt's name is Carolyn and she can be reached at 704-435-8127 or her cell ph# at 980-522-0875 if you can adopt or rescue. If you cannot help please help us to contact someone who maybe can. Thank you.

Bulloch Co, GA: White German Shepherd Pup Mix Needs Help

To whom it may concern:

I am contacting you on behalf of the Humane Society of Statesboro and Bulloch County. We have a rescue dog (Gypsy) who is deaf and so has been hard for us to place. Also, as we have no fosters who are knowledgeable in training deaf dogs we are at a disadvantage in training her and thus placing her successfully. If you either have room for her in your rescue or advice/help for us in placing her in a forever home successfully we would appreciate the help. She is on our website at or you can see her at code 30458 at We do appreciate any help with her as she is a sweetheart and very friendly, but seems to be having problems at her foster home due to chewing. I do not know if this is related to her deafness and therefore her need for increased sensory input. I am concerned we are concentrating on her deafness, but this is probably due to our lack of knowledge of this disability. She is completely vetted and spayed.  Thank you for any help you are able to give us.

Carrie Mitchell, Humane Society of Statesboro and Bulloch County
carriehumane @

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Loudon, TN: Deaf Cat in Danger and Needs Help!

Below is what the shelter and another person have to say about this cat. Simba has until tomorrow to get out of danger. Please, if there is a cat savvy person who can work with him, do not hesitate to get in touch with the shelter.

Simba is an orange male Tabby, 4 years old and neutered.  The poor boy is deaf and needs a home where he feels safe. He is at a High Kill shelter in Loudon County, TN and scared to death. The staff can't deal with him because he is so frightened. Any help would be greatly appreciated to help this Special Needs kitty find a home. 

April said he is so scared that he is growling and trying to bite them and scratch the staff. They are giving him the weekend to try and calm down. I feel that if he doesn't by Monday, they will be putting him down. She didn't say that, but we know the drill. He needs a foster or adoptive home to work with him to calm down. He does not get along with dogs AT ALL. Please send an email to either or Time is of essence!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Chilton County, AL: Cat in Shelter Needs Help!

White deaf cat at Chilton County, AL

This is NOT a humane society but the county shelter. This beautiful sweet cat needs rescue or Adopter. Please call Scott at:

Transport help would be available and the contact info is:  

Monday, March 5, 2012

West Hollywood, CA: Pit Bull Mix Abandoned

My name is Cherie; I work as the Adoption Coordinator and Receptionist at an emergency animal hospital located in West Hollywood. I'm just hoping the more people hear about June the better her chances are. So here is Junes story and maybe you could share it and help me help her find a home:

Every once in a while a stray dog or cat in need of veterinary care is abandoned at our office and we are happy to help out. We do our best to find them homes but on occasion it can be very difficult. One such case is a 2 year old Pit-American Bulldog mix. She arrived at the hospital extremely painful: we thought she may have been hit by a car. After x-rays showing no broken bones we treated her to the best of our ability and within days she made what we considered a miraculous recovery. Being very clever, we named her June, as that was the month
she arrived at our doorstep.

Shortly after she arrived we came to the conclusion that she was hearing impaired (almost completely deaf). I am writing to plead for help in finding June a permanent home or even a rescue to take her in. She currently spends up to 22 hours a day in a kennel due to the fact that our hospital lacks the staff and space to spend the much needed time with her.

June is clearly a special needs dog and needs an owner who will help her with the patience and training she needs. June is not dog aggressive but she has met very few dogs and should be considered a caution with other pets until she has been properly socialized. She would likely do best in a home with no other animals until she gets further training.

She is so energetic and gets a bit of cabin fever in her kennel, she loves to play but can be a little rough at times. I am desperate to avoid the hospital management sending her to the shelter so I am reaching out to organizations like yours. It is my deepest wish to find her a place with people who will love her and give her the attention she so much deserves.

Thank you for reading June’s Story please feel free to share it with your friends and if you can help me find her a home I would greatly appreciate it.

Cherie Ederer

Sunday, March 4, 2012

What a Spoiled Princess Angel is!

Rebecca and her St. Patty's Angel

Angel, who is deaf and approximately 4 years old, was brought in as a stray and saved from a shelter near Newhall, CA by Lisa Tipton at AngelDogs Foundation. She was not a stray, but rather, a free dog when she was captured. Her owners finally located her and showed up at the shelter demanding release with no fines or fees required! Angel was scheduled for euthanasia and her owners were at the shelter just MINUTES before her death, still arguing the fees and refusing to pay! 

Luckily, Lisa Tipton stepped in after getting word that there was an amazing deaf dog was in urgent need of rescue, and she did so just in the nick of time! Angel, actually named Corto(a) at the time (I think...), thankfully left in the safe company of Lisa!  Lisa said Angel just sat in the car just staring at her, while Lisa kept her face covered for protection with an arm and elbow just in case this strange dog decided to go crazy!  After a few minutes of Angel getting closer to Lisa's face while she stared, she gently licked her in thanks and the rest is history!

Lisa gave Angel her name after deciding she was special enough to bear the name of her non-profit rescue foundation!  Angel is the first pit bull, and the first deaf dog ever rescued by the foundation, so I guess she made quite an impression! (well- I happen to KNOW she did!)  The amazing training she received while in foster care was done by Lisa's husband, professional dog trainer, Mark Tipton. He is an extremely gentle and patient man and any time I observe Angel around him, she acts like she has the biggest crush in the world!  He taught her basic hand signals for commands, which he then taught me, and Angel and I have come up with many others of our own from there!

I first saw Angel on It was my first search on the sight and it was a few months after the passing of my first pit bull and soulmate, 15 year old Cayenne.  I didn't know how to live without her, but I did know that I didn't want to live without a dog!  I had the time, love and patience to give to dog and decided I wanted to adopt a special needs dog!  I remembered an advertisement I saw in a Pennysaver magazine 15+ years ago when Cayenne was a puppy...  It always stuck with me- it was a black and white piicture of a bunch of Dalmatian pups with the caption, "Perfect Puppies available to a good home. God only forgot to give us hearing!"  I NEVER forgot that (probably because I never knew of a deaf pet's plight) and vowed I would help deaf dogs one day!  I faxed my adoption application within minutes after seeing Angel's profile on  I don't know how or why she was the one I was drawn to out of all those dogs that needed a home, but I know that it was meant to be!  I desperately needed an Angel at such a low point in my life.

Lisa replied almost immediately after receipt of the application to schedule a meeting and home visit.  She said she was actually sold on me as a candidate when she read on the paperwork that I'd prefer to have my dog sleep in bed with me!  Well- Angel does share my bed with me every night!  My first impression of her and the best word I can use to describe her is MATERNAL!  She conveys so much emotion through her eyes and that beautiful green-eyed stare, and when she looked into my eyes the first time after standing up on her hind legs to get closer to my face, she conveyed that she simply just wanted to take care of me!  (and I thought I was the one the was doing the adopting! HaHa!)

Angel has been with me for almost 2 years, and she teaches me something new all the time!  She does not have a disability due to lack of hearing- she has an ABILITY!  She studies everything a human does around her like there will be an exam on it later!  If you have a project, she's your assistant!  She reads body language and facial expressions better than any living creature I've seen, and I SWEAR she reads lips now!  She even knows the differences in my wardrobe- if she sees me take out some jeans or sweatpants... FORGET ABOUT IT!!  She jumps up and down like a ping-pong ball and barks her high, shrill, excited bark and "Roo-Roo"!  

But if she sees me dressing in a skirt and heels, the depression sets in and she mopes around because she knows those aren't walking clothes!  A friend who was in the Navy put on his white uniform one day and she was completely enthralled and enamored with him like I've never seen act around another person before!  She had a human dressed just like her! She even speaks up and demands her beauty products when I apply face lotion and make-up!  If I'm putting the nice smelling stuff on me, she knows it's good enough for her!  (spoiled little diva!)  She wont stop barking and nudging me until I mimic what I do to my own face on her!  I think she really enjoys the nurturing aspect of it because when she first came to live with me, it was summertime and I had to apply baby sunblock to her to prevent sunburn while she'd sun herself.  I know she loved how the cool lotion felt on her hot skin and has been addicted ever since!

Oh, she LOVES to wear girlie satin dresses with bows (thanks again to Lisa Tipton for giving us her first "dress-up" dress!) and her favorite wardrobe accessory for herself is a pair of wings!  Well- actually, many, many pairs of wings!!  She has little girls' dress-up wings that she loves to wear because of all the extra attention she gets from everyone that sees!  I bought her angel wings, fairy wings, light-up wings, christmas elf wings, ladybug wings.

She loves to dip in the pool after her daily 2 mile walks, but only on the first step in the pool... I call it her "nipple dip"!  She doesn't want to get her hair wet and mess it up!  Haha!  I swear- I couldn't give birth to my own genetic child who would be as similar to me as Angel is!!

She has helped me with temporary foster dogs, and although a little jealous sometimes, she is always loving and patient at the core.  She has inspired me, rehabilitated me, and changed my life for the better in every way!

Rebecca Mary and Angel Mary

Monday, February 20, 2012

New York Tri State: Australian Shepherd Needs a Foster

New York Tri State Area only
Foster needed
Mr Brumby's foster can no longer keep him after the end of February.  White Angels Hope Rescue is looking for a new qualified foster in the New York City Tri State Area to Foster Mr Brumby until his forever home is found. He is a lovely boy, very typical Australian Shepherd personality. Mr Brumby is a double merle/lethal white and does have some limited vision and hearing. Please help by opening your heart and your home to this wonderful dog.

and please visit our Web Page

Chillocothe, OH: Aussie Mix Pup Needs a Rescue

Aussie(mix?) puppy that needs to find a rescue. From what I have heard so far, they believe she is deaf because she does not respond to anything, and their Great Dane shows her where to potty outside.

The puppy needs to find a rescue within the next couple of days, they have already said that they have too many dogs already and they cannot keep her, if they cannot find her a place to go by a couple of days, they will take her to the pound. I do not know how old she is or anything, the only things I know of right now is that she is deaf. I have attached two pictures of her. If you do not have any room for her, could you please crosspost her?

CONTACT: Sherry Smith

Solution to Inappropriate Urination for Cats

I want the same for my feline-nds!

BuffBlue (B2) was surrendered to me when he was 5 years old a couple of years ago. I learned that B2 urinated outside the litter box sometimes. This was an issue I’d never dealt with before and it’s something not many people want to deal with. I wanted to give B2 a chance rather than let him go to someone and then possibly be surrendered to a shelter. I planned not to adopt him out to a new home until his issue was resolved, just to be fair to him and whomever decided to adopt him. So, I gave it a shot.

First, I took B2 to the vet to rule out a possible urinary tract infections (utior any other medical issues that may have been causing him to urinate outside the box. After they were ruled out, the vet suggested prozac, feliway and a tall cat tree. I didn’t have a tall cat tree so don’t know how beneficial that would have been but the other two recommendations (prozac and feliway) didn’t work very effectively. I tried to figure out what made him do this. With B2 already declawed by the previous home, unfortunately, I had wondered whether or not the declawing may have contributed to his behavior or at least partially. From doing a little of research, I was surprised to find that declawing is number one reason for inappropriate urination. There are other factors that contribute to inappropriate urination as well such as a new addition in the family, change in environment, lack of activities or love/attention, etc.

One day, I was at a health pet store which I had been patronizing for a long time.  While there, I discussed B2′s urination issues with the store owner. Without hesitation, the owner pointed to Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract litter and asked if I had tried it. I decided to buy a small bag, being a bit skeptical given all the gimmicks out there.

When I got home, I put out two separate litter boxes – one full of Cat Attract litter and the other with a mixture of Cat Attract litter and World’s Best litter to see which one B2 would prefer. On the first day, I could tell how pleased he was with this new discovery. Since then, he has been using Cat Attract litter religiously with no interest in the other litters.  I can see the difference in his level of contentment and happiness. Cat Attract litter was a miracle waiting to happen!

Too much time has passed like about a year that we bonded while I was exploring ways to help B2 overcome his issue in between my hectic schedule, fostering and TNR'ing. He has made himself at home that I decided not to uproot him after all this time. I was prepared to keep him if nothing worked for him. Ever since, I have been recommending Cat Attract litter to my friends when they shared concern with me and I want to share this on a larger forum to get as many people aware.

Cat Attract litter is more than just a litter and is designed to resemble the natural odor that an outdoor experience provides for cats. Cats may be domesticated but their instincts will always be that of what comes naturally to them. Cats aren't able to tell us which litter they prefer. Dr. Elsey has done his research in understanding the needs of cats and educating us to be receptive to those needs. There are many wonderful reviews about Dr. Elsey and his Cat Attract litter.

For rescues and shelters, check here about their Shelter Partners Program and share with everyone you know, including adopters and fosters about what Dr. Elsey Cat Attract litter can do. Inside the litter bag, there is a booklet with valuable information and instructions. With this knowledge, it helps save lives as too often cats are dumped in a shelter or surrendered. Please don't give up or lose hope and your cat will thank you!

Here's a tip when you use the Cat Attract litter for the first time by using 5 important steps:

Thank you and hope you learned something new. 

Katherine and B2

Friday, February 10, 2012

Central IL: Rottweiler in High Kill Shelter

My name is Madison, and I can’t think of one single thing that I did “wrong” except get older. Well, I’m also deaf, but I do quite well using my other senses. Sadly, I wound up at a high-kill animal control facility, and I understand that being both deaf and 8-9 years old will make it extremely difficult for me to find a home here.

Maybe YOU will help me? I think if I go to a rescue organization that “specializes” in either Rottweilers or deaf dogs, I will stand a much better chance of finding my forever home. (See my photos and more information below.)

I enjoy going for walks, or just sitting outdoors with one of my new human friends for a nice back massage. I’m laid-back, well-mannered, and I love people. Surely I deserve to spend my Golden Years in a real home … and YOU just might be my only chance.

Contact my human friend, Carol Rodgers, if you are willing to take me into your rescue … She will put you directly in touch with the Kennel Supervisor here at AC, and I have friends who will assist with my transport.

Thank you for your consideration.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Auburn, AL: German Wirehaired Pointer Needs a Loving Home

Please contact Stephanie if you can help:  334-559-0558 or by email at

A friend of mine’s wife works at the vet school at Auburn University (in Alabama) and this dog was brought in a short time ago. She had been shot.  As a result, she is now blind in her right eye and recovering the sight in her left eye. She is a female German wirehaired pointer (purebred, but without papers) that is around a year old. She has not been spayed.  My friend and his wife have been keeping her at their house for a little while and are willing to keep her for another week or so, but they can’t provide a permanent home for her.

The couple has twins who are toddlers and their resident dog pushes this dog around a bit.  She is very sweet, not even remotely aggressive and has been good with the children pulling and poking at her for the last week!  She was pretty skittish at first, which is not surprising for a dog that has been shot, but she has started to come out of her shell a lot within the last few days. The doctors who have seen her have recommended not removing the right eye at this time and said it may not be necessary at all. It is not protruding or anything; it just appears cloudy. They have also said it may be best to wait a little while before having her spayed because of the trauma she has been through recently.

I am hoping to find a home for this sweet girl. If a loving forever home can’t be found, the couple would be willing to let the dog go to a rescue, but they really feel that it would be best for her to be in a quiet and stable environment (not in a kennel situation) in order to recover comfortably.  If anyone is interested in helping this dog, they can contact me at 334-559-0558 or by email at  I would be willing to help with a transport.

Thank you!

Ossipee, NH: Sweet Home Sweet for This Cat

Those who are interested, you can send an email to

Hi everyone. Please meet Harley. He is approximately 5-6 years of age, and deaf. That doesn't stop him from being a normal cat, and using all of his other senses. Harley has been at the Lakes Region Humane Society in Ossipee, NH 03864 for over 5 months now. He stays in our vet tech room alone because he does not like other cats. Understandable since he probably was not socialized properly with other cats. We are looking for a forever home for Harley. Please link up to the Lakes Region Humane Society facebook page (which I help run), and lets see if we can spread the word all over that this fun loving, adorable, playful, handsome guy is looking for a forever home. Harley was abandoned at our facility, and all we were told was "his former owners outgrew him". (*How do you outgrow a living, breathing, animal?) Makes no sense. Help spread the word and visit our page, or go to our webpage at We are a NO KILL SHELTER, which means Harley will stay with us until we find that perfect home. Help us find a home for him. Thank you all.

Erie, PA: Brittany Spaniel Needs a Foster

Contact: Susan E. Spaid, President, National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network

He is most likely deaf. I don't usually broadcast to other rescues or shelters for Brittanies, as I am a coordinator for them for CO and WY, but I have few deaf dog contacts, and this guy needs a wider cast of the net.  Bo is very handsome and used to kids, other dogs, and cats. Experience with deaf dogs a plus for any foster, but he seems willing to learn and is responsive. If you have rescues who specialize in deaf dogs, please distribute. If foster is found, NBRAN will handle all medical costs. This guy is in PA, so transport could be an issue, but let us know where he is welcome, and NBRAN will make transport possible.

Greensboro, NC: Boxer Needs a Home

The email contact is SPCA of the Triad

SPCA of the Triad in Greensboro has her. She was adopted from the Rockingham shelter and returned because she was deaf. Then the ASPCA took her in but their facility is full and they are hoping to have someone take her who can work with her and teach her hang signals. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Aurora, Colorado: Dachshund Mix Needs a Rescue

Aurora Animal Shelter: 15750 E 32nd Ave, AuroraColorado 80011  (303) 326-8280
This sweet little girl is Olive....she is a blind and deaf chihuahua/doxie mix said to be about a year old.....this is a kill shelter and little Olive does not have much time allotted to live........ 
Here is what the shelter volunteer said about her:
She is adorable. Friendly, bright. I think perhaps she is more Chihuahua mix than Dachshund mix. She’s a tiny little thing.

Notice: There is a little blind and deaf dog at the Aurora Animal Shelter who needs to go to a rescue. Olive is about one year old. She was born this way and has adapted very well to her challenges.  She appears to be a Dachshund mix.

New Orleans, LA: Boxer Mix Pup in a Shelter


Contact:  504-349-5111 Email:  Brooke 

Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter - West Bank 
1869 Ames Blvd. 
Marrero, LA 70072 
Phone: (504) 349-5111 

Sawyer is a Boxer Mix puppy that is deaf.  This puppy will work best in a home with another dog, a secure fenced yard, compassion and patience to train him to understand signs. He is currently at the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter on the West Bank, on Ames Blvd.  Thank you.

This sweet angel is a return adoption.  His owners discovered that he is deaf and don’t want to deal with it.  He is an adorable boxer mix puppy, already housetrained.  He would make the perfect companion for the right person who would be willing to work with his impairment by training him to learn signals.  He is too cute for words.  Thanks so much.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Columbia, SC: Dogo Mix's Time is Running Out!

If you can help this deaf boxer mix (more info available if you go to the link below) or any of other wonderful cats and dogs, contact