Saturday, August 2, 2014

Vineland, NJ: Deaf Cat's Time is Up. Please Help!

Pure White and Handsome - Shy and Sweet - Chip needs a rescue or adopter!

We found a temporary foster for Chip to get him out of the shelter, but his time in foster care is running out. Fortunately we have learned a lot more about this man and he has de-stressed out of a cage and is deserving and ready for a more long-term (or hopefully permanent) placement.  Chip is 4 years old and neutered.  He would do well in a quiet home- before he was given up to the shelter, he lived with kids, cats, and dogs.  There are dogs and cats in his foster home, but he hasn't been introduced (the cat is a bit devilish, but they did play through the door- we didn't want to push him too much and the other cat is a bit devilish!).  He is timid and his new family should understand that he will need some time to adjust and a safe place to escape to when he is nervous.  He never hisses or scratches, sometimes he hides under the bed until he feels comfortable.  No wonder- he has been through a lot and he is deaf, so the big world can be intimidating.  He is wonderful with his foster mom; very affectionate and loving.  He loves to snuggle.  He would make a wonderful pet for someone who needs a quiet companion. 

We are out of time for Chip. We would love to see him in a forever home (and are running a $25 adoption promotion!) but also would place him with a good rescue.  Please contact if you can help!  Thank you and please share.