Sunday, April 1, 2012

Loudon, TN: Deaf Cat in Danger and Needs Help!

Below is what the shelter and another person have to say about this cat. Simba has until tomorrow to get out of danger. Please, if there is a cat savvy person who can work with him, do not hesitate to get in touch with the shelter.

Simba is an orange male Tabby, 4 years old and neutered.  The poor boy is deaf and needs a home where he feels safe. He is at a High Kill shelter in Loudon County, TN and scared to death. The staff can't deal with him because he is so frightened. Any help would be greatly appreciated to help this Special Needs kitty find a home. 

April said he is so scared that he is growling and trying to bite them and scratch the staff. They are giving him the weekend to try and calm down. I feel that if he doesn't by Monday, they will be putting him down. She didn't say that, but we know the drill. He needs a foster or adoptive home to work with him to calm down. He does not get along with dogs AT ALL. Please send an email to either or Time is of essence!