Saturday, August 2, 2014

Vineland, NJ: Deaf Cat's Time is Up. Please Help!

Pure White and Handsome - Shy and Sweet - Chip needs a rescue or adopter!

We found a temporary foster for Chip to get him out of the shelter, but his time in foster care is running out. Fortunately we have learned a lot more about this man and he has de-stressed out of a cage and is deserving and ready for a more long-term (or hopefully permanent) placement.  Chip is 4 years old and neutered.  He would do well in a quiet home- before he was given up to the shelter, he lived with kids, cats, and dogs.  There are dogs and cats in his foster home, but he hasn't been introduced (the cat is a bit devilish, but they did play through the door- we didn't want to push him too much and the other cat is a bit devilish!).  He is timid and his new family should understand that he will need some time to adjust and a safe place to escape to when he is nervous.  He never hisses or scratches, sometimes he hides under the bed until he feels comfortable.  No wonder- he has been through a lot and he is deaf, so the big world can be intimidating.  He is wonderful with his foster mom; very affectionate and loving.  He loves to snuggle.  He would make a wonderful pet for someone who needs a quiet companion. 

We are out of time for Chip. We would love to see him in a forever home (and are running a $25 adoption promotion!) but also would place him with a good rescue.  Please contact if you can help!  Thank you and please share.  

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Marietta, GA: A Deaf Cat Needs a Home

Hello! My name is Lucca. I am an approximately 3 years old neutered male. As you can see, my eyes have different colors and that makes me even more special! I am deaf but it does not slow me down one bit! I like to play with toys as well as play hide and seek. If you have any paper bags from your shopping trips, I would LOVE to play in them! Sometimes I find a good hiding spot. I am a good boy and will always come out when I want to snuggle. And boy, do I love to snuggle! I am a little love bug. I get along with other cats in the foster home and even snuggle with them. I loooove to eat...  I am a quiet cat and would do best in a house with no young children, dogs, or cats who might sneak up and tackle me. Older, calm cats and dogs are A-OK. Please consider adding me to your family. Contact my foster mom, Sheli, if you are interested or contact the Cat Rangers Rescue that Sheli fosters for at

Love, Lucca

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Philadelphia, PA: Deaf Boxer and Rescuer Need Your Help!

I was involved with remarkable lady, Rosemary, when it came to deaf dogs and I fostered some hearing dogs for her. They all have been placed in a wonderful home. Rosemary is very careful with her screening, which I have participated in and learned from.

The situation here is that Rosemary has several broken vertebrae from the fall and is in a body brace for 3-5 months. All of her dogs were moved to another foster home and/or forever home. Gracie, a deaf boxer, was put in a dog boarding. She deserves to be in a foster home in a real home or better yet, in a forever home with someone qualified. For more information about Rosemary and Gracie and how to help them, please check the links:


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Philadelphia, PA: Deaf Orange Tabby with CH


Update 06/13/12:

Elli is spayed, UTD on vaccines and is tested negative for FIV/FeLV. DOB is 1/22/2008. Due to an unforeseen change in her owners' living situation, NAR welcomed Elli back into our care (as we would do with all of our adopted cats).  All grown up now, Elli is once again looking for her forever home. Elli keeps to herself, and would be fine as an only cat or with another gentle, laid-back cat.  She does not require any special care except regular brushing and lots of love. She has adapted well to her CH (Cerebullar Hypoplasia). 

For more information about Elli, adoption and her Cerebellar Hypoplasia, check here:

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Deaf Animals Awareness Week: Sept. 16-20th


Prior to my first deaf dogs, for many years, I thought Dalmatians were the only dog breed that may be deaf. I had even bought a Dalmatian statute a long time ago as a symbol. It turns out there are other dog breeds that are deaf. Marley and Murray are Jack Russell Terriers and they were the love of my life. Murray was an easier dog than Marley but I love them both just as much. They have lived and and enjoyed being with other dogs I have fostered. My deaf dogs were the reason I started the Deaf Animals facebook, twitter and website. They were the reason of my eventual interest in adopting other deaf pets such as a deaf cat and ferret. Being deaf myself, I saw that not enough members of Deaf community are aware of deaf pets being in need of a home, I felt it is important to help raise awareness within the deaf community as well as hearing community. It is not only for deaf cats, deaf dogs or deaf ferrets but also for every kind of deaf animal that exists.


Having fostered countless of hearing cats and some deaf cats, Yuki was the first deaf cat I decided to stay with me for good after he was briefly fostered. He was 10 years old and surrendered by a family. I saw how confused, frightened and traumatized he was that I can't imagine placing him elsewhere and subject him any further grief. He was getting comfortable at my home. Unfortunately, within a year or so, it was discovered from x ray that he had untreatable cancer that the only option was euthanasia. The picture of him was on the property of the vet office, to allow him to enjoy the fresh air and be relaxed, before it was time. It was a few months after Marley had crossed the bridge so it was very hard to lose both within a few months as I was a long way from getting over the grief of losing Marley.


Hoppy is my first deaf ferret. So full of energy that other ferrets can't keep up with him! Instead of sleeping many hours a day like ferrets do, he opens his eyes from time to time to see if you're around and if you are, up he is, wanting to get out of the cage to have some fun. He never has it enough. He's truly comical. 

This is Deaf Animals Awareness Week - every single one of them is to be appreciated, cherished and valued. Because of my deaf pets, I have vowed to always have deaf pets as well as foster deaf animals other than the hearing ones. Also, to be deaf animals' advocate. They are as equally important as the hearing animals. I encourage the public's consideration of giving deaf pets a wonderful home. They are a joy. 

If you have a deaf pet(s), do post them on the wall of Deaf Animals Facebook for all others to see!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Alexandria, VA: 4 Cats Have Until Tuesday to Get Help!


Sorry I've been busily out and about looking for places. It's been pretty exhausting. I've had no luck. I'm still trying to search. I was wondering if you knew of any rescues that may be able to help? I would be able to pay a fee, etc. I'm starting to worry because I haven't gotten any response.

I have tried contacting so many rescues. Currently I'm in a situation where I have lost my apartment, and I am living out of motels. I currently have 4 cats that I am looking for homes for them. Out of all, Charlie is the deaf one. I have no family or friends to help, and my absolute last resort would be taking them to a shelter where they would likely be euthanized because of kitten season. I have grown exhausted of looking for options and it has really taken a mental toll on me, and I was wondering if your organization could help or at least point me into the right direction of any rescues or organizations. I've tried other organizations, and a lot of the cat rescues around my area to no avail. Even if it's temporary shelter for them until I can get back on my feet. If there's any program you know of, or any organization that could help, I would be so grateful. Thank you for any help or advice you could assist me with. I am in the Northern Virginia area. I can be reached at


Monday, July 16, 2012

Frenchtown, NJ: Dalmatian Mix Pup Needs a Home


Hi Everyone - please cross post for me. Nobody is interested in Carly and I need your help. Carly is the sweetest most lovable little girl that I have ever had. I think I let her down by labeling her a dalmation mix. She acts nothing like a dalmation. On top of that, she is deaf. At first you won't know it because she does everything right. She just doesn't respond to her name. She is housebroken and crate trained. I am teaching her hand signs. She is playful and gets along with all dogs. She is even good with cats. She loves everybody she meets. She is not skittish at all. It appears that she was born deaf so nothing startles her even when woken up from sleeping. She loves to sit with you on the couch or take a walk. She is low energy. She is spayed and up to date on vaccinations.

Contact: or 908-625-6358