Saturday, December 8, 2007

Marley's and My Best Hanukkah Gift!

The four medications I had for Marley -- lactulose, metrondiazle, denosyl and amoxillin. Lactulose has almost run out during my November 9th visit. I asked the vet about a refill. She said according to the bloodwork, Marley does not need lactulose. A week later or so after that appointment, metrondiazle has run out and I called vet about a refill and the office said no refill needed. Denosyl has run out a day or so before the next vet appointment on December 3rd, so I thought it's no harm to wait until then to find out if any refill is needed.

On December 3rd, I had an appointment with Marley's vet, who I have begun taking her to near my home since November 9th on my blog after I pulled her out from this hospital, for her another bloodwork. While there, I waited for Marley's turn to be taken in, there was 5 rescued cats roaming around at the vet office. One of the cats climbed onto my shoulder and sat comfortably on my back while I was holding Marley in my arms. I had to chuckle when Marley squinted her eyes and moved away her head in fear, thinking the cat would claw her when the cat only swung its tail. Marley can learn to tolerate cats but not my other dog, Murray, who is a true hunter. Marley would join him as a pack if she saw him go after an animal. They have killed a possum in my yard and since then, I have added a wind chime under my storm door to alert critters to run for their lives when I open the door. No dead animals found again.

Did you just talk briefly about me on this blog?

Marley demands to get closer to the dogs at the vet office and sniff them or else she'll bark up the storm! She is loud, considering that she can't hear herself and has given the wrong impression to people that she's mean and vicious -- actually she's quite the opposite and harmless! :) She does the same with people she is unable to get closer.

When it was Marley's turn, they had her blood drawn to be sent for testing and have the result back the following day. I had to call the next day to find out the result. The assistant took her to be weighed and said Marley has gained to 11 lbs and 4 ounces from 10 lbs and 7 ounces. I was relieved to know she was gaining albeit slow.

I called through relay and was nervous to learn about the result. The vet picked up the phone and I asked her about the result, being tempted not to hear it. She responded with the news that Marley's bloodwork has returned to almost normal. I couldn't believe what I was reading and asked her if she was serious. She said yes and she was very happy about the result. She said I can go back to Marley's regular food. I was afraid to jinx it and continued feeding Marley her special food while slowly changing the food that's proper for her diet. The news was my best Hanukkah gift and that one gift is enough for the whole 8 days! I do not know if Marley thinks it's enough and probably wants more :)

Don't stop feeding me special food just because I am well!

P.S. I just heard back from this person from the liver support group for dogs that I should be cautious in spite of the bloodwork result. Here is what she said:

"My opinion is that she's only "near normal", I wouldn't change food just yet. Do you have the most recent blood work results you can share with us so we can take a look at them? It's very possible she could have had an acute attack from an outside toxin. If Marley is eating the food you have her on now, which I think is lower protein, I would probably wait until you run the next set of blood work and BATs to know for sure that she's completely leveled out blood-wise. Why rock the boat or make a quick decision that might interfere with her progress? Also, I would look at her previous food and examine ALL the ingredients to ensure there's nothing in that particular food that she may be adverse to long term, cumulatively speaking.


While remaining cautious and taking Maria's advice to continue feeding Marley bland diet with low protein, M&M and I truly, truly want to extend our appreciation for your kindness and support through the difficult time. The donation some have offered will help pay down Marley's medical bill and those who have donated will be contacted individually to show my gratitude. I have been overwhelmed since Marley became ill and didn't have much time for anything else.

To maintain this blog's integrity for the sake of deaf animals, I will scan the medical bill with the breakdown of the costs that accumulated to 2k and post it on here.

A hard lesson I have learned is to get pet insurance for both of my dogs. This topic will be discussed in the future blog.

Here's a wink to mommy for taking care of Marley!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Marlowe Finds Home with Another Deaf Cat


I just wanted to send an update your way on a cat, Marlowe, you had posted on Deaf Animal Row way back in July. I know that you already have him listed as "adopted," but I thought you might like a follow-up to know how he's doing. I'm a sucker for sappy cat stories, anyway!

I am so grateful to your website! I am hearing but had a deaf cat already in my home. He is seven years old and came from my aunt; it was always a family joke that as soon as I graduated from college and moved out of student housing, I would be given WC (short for "White Cat"; a lot of other names were tried out and they just didn't fit!). My aunt didn't feel like she could give WC enough attention because he's a very affectionate, clingy cat and she had a lot of other cats around. Her home is animal rescue central! Also, WC never really got along well with the other cats. They discovered that they could sneak up on him and were a little vicious about it, so when I took WC in July he became an only cat for the first time in his life. He and I latched onto each other 4 years ago when I moved to Kansas, and now we got to live together! Fantastic! He enjoyed the extra attention from me but would stand at the door and cry every morning when I left for work. So sad!

This is WC as an only cat.

I decided that WC needed a companion, and that it might be a good idea to look for another deaf cat. I figured that even if they didn't understand their similarities, at least they'd be equally matched in stealth ability :) I found Marlowe on your website and didn't pursue it at first. After all, I live in Kansas and Marlowe was all the way in Tennessee! Still, Marlowe caught my eye because he looked so much like WC; even their eyes are the same color, on both sides! I eventually emailed Bruce Wilson, Marlowe's original rescuer, and was soon making plans to take a 3-day weekend to make the 900 mile drive to Tennessee to pick up Marlowe. I had to wait about a month for this to come up, but it was worth it! Marlowe has been nicknamed as Moe.

Moe makes himself at home

Moe still acts like a kitten!

I was skeptical at first about how the two cats would get along. WC has never been close with any of the cats he's lived with. They usually tolerated each other but never played together, slept in the same area, etc, etc. It took some adjusting, but I am amazed at how well Moe and WC get along! It took about a week for them to get to know each other but now they play together, eat together, sleep in the same bed, and act like they have know each other their whole lives.
Best buddies :) In seven years, WC has *never* been this close with another cat! I am amazed.

I have noticed that both are considerably less vocal than they were prior to Moe coming to the house. WC used to meow constantly, mostly to get my attention and the attention of other animals, and I had heard from Moe's rescuer that he was quite the talker. My theory on this is that these two guys really do understand that they have to communicate with each other using body language.

WC and Moe will meow at me to get my attention, but never at each other. I have also noticed that neither sneaks up on the other one, which is exactly what I was hoping for! Amazing! Moe has also had to do some adjusting of his own. He was pretty touchy when I brought him home after spending all two years of his life in a kennel. While he was well taken care of and definitely loved, he never got to play or explore. He is still very kitten-like and runs almost everywhere! He is starting to handle human affection much better and even lets me pick him up and hold him now. He's also a bathroom cat...ugh! I don't know ASL but WC and I do know the sign for "come" and use it regularly.

We have developed our own language that works for us, and Moe is starting to get used to it and respond. I'm very interested in learning more about name sign, as I'm sure both WC and Moe would respond very positively to it. Anyway, here are some pictures. Again, I really appreciate your website and all you do for deaf animals! I'm glad that there are still people in this world who understand that differences aren't necessarily "disabilities" and that every one of God's creatures deserves to be loved.

Stephanie Schmid

Laser chasing is a favorite activity around here.

Scroll Down...

Get it, Moe, get it!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

An Audist Got Peed on by a Deaf Cat!

This was supposed to be posted last October but with the emergency of my dog, it was put on hold. I appreciate the understanding and patience of these people, Lisa, Phillip and Veronica, involved in the rescue of this deaf cat and now he's adopted. Read on...

First, allow me to explain how I ended up knowing about this deaf cat. A deaf woman, Lisa Ramey, from Phoenix, AZ, stumbled upon this 1.5 year old deaf cat on craigslist where this hearing owner was in hurry to get rid of him and contacted Deaf Animal Row. There was never a picture shown of the cat at all. In his own words, his deaf cat won't stop playing when his hearing cat hissed. What's the crime of having a playful cat? He just wants his deaf cat out without the consideration nor sensitivity when it comes to accomodating and training a deaf cat. Interesting how a deaf cat has to be the one to go. Doesn't it sound familiar that being deaf is used as a scapegoat for everything that goes wrong? He has never and do not want to name the deaf cat because he can't hear his own name. Oh, does it mean we, deaf people, ought be nameless as well? Wasn't he aware about name sign that's prevalent in the Deaf community? When one uses the sign name daily to a deaf cat or dog, some deaf cats and dogs will associate that with their name being called.

Love me or love me not...
The goal of Deaf Animal Row is to encourage as many members of the Deaf community in every state across the country to adopt or foster or help get a deaf animal to somewhere safe within that state where the animal is. I asked Lisa to share with people in her group to see if anyone can help. She kept me posted that no one from her group has come forward with interest.

Better view of me and a big cat I am!
The next thing I knew is that the owner said the deaf cat peed on him on the morning of 10/24/07 when he was asleep and he's fed up. He dumped this cat in front of his porch on that morning before he left. He said he is going to take him to the humane society by 2 pm if no one takes him. I was frantic and the quick thinking self remembered that Phillip Mecham from was originally from Arizona even though he is currently on the East coast. I pled him for his assistance as time was running out and he sent an email to his group of people he knew to see if one can foster him.

I'm overwhelmed with toys, toys, toys!!!
Veronica Kozlowski responded to me after reading Phillip's email, offering to foster with an exception that she has no means of transportation to get the deaf cat. I then informed Lisa about what the owner said to her disbelief and asked if she could help transport the deaf cat from him to the foster home. She was happy to do this for the deaf cat's own safety as she has helped rescue 3 deaf cats in the past.

It is funny how the owner said Veronica can't have him if she doesn't have a car and talked about responsibility when I told him I found someone to foster the deaf cat. He would only give the cat to Lisa. To get an idea of owner's arrogance, here it is,
"I don't have the medical records. He's been fixed and is up to date on his shots. I simply won't give anything to someone who can't even deal with the simplicity of owning a car. It's just like owning an animal. You have to take care of it, and feed it regardless of anyone else's feelings. Those are mine."
Veronica was kind enough to offer a safe haven! Lisa and I agreed not to say anything to the guy that the deaf cat would still go to Veronica as a foster mom. I was stratching my head because the owner is the last person to be talking about responsibility when he was about to take him to the humane society, let alone dumping him outside. Lisa arranged with the guy for her to pick up the deaf cat and drive him to Tempe, Arizona -- about 45 minutes away. Upon Lisa's arrival to owner's home, she saw the deaf cat on the front porch and he was all dirty from being thrown out since the morning. No carrier or anything. Lisa was disheartened by this and didn't understand all of this. She told the owner how could he endanger his life and vulnerability by leaving him outside all day. Lisa told me scary stories about how a hawk have snatched a small animal, including dog and cat, in her area. She said the cat was calm and very friendly.
I am all dirty
Lisa drove all the way to Veronica's home to drop off the deaf cat. Veronica had everything set up with litter box, food/water and toys. They chatted in American Sign Language and spent time with the cat before Lisa left for home. The deaf cat is slowly adjusting and gaining trust in Veronica. In her words,
"The deaf cat is doing fiiiine. He's sleeping. I just walked in to check to see if he ate, drank and pooped. All checked on list! Yay. He didn't even feel me when I went in the room. I also flipped the light on and off few times to see if he noticed it thru his closed lids, but he's too out cold sleeping! He needs it! After a crazy day for him yesterday. I'm glad he's all rested. Brave soul that he is and an inspiration to us all to thrive for life."

Wake me up for a picture huh!?!?
So, my take is that this deaf cat sensed how cruel the owner is, mistreated him and not give him attention that the cat needs. According to Veronica, the deaf cat isn't used to being petted or touched, but with time and right owner, he will blossom and flourish. Owner has neglected him to a point that the deaf cat is fed up and peed on him that morning before he went to a foster home :) Payback time!

Veronica has gotten tired of calling him a deaf cat ever since he arrived that she has named him Chase due to the cat's love for shadow chasing. Veronica spent a few weeks getting Chase trained that he never was since kittyhood, obviously, and has done a wonderful job. After Veronica emailed to a group of people in search of a good home for Chase, one of the people she knows has come forward to adopt him. Go to the very end of this blog to view her flyer about Chase. He was adopted around Thanksgiving. I believe the new family will post here at a later time.

Deaf Animal Row wants to thank Lisa, Phillip and Veronica, whom all are deaf, for their extraordinary hear and their effort in saving the deaf cat's life.

I am glad to be in Veronica's home where I feel safe

Surely but slowly, Deaf Animal Row is growing with deaf volunteers. Hope it expands with more volunteers down the road in every state where each deaf animal will have a safe haven to go to.

Flyer reads:

"Deaf Cat seeking a good-natured Deaf home!!!

Name: Chase

Beautiful 1 ½ years old male, white, long-haired cat with green eyes.

Must stay indoors; already litter-trained; fixed; recent vet exam shows great heart and good health, negative for FIV/FELV, 12 lbs.

Energetic, friendly, knows the difference between gentle and rough play, loves chasing shadows and flash lights, can meow and purr; don’t know if he is good with children because I have not seen him around any yet.

Screening preferences:

A financially responsible Deaf home, philosophy of no physical discipline, prefers human and feline companionship, may rebel if left alone too long; someone with patience for him when training since he came from a neglected home; no older cats please but I believe that he will do better with younger or same aged cats.

Goal is to have Chase adopted by end of this month, November, due to a new roommate & his dog moving in my apartment & also, my 2 adult cats are having a hard time with Chase frequently playing with them.

Please contact Veronica Kozlowski, the foster mommy, for more info & pictures and to schedule a visit with Chase.

Hope to hear from you!"

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A reminder for Dog Owners on Thanksgiving Day...

Please refrain, as tempting as it can be not to resist a sad face, from giving your dog turkey. The trytophan that turkey contains can cause neurological symptoms for any dogs and especially not good for dogs with liver disease. The turkey skin can cause severe pancreatitis for dogs. I learned about this from the support group for dogs with liver disease. Instead, give them chicken if you have to give them something.

Marley is doing ok and really enjoys her bland diet as they consist of real food. Who can blame her! :) It's hard when she looks at me for more but I have to give her a limited amount for liver's sake. She is still on medication and will take her back to vet in a week and half for her check up and more tests. I remain hopeful.

Marley's November 16th Update

Friday, November 16, 2007

Emergency Room VS. Home for Marley

In my other post, I talked about obstruction and shunt that the ER had tested for, which came negative. Her tummy and neck area were shaven for the purpose of applying ultrasound to detect a problem if any.

Shaved neck

Shaved tummy
When she was first brought to ER, the thought of possibly losing her struck me as I wasn't ready not to have Marley in my life anymore. Marley hated being in the ER for a couple of days. She has separation anxiety and hates kennel. She was barking loud while inside the small kennel except when she is in someone's arms. She was on an IV with swivel that allows her to move around in circles and had a cone collar on because she would pull out the IV even after the nurse had put apple bitter on her arm.

Shaved arm for the IV
It broke my heart and I decided that she has to come home with me while putting her on medication therapy. Marley wants nothing more than to be at home and I hope that home will be the best treatment. On her first night home, she rubbed herself and rolled on the blanket before going under blanket with me.

I have learned to try to go by one day at a time to maintain my sanity. When I first brought her home, she was resting and slept a lot. I have been feeding her a small portion 4 times a day so not to put strain on her liver. I still pray that she continues to improve and will get good news about her to a point that biospy or surgery will not be needed. Vet is still figuring out how she got a liver disease.

For all the animals I have saved and spent on those many, many years, I really hope Marley's life will be spared.

Thanks to those of you who have contributed! For anyone else, if you want to help contribute, it will be greatly appreciated.

Don't have a PayPal account? No problem. Donate money using your credit card! Click on the Chipin Button above... and look at the bottom left of the screen and you'll see this:


1) Write a check to: Raychelle Harris with Katherine/Marley in memo line. Mailing address: 1101 W. Virginia Ave. Apt. 204 Washington DC 20002

2) Give cash to Raychelle in person if you are in DC metro area. Contact her at:

Please make sure you include your contact information because after receiving the money, email will be sent to Katherine and you and list the amount so you both know the transaction was successful and all parties knows where your money went!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Latest Update on Marley's Prognosis

Here is the latest:

Marley got another bloodwork last Wednesday to see if there's any significant change in her liver. The vet said the bloodwork shows that her liver is improving however the results are still not normal and her values are still high so it is recommended that Marley continues her medications and bland diet. Other than the medications, she will be given milk thistle vitamin to help her liver. Marley will be monitored every 2-3 weeks with new bloodwork before any decision for biospy is made.
Click to enlarge me
My T-Giving Sweater with scarf and boots to stay warm

As posted about Marley a few days ago, ER has been trying to find out what contributed to her liver not functioning properly as it shows she has infectious liver. Ultrasound for obstruction and shunt have been ruled out. I was just informed that leptospira titers are not consistent with active infection, however, a convalescent titer is recommended in 2 weeks as sometimes acute titers are not high. Because ultrasound is not 100%, ER said liver biospy through surgery is needed to really know what is causing Marley's liver disease.

October 31st, on her 4th birthday, they did bloodwork again. Marley's fasting ammonia was normal and is likely responding to the antibiotic and lactulose therapy. The bilirubin is improved slightly from 8.4 to 6.2. The liver enzymes are not significantly changed. Marley'll need another bloodwork in 5 days for a follow up. Now, she is on medications therapy and she is still not out of the wood, unfortunately. Keep praying and thank you all for your kind words and support here and via email. To remind us of what kind of dog, Marley, is, go to: What a Great Deaf Dog I Am.

Please help contribute!

Don't have a PayPal account? No problem. Donate money using your credit card! Click on the Chipin Button above... and look at the bottom left of the screen and you'll see this:

For those who don't want to have anything to do with computers...

Write a check to: Raychelle Harris with Katherine/Marley in memo line. Mailing address: 1101 W. Virginia Ave. Apt. 204 Washington DC 20002

OR give cash to Raychelle in person if you are in DC metro area. Contact her at:

Please make sure you include your contact information because after receiving the money, I will e-mail Katherine and you and list the amount so you both know the transaction was successful and all parties knows where your money went!

Monday, October 29, 2007


As you know, Marley is in critical condition (click here to see previous post), and Katherine needs at least $3,000 to hospitalize and find out what's really wrong with Marley. Please help send money!

Paypal is the fastest way you can send your money to Katherine/Marley, but be aware it comes with an automatic deduction. Paypal will deduct between %1.9 to %2.9 and .28 cents from your donation. For example, if you send $20.00, Katherine and Marley will get $19.12, and Paypal will get .88 cents. Send $50, Katherine gets $48.25. Not so bad? Send away! Every little bit helps!

Don't want to use Paypal but still want to contribute? Use your credit card to pay - see below:

Many thanks to Deaf258 for his help in finding this site & guiding me through the Paypal craziness :)


Marley in Critical Condition

The heart and soul of this website, Katherine is now at the emergency room with Marley, her deaf dog who is about to turn 4 years old on October 31st. Four possible reasons, not yet confirmed until more testing, that is contributing to the shut down of Marley's liver is: 1) poison 2) leptosporsis 3) cancer 4) obstruction.

It has cost thousands of dollars to hospitalize Marley and find out what's wrong with Marley while hoping for recovery. Help contribute to Marley's fund! Check here: Marley's latest prognosis.

Here are the options:


OR for those who don't have a Paypal account, but want to pay right now via credit card:

For those who don't want to have anything to do with computers...

Write a check to: Raychelle Harris with Katherine/Marley in memo line. Mailing address: 1101 W. Virginia Ave. Apt. 204 Washington DC 20002

OR give cash to Raychelle in person if you are in DC metro area. Contact her at: raleha (at) tmail . com

Please make sure you include your contact information because after receiving the money, I will e-mail Katherine and you and list the amount so you both know the transaction was successful and all parties knows where your money went!

Please send all your positive thoughts to Marley who is in critical condition. Deaf Animal Row blogging will also temporarily be suspended for now. Thank you for all your support during this difficult time for Katherine and Marley.


Friday, October 26, 2007

Deaf Animal Transportation from MA to DC

Hi everyone!

The Metrowest Animal Society has asked DeafAnimalRow if they could post it here to see if there is anyone to volunteer and help with transportation. Two deaf brother cats, Harpo and Zeppo, have found a wonderful home in DC close to Gallaudet, and yes together! We are in search of anyone who plans to drive from Massachusetts to one of these cities, NYC or Philadelphia or DC. Now, if the person will go to NYC from Massachusetts, then I need to know if there's someone from NYC who is able to transport the cats to Philadelphia or straight to DC. This is all voluntary and is how it works with rescues. Please contact Thank you.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Deaf Pup in IL Needs to Get Out This Weekend



He is 4 month old American Pit Bull Terrier and he is deaf. He is neutered, vaccinated (3 sets of distemper, and microchipped. He is very good with children and other dogs. He is a bit rough for cats right now. He needs to be moved by this weekend as this is very urgent.

Please contact me if you can adopt him, foster him or know of any rescue that can even take him even on a temporary basis.

If you can help with this boy, please contact me at


Tracy at

Tracy Caccavella
Reach Out Rescue, NFP
(708) 243-8304

DeafAnimalRow here:
Please be mindful that most rescues are full. It's adoption or foster that will make a room for him.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Don't Walk But Run for Sugar's Life!


URGENT!!! Sugar - Posted October 6th

Humboldt CO AS-McKinleyville, CA

Adopt Sugar!

My name is Sugar and I need rescue ASAP! Humboldt County Animal Shelter, 980 Lycoming Road, McKinleyville, CA 95519 Phone: (707) 840-9132 More from Jean: "I am an All-American girl about 18 months old, and am spayed. I am sweet, gentle, loving, happy and playful. I love everyone I meet and am especially fond of children. They tell me I�d be best with kids at least maybe 5 years old because I love to jump on people I like and I might knock smaller kids over. Playing with other dogs is one of my passions. I have been given a lot of pooch playmates, even ones twice my size, and I just have had a wonderful time with every one of them. I love to run and romp with people, too. Ball-chasing and fetching is not one of the games I like but I do love to run after a stuffed toy and give it a good shake. I have met a few cats and while I�m interested in them, as soon as they let me know who�s boss, I am convinced and leave them alone. My breed mix is probably one or more of the following: lab, pit bull terrier, Dalmatian, whippet. I am slender and agile and I weigh 30-35 pounds. While I am all white, there are light brown spots on my soft ears and under my body coat, you can see faint spots. I have one brown eye; the other is blue. While I sound like I could fit most anywhere, I do need some special consideration because I am deaf. This doesn�t get in my way for being a good companion, though. I have already learned some hand signals and I enjoy being with people so much that I am always handy for getting a pet or a treat when I have earned praise.I came to Humboldt County Shelter as an injured stray, having been hit by a car. My leg was not seriously injured and I am just fine now. I had been here before as a stray; after this last time, my owners, who didn�t want to keep me safe in a yard, let me go. I hope to find someone who will give me a cozy home filled with love and play and will make sure I am safe from cars and other things that could hurt me. I will return that love a thousand-fold. I want to be with my people most of the time and be able to be in the house when they are. People who are interested in meeting me or want to know more about me can phone the Humboldt County Animal Shelter at 707-839-3148. Or, call one of my human friends, Jean, at 707-839-3148 email

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Marcel Does It Again!

Marcel Marceau: Your Kingdom

This past weekend, Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA) National Trial took place in Havre de Grace, Maryland. Their events range from Conformation, Go-To-Ground (GTG), Racing, Agility and Obedience. Year after year of getting awards, once again 13 years old Marcel placed 1st and 3rd in their Obedience classes at the National Trial. It is unknown which class was 1st and which was 3rd but the classes were Novice and Sub-Novice. Way to go, Alison and Marcel! Marcel has been to the National Trial since he was a young boy. He has beaten all of hearing dogs to get these awards. Marcel has once again proven to the world that deaf dogs are worth saving and having. His presence undoubtedly has dispelled any myth about deaf dogs.

Showered with attention by little fans or are they after my jewelries?!

Food for thought:

Deaf JRTs are welcome to participate in GTG, Racing, Agility and Obedience but Conformation through JRTCA. Conformation is for "perfect" dogs. In their perspective, deafness is a fault therefore deaf JRTs are disqualified from entering Conformation. Hope that'll change in the future.

It is also sad that the policy of JRTCA's rescue known as Russell Rescue, Inc. (RRI) is not to take in a deaf JRT from any shelters before placing them in foster homes like they do with many hearing JRTs due to liability. Hello, what liability!?!? Many, many people will say deaf dogs are the most sweetest one'll ever get to know. I can't believe it is happening in this day and age. Talk about ignorance. However, if we compare them with Dalmatian Club of America (DCA) and Boston Terrier Club of America (BTCA) among few others that we may not be aware of, JRTCA isn't too bad as they do not have a position stating to everyone who has a deaf dog of their breed to be euthanized. More about some of these cruel breed specific Clubs of America or America Kennel Clubs in future blog.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Our Teki, 3rd Generation Deaf

After reading about “Where is Deaf Community for many Peter Pans?,” I had to write this. My heart goes out to Peter Pan and I too hope he was not euthanized. Our Deaf dog Teki is an Australian Shepherd cross too.


I had promised Katherine a video of our ASL-Deaf dog Teki, but many incidents came up since our conversat
ion on VP a few months ago. I decided to write this instead and then will post a video of Teki at a later date.

We will soon celebrate our first anniversary with Teki, on December 7th. When we decided to get a dog, we knew we would get a dog from a shelter. We then decided it would be a Deaf dog. The reason for that is that my husband and I are both ASL-Deaf, and our two daughters are ASL-Deaf, so a Deaf dog would fit in beautifully with our family.

We searched for a deaf dog on and in the “Special Needs” section of We finally found 11-month-old Teki in a shelter in Florida. He had been a stray, so we have no idea where he had been before he arrived at the shelter. After a few weeks of emailing back and forth with the lady from the shelter, she prepared Teki for his flight (yes he experienced flying on a plane successfully) from Florida to Buffalo. Our family was excited about the arrival of our "new baby." My husband drove from our home in Ontario, Canada to Buffalo to pick up the adorable dog we had only seen in a picture.

We named our new Deaf dog Mostekken. I had become fascinated with the definition of Mosdeux from the Mosdeux blog and decided to take “Mos” (meaning Deaf) and searched other languages for a suitable spelling to mean “Sign”. I found “Tekken” which means “Sign” in an online dictionary from the Dutch language. When I put these two words together we liked it, but it was too long to spell, so we shortened it to “Teki.”

When Teki arrived at our home, he had no eye contact with us. He focused mostly on the floor and playing with toys. His first ASL word is, of course, “SIT”. He picked up on it so fast so that we knew he is very intelligent. He learned WALK, BATHROOM, CAR, FOOD, BED that first week. Since then, he has learned many more words. Now, almost one year later, he has eye contact with all of us, and has amazing eyesight! I have lots of stories about Teki, but I will save them until we can tell them in ASL in video.

It’s so much fun to have a Deaf dog, and so easy to train when you already have ASL as your language, and you just teach him the words. If you are considering adopting a dog or even a cat, please remember those deaf dogs and deaf cats sitting and waiting somewhere in a shelter, possibly waiting to die. Please do not waste their lives, simply because they are deaf. Adopt them from DeafAnimalRow or

Since we got Teki, we have had the desire to get another Deaf dog, but I think we will wait till we have a larger backyard for 2 dogs. One day we shall….


Friday, October 19, 2007

Where is Deaf Community for Many Peter Pans??

Peter Pan has been waiting forever to be adopted and now I couldn't get anyone to answer me what happened to him. I pray he was not quietly euthanized. I am still waiting to hear back.

Dead or alive, I find this disturbing where it says that adopters are passing him by because he is deaf. This brings me to this question. Where is the Deaf community to do their part to help deaf animals in need, be it dogs, cats, etc? I like to believe that there has to be some people in the Deaf community who are able to do this or are there really none? Only few have done their part. Those few can't be expected to do everything for all of the states where deaf animals are in.

Many of members in the Deaf community wouldn't allow to be treated like this because they are deaf or hard of hearing, but why are not many in our own community extending our hands to adopt, foster or rescue to buy time for a deaf animal in need? These animals can't take a stand like we could for ourselves. How do you expect the hearing world to listen to us about various issues if we turn our own back on deaf animals -- our very own? This is our opportunity to educate and show the hearing world about deaf animals by having them. Many of them in the hearing world do the adopting, fostering and rescuing of mostly hearing animals in need. I am almost certain they would appreciate the help and involvement of the Deaf community for deaf animals in need as the number pales in comparison to hearing animals in need.

Here is what is being said in the homepage:

Adopters are passing Peter Pan by because he is deaf. But deaf dogs make great companions with just a few minor modifications to their training and your interaction with them! If you are an experienced dog owner willing to work with a deaf dog, won’t you give this special guy a chance?

Peter Pan is a two-year-old male Australian Shepherd. Check out all of his good qualities:

* Kennel trained
* Learning hand signals for “sit,” “wait” and other commands with volunteers
* Smart, attentive and wants to please
* A fast learner
* Sweet and loving
* Happy and friendly
* Likes to give and receive affection

You can learn more about living with a deaf dog at

Come meet Peter Pan at the Sacramento SPCA!
6201 Florin-Perkins Road • (916) 383-7387 •

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Home Urgently Needed for Scarlett in FL


Scarlett, Jack Russell Terrier

Female born 3/3/06 -- she has been spayed (we have her medical records and the info)
My ex daughter in law got her as a birthday present for my son -- they just divorced prompting their move to a small apartment. (no room and not able to have pets)

Reminder-- she is hearing impaired --- but highly intelligent. Housebroken.... very good with children--- but not small ones as she plays with my two grandchildren 13 and 8 and they play rough with her...She is a typical terrier.. but very sweet. She sleeps with my son... is used to being kenneled during the day. Is taken on walks daily... She has never bitten or growled at anyone-- will bark when strangers come to door. She is very healthy--- barks for attention. She responds to you.. loves to pay ball-- sit in your lap and want attention, familiar with a few hand signals.. This puppy dog is so very loved.. and it is breaking the heart of my son and grandchildren to not be able to keep her. Financially and because of their having to move-- we must find a good home for her.. NO ONE we have talked to has passed the test to adopt her. We are so worried that she will be mistreated or put to sleep so we are coming to you for help.

We wish you would just meet her... we will be willing to let anyone come see her-- meet someone or whatever it takes to find her a good home. Time is so critical. We have no one to take her and my son must be out of this home in the next few days.

Paula Lowhorn --cell-- 813-390-4651 and Randy Boone- Owner= cell-- 813-340-0746

Contact Paula at or MaryLu Kinlaw at 941-704-4765

Save Gabe Before His Life is Terminated in GA!


Gabe, Pitbull

Gabe was was found wandering in a bad area of Atlanta. He is approximately 1 year old. Gabe has been neutered and had all his vaccinations. He has been tested NEG for heartworm. He appears to be very healthy. Gabe is extremely happy, outgoing and friendly. He has not been put with other dogs as yet but is in a kennel next to another male. They have fence access and there has been no controversy.

My contact info is as follows: or call me at 404-422-4710

Michele Bryant
Clayton Co. Humane

Monday, October 15, 2007

Ash's Journey to a New Deaf Friendly Household

The one and only Ash: Look at my new collar and tag!

Originally, Charles and I planned to fly to Virginia for a friend's wedding and then rent a car to drive to Philadelphia to pick up the deaf cat, Ash, who was in need of a home, before hitting the road to home in Colorado. It all changed when Charles unexpectedly got a job offer. We had to cancel the attendance to a friend's wedding in order to fly in Philadelphia and rent a car to bring Ash back home with us before Charles's first day of work.

Katherine, from DeafAnimalRow brought Ash to this Petsmart where we met so we can shop a few things for her. Prior to that, we have been communicating on videophone and pager to get all of this worked out for September 19th.

Ash with Charles and me at Petsmart...

We went on a journey for a several days with stops to the motel. Here's a few pictures before arriving Colorado.

Ash is asleep soundly in a vibrating car.

Sleepy Ash looks at you with eyes shut and wishes not to be disturbed!

Ash hides on the bottom of the car to get uninterrupted sleep.

Ash rests comfortably in Charles arms.

Curious and receptive Ash in my arms.

Ash thought she caught something!

Ash is trying to get some beauty sleep on a motel bed!

Our children were escastic and can't wait to meet her and introduce her to our cat, Reese. We have been communicating with them via pager while on the road. It was a long trip and Ash did very well in the car -- a natural traveller! We took Ash to our lovely home in Lakewood, Colorado to join the entire Mayhew family. Ash is so happy and playful with a lot of new toys. We are so grateful to have Ash and provide her with all she needs for the rest of her life. My kids are so happy and excited to have Ash in their life along with other cat named is Reeses.

At last, Ash with our children, Rebecca, Elizabeth and Charles Jr.

Ash with her feline companion, Reese, who do not look happy about sharing the cat tree!

This is the bed Ash mostly sleeps on that belongs to her deaf mommy and daddy. Sweet home sweet!

Ash wants to say this Friday is her birthday and she'll be 2. The Mayhews have given me the best present -- spending their $$ on flight and car rental all because of me.

An Old Life as a Deaf Herder on Farm

Blue, a deaf dog in VA who was on the deathrow. Someone asked me if I could go down to Virginia to get Blue and foster him for a month before he is transported to out of state.

I asked the volunteer there if she could arrange to bring Blue closer as Amelia, VA, is about a little over 5 hours away, she obliged. She had someone bring Blue to this lady, Cindy, who runs a Beagle Rescue. She had about 10-15 beagles in crates in her van to head to Manassas Petco for adoption day. She has a room to transport Blue in it. It is where I met her and Blue. Blue enjoyed being in beagles's surrounding and it could be a result of his herding instinct! These people who work with the beagles at Petco were wonderful and good to Blue.

He's an Australian Cattle Dog (also known as a heeler. I learned that he used to live on the farm until now and was surrendered after owner got rid of his goats. This upsets me about some people, objectifying animals and disposing of them whenever they feel like. Blue knows no commands or anything except his skills in herding and being lovey-dovey, lickety-lick and touchy-feely!!! I am not worried about him learning visual commands as older deaf dogs in the past have achieved. A very intelligent dog and in fact, heeler is in the top 10 for most intelligent dogs.

Blue wasn't a good match for a city life where I am! He has been trying to herd people and dogs he see around him. My dogs, being terriers, do not appreciate being herded :) While asleep, he herded me until I got up and let him go out for potty or to get some affection or attention from me! His herding makes it hard to ignore him. Otherwise he sleeps nearby me. When I leave him unattended, he barks, thinking I'm a sheep who must be in his sight all the times!!! So, arrangement was made to bring him to another temporary foster home in the mountains, after a several days with me, to a family who does Akita Rescue. I took my dogs and Blue on a road trip for 2 hours each way. Yes, each one of them was in their own seatbelt harness with windows down -- All fresh air going through their nostrils and out of their mouth or vice versa! :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Deaf and Old in Kentucky


Is there someone out there in Kentucky deaf community who can help? Maybe KCDHH can adopt him as a mascot? Or even a Deaf Senior Home can adopt him :)

He appears to be a Cocker Spaniel/Beagle/Bassett mix. When I was walking the row of kennels I spotted that his kennel tag read "Senior Dog". Intrigued, I bent down to get a better look at him. He was on the other side of the kennel wall where I couldn't see him and he obviously couldn't see me. I made several noises to try to get his attention. After several attempts I stood up and was about to walk away when he must have spotted me. When he came around where I could see him, my heart melted. Looking into those pathetic eyes I became overwhelmed with sadness that he would be in this place.

When we got him out of this kennel two things were very apparent, first this old man is deaf. Secondly, he is probably in excruciating pain due to severe yeast infections in both ears. The pungent smell of this fungus was the first thing I noticed when I was inches away from his head. When I lifted his thick, heavy ears all I could say, is "You poor, poor boy." The staff informed me that he will only eat soft food, that he won't touch dry food. I believe part of that might be because his ears hurt so badly. I recall when I had a severe ear infection several years ago the pain was so intense that I couldn't stand to chew. There's no telling how long his ears have gone untreated and more than likely that's what has caused his deafness.

He's been neutered and could stand to lose a little bit of weight. It also appears that he has some cataracts in his eyes. If only he could tell us his story of how
he ended up in this county operated dog pound...

Sadly, he has no name. He was found as a stray and no one has came forward to claim him.

He's impound #6.

We estimate he's at least 9 years old.

His adoption fee is $65.

This shelter is rescue friendly and does not charge a pull fee for reputable rescue organizatons. Please keep in mind that the receiving rescue MUST make all transport arrangements.

This is county operated shelter. Though they try very hard to place all their animals in rescue or through adoption, they do have to euthanize. It's the sad reality of county operated dog pounds. Too many animals, not enough responsible pet owners. So...our old man is sitting on a cold concrete floor at this very moment waiting for someone to save him before it's too late..........please, if you can't help forward this on to others.

If you can help this old man, please contact the shelter ASAP at 502-633-0009.

Sabrina S.
Animal Rescue Volunteer