Saturday, August 20, 2011

Drexel Hill, PA: Cat Needs to Be in a Home

There is an abandoned, older, deaf, female, black cat in our apartment complex. She was left by a neighbor that is unable to return to her apartment, health reasons as well as emotional. At the moment, Cherry is living under a table in a little cat carrier (blanketed), is being fed and is fairly content. We all have adult cats so taking her in is not an option. I work and have a small place with no way to separate adult cats so I can not consider having her. The bad weather is coming so there is that concern. Thanking you in advance. Kind regards.

610.551.8325 – cell

Friday, August 19, 2011

Carson City, NV: Foster, Home or Rescue ASAP!

Winnefred is here at Carson City Shelter.  She has been adopted twice and returned both times. She needs to get out to a rescue that can deal with her deafness, and her separation anxiety issues. She does need to get out soon, as she is miserable in the kennel and the likelihood of finding her a home from here is very slim. Please let me know if you have someone that can take her soon.

Winnefred weighs about 40lbs, she is a spaniel mix, deaf and has seperation anxiety.  She is so very sweet, loves other dogs, cats and children.

Thank you for all the networking for this girl. She does need to be either adopted by an experienced person or go to a 501(c)3 rescue. I can be reached at


North Branch, MI: Welsh Springer Spaniel Puppy Needs a Home

I have a litter of 5 Welsh Springer Spaniel puppies who are 4.5 wks old. One of them is deaf. He is all white, except for a red spot over his right eye and he has light blue eyes. He is too young for the Baer test, but we know from his behavior that he is deaf.

We are calling him Billy (we name the puppies just to keep a record of them while they are with us; their new owners can call them whatever they would like). He is a male. We are in North Branch, MI.

That's me, Billy! Hi!
We have started to use the 'thumbs up' sign with Billy whenever he gives us eye contact and when he uses the litter tray. We are trying to get him off to a good start, as we do with all our puppies. He will have an eye test by a vet Ophthalmologist at 7 wks old, and a vet exam and first vaccines at 8 wks. A forever compassionate home is my goal for him.
If anyone is interested please contact me at this email address or call my cell at 810-287-4446I will send updated photos as he grows. The other 4 puppies have homes waiting for them.
Kind Regards,