Monday, November 30, 2009

Deaf Pit Bull in NY is in Danger

LECHE IS STILL HERE...And is quickly losing hope


Jess Van Brunt, New Hope Coordinator - Cell: 646.210.5404; Email: (Sun - Thursday: 12 - 8pm)
Lisa Sheard, New Hope Liaison - Cell: 917.682.5616, Email: (Sun - Thurs: 8am - 4pm)
Kim Smyth, New Hope Coordinator - Cell: 917.578.7263; Email: (Tues - Sat 10am - 6pm)
Emily Tanen, New Hope Liaison - Cell: 917.578.6372; Email: (Fri - Tues 10am - 6pm)

LECHE – A838825 – 1 yr old male pittie – 52lbs – OS, 11/20, owned one year, no time to care for.

He is in adoption ward, meaning he is healthy and has good enough behavior to be adopted but is still in a kill shelter.


Leche is a 1.4 yo male relinquished on 11/20 to the shelter. Leche was pre-owned and his actual owner had no time for him anymore. Leche is said to be a very loving, affectionate and highly caring companion animal. He would be very good toward people, children and other dogs. His owner says that Leche is deaf. Leche weights 53lbs and has some type of non contagious dermatitis, may be nutritional. He was rated No Concern upon arrival.

Leche is a gorgeous white dog with blue eyes. He is a bit on the hyper side and at first, jumps at his caretaker. No aggression in this young fellow. He wants to play and snuggle with you. He would love to be a lap dog and dreams to be a teacup Chihuahua. Leche is indeed very friendly. We have not seen any display of aggression toward other dogs, on the contrary. He seems to be housebroken. Deaf dogs can be wonderful in the right hands.

Look 3: Jumps on the assessor,repeatedly shoulder rubs and will not allow the assessor to conduct the assessment

Sensitivity 1: Leans in to the assessor with soft body,wagging tail,open mouth and ears back

Tag 2: Not fearful,but unresponsive to the assessor, approaches the assessor with soft body and wagging tail affter play

Squeeze 1: gently pulls paw away

Squeeze 2 1:Gently pulls paw away

Food 1: Calmly allows food to be moved,follows the dish,but does not interfere with the movement of the dish

Toy 1: No interest

Rawhide 1: No interest

Dog to dog 2: Approaches the helper dog by rushing in, body is soft with low tail and ears back








Deaf Greyhound in TX

Rescued from the Lubbock Pound. This picture was taken when he was first rescued. He is in a foster home in Lubbock, Texas. For more information, contact Linda Dunn at:

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Deaf Dog (Boxer?) in FL is in Danger!

If anyone can help, please let me know. I have NOT pulled this dog, so he is in very really danger of euthansia (sadly, I am out of space and funds at the moment). He is DEAF. Very beautiful (I know the picture is terrible), super sweet----watches your every move so he would probably be very easy to train with hand signals. He is just a doll!!! Young, friendly with other dogs. Please contact me ASAP if you can help.... I will pull if he has a place to go. Whoever can help can contact me directly at 850-499-3970 or Ask for Terri. The dog is in Northwest Florida in the dog pound. Has to be pulled by a rescue. They will not release to individuals. Thank you!!!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Latest Available Deaf Cats

The list below are deaf cats that await a home to call their own while the rest of deaf cats on this site have found a home. If you are looking for a deaf cat in your area or neighboring states, check one of these out. There's contact information on each page. It would be good for those cats to be thankful to have a permanent home by a loving family. If one of the list is in your area, you can help crosspost.

Deaf Aussie in GA Needs to Get Out Quick!


This handsome boy was turned in to the shelter by his owner to have him euthanized because he is deaf. We were told he is around 7 years old. Don't have any other information on him at this time. He is horrified! Confused and scared. And who can blame him?

Please contact me if you know of anyone who can save him. Approved rescues only! Pictures attached. He needs to be out by Tuesday, Dec 1.

Thank you.

Etowah Valley Humane Society
Cartersville, GA

(770) 383-3338

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blind/Deaf Pup in TX Needs a Home ASAP!

Her name is Lilly and she is a blind/deaf pit puppy. She is at the Waco TX Animal Shelter and call Fallon at 254-754-1454.

Please Forward this angel! I am desperate to save her. She is so sweet and so scared. She came in as a stray all alone (on my first day at the shelter). She is currently in my office and comfy. I would love for her to go to a rescue for deaf/blind dogs. I feel she would do better with a companion. Being that she is at the city shelter though I do not want to take a chance on her getting sick from another puppy. She's been dewormed and had her first shot. HELP!!

Foster/Rescue Coordinator
Waco Humane Society

Friday, November 20, 2009

Deaf Puppy Time in NJ Shelter is Running Out

Elena is approximately 14 weeks old and has already learned how unfair life can be. Her sweet self was found tied to a tree by several shoelaces in the pouring rain last weekend. She was brought to the SPCA where we gave her everything she needed to be comfortable. We vaccinated her and were waiting for her stray time to be up so we could find her a loving home. One day a staff member noticed that she remained curled up fast asleep in her bed throught the "morning rush" of dogs barking for their breakfast. After further observation, we believe that Elena is severely hard of hearing or deaf. We hung up our "deaf dog protocol" on her kennel to begin to teach her sign language and she responded quickly. She is very playful and loved time out in the yards, but her favorite thing to do is giving kisses, and she will happily sit in your lap to do so.

Unfortunately, fate had another nasty twist for Elena. The SPCA takes animals that are stray, released, and cruelty seizures. Our intake in the past day was extremely high and we are expecting more intake tomorrow. We have run out of space. Elena needs rescue commitment or adoption by tomorrow. I can make arrangements for her to be held for several days in a short term foster home if neccesary. She will need a placement that understands the needs of a deaf dog and will have patience and dedication to truely follow through on her training with sign language. If you are able to help Elena, please contact Maria at or by cell phone 609-330-1393. Thank you

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Deaf American Bulldog Pup in GA

He is deaf and knows hand signal
He is all white, with just one dark spot on the nape of his tail. We believe he is deaf, which is not unusual for white dogs and by far not a reason to euthanize a dog. In fact, Domino already knows a hand signal – SIT! Domino is still very young. We estimate his age around 5-6 months. Due to this, he has all the puppy energy you can imagine. We noticed he does not like water much but one thing that stands out above all is the fact that Domino LOVES little kids!!! Pretty much all of his attention was directed at Leo, the toddler of one of the rescue volunteers, when he was in the exercise field. All Domino wanted to do was be near him and play with him. If Leo left the field he would sit at the gate and whine for him to come back. Domino would be great for a family with kids. He's a sweetheart! Unfortunately, Domino is NOT good with other dogs.

To adopt Domino, you will have to fill out an adoption contract, which includes a mandatory spay/neuter agreement. You will be required to purchase a low-cost neuter voucher and pay $8 for his Rabies shot and a micro chip. For more information, please e-mail or Jen at We hope to hear from you before it is too late for Domino.

Deaf Cat in GA

I have a really sweet white deaf cat. He's 7 years old and neutured. He needs to be an only pet because he is afraid of other cats. I know because I have had him since he was a baby. I keep him separate from my other cats. I have become sick and am living with my parents. They built him a gazebo outside, which is nice, has a loft and climbing posts. But he is unhappy. He needs more attention. Is anyone able to give him the loving home he deserves? Call Yvette at 706-614-8408 or send e-mail to

Deaf Feline Brothers in TX

They are about 1.5 years old and are brothers they need to go a home together. Their names are Ying and Yang. One of them has 1 blue eye and 1 green eye, and the other one has 2 blue eyes. They are very active and love to play, they are up to date on all shots, neutered and declawed in the front. They are really neat cats they will lay together and clean each other it is very cute. This lady had rescued them before the original owner was going to take them to the shelter so she took them in and got them everything they needed but she has other cats that are older and are not liking the young cats in the house so she is having some behavorial issues with the older ones. If you could pass this on it would really help alot. Interested people can send an email to:

Thank you so much,


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bull Terrier in New Orleans, LA


I really need a foster or permanent home asap. This pet was dropped off at a vet's clinic & the owner was going to have this very very sweet dog euthanized because she just does not want to be bothered with her anymore. The clinic has called me to assist. They did not want to euthanize because of her gentle & kind nature. Daisy is a great dog. Good with cats, dogs, kids. Housetrained. I have also attached 2 photos. Daisy is healthy & fully vetted.- born deaf. She is still happy & playful. Pls have any interested party call me asap. She cannot remain at the clinic very long.

Thank you,
Giselle Moises
New Orleans, LA

Friday, November 6, 2009

ACD Pup in CO Needs to Get Out!

Drake is 10 months old. He has passed the behavioral evaluation but is becoming extremely stressed in the shelter.
He need to find a rescue, foster or forever home ASAP.

Pls contact:


Deaf Pit Bull in PA Needs Help!

A08487213 Lola Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix, White/Brown, Medium, 0 1-2 years, Bitten: No Bite History

Lola is a non-aggressive, high energy dog that has little or no training. She interacts and focuses on the handler somewhat but is easily distracted. I was told that Lola might be hard of hearing and used a clicker, hand clapping and stomping on the floor in the attempt to get her attention. There was no indication that Lola heard those stimuli. While Lola was looking at me I used food reinforcement to get her attention and ask her not to jump on me. I was moderately successful. We also worked on polite walking. After about five minutes Lola was paying attention to me and not pulling on the leash about 70% of the time. While her hearing problem is definitely a problem, I think that Lola could be trained to respond to a laser pointer or hand signals. I spoke with Lola's owners and they were unwilling and unable to work with a deaf dog. They also stated that Lola was extremely high energy inside of their house. She is also very mouthy and tends to redirect her excitement to mouthing the leash or the arms of her handler. She has left many bruises on her former owner's arms and has ripped her clothing when she gets excited

Ray Little
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Foster Home Needed for Boxer Pup in IL

Anyone have any experience with a deaf dog that would consider helping foster this little guy? Chicagoland dog rescue has offered to help pull him from animal control but need an experienced foster family who currently has a deaf dog or has had a deaf dog. Bogie is a 5-6month old pure bred boxer who is completely deaf. He is a good boy, gets along with other dogs, kids and cats. He is working on housetraining too. Please if you can help this boy, contact me at

The pup has gone to MN Boxer Rescue.