Monday, March 29, 2010

Albert Lea, MN: Bro/Sis Feline Need a Home

Sampson and Helen

I'm a volunteer for the Humane Society of Freeborn County in Albert Lea, MN. We have a brother and sister pair of deaf cats in foster care. They are beautiful white short hair kitties who need to be adopted together. They are up-to-date on vaccinations, spayed/neutered, and litter box trained.

Here is a link to their petfinder page:

Contact info:

Humane Society of Freeborn County
Phone: 507-377-8501

Thank you for your help.
Michelle Boettcher
HSFC Volunteer

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chicago, IL: 2 Deaf Feline Sisters Need a Home

Hi, my name is Miss Snowball. I am all white with big Beautiful blue eyes. Although I am deaf, you would hardly know it. I run around with my sister Marshmallow and play. I love to play with my toys and scratching post. I am very friendly and like to sleep with my foster mom too. I am litter box trained and such a good girl. I love my sister and would like to be adopted with her, but we will be okay if we have to be separated. Come see me. Once you meet me and look into my beautiful blue eyes, you will fall in love. If interested in me, please email my foster mom at:

Hi, my name is Marshmallow. I am all white with big Beautiful blue eyes. Although I am deaf, you would hardly know it. I run around with my sister Miss Snowball and play. I love to play with my toys and scratching post. I am very friendly and like to sleep with my foster mom too. I am litter box trained and such a good girl. I love my sister and would like to be adopted with her, but we will be okay if we have to be separated. Come see me. Once you meet me and look into my beautiful blue eyes, you will fall in love. If interested in me, please email my foster mom at:

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Harrodsburg, KY: Deaf Pit Bull with Puppies

UPDATE: According to the shelter, "The momma has already come down with an intestinal bacterial infection and is on med's for that. She has lost so much weight. The babies are doing fine but needs to get out before they come down with something."

Her name is Tinker and she is a deaf pit bull mix. She has 5 - three week old puppies that will need to stay with her until weaned. Tinker has one blue eye and one brown eye. She is white with a faint tan color and weighs approx. 50 lbs. She is around 4 yrs old. Tinker is extremely sweet and lets her caretakers go in her kennel with her and the babies with no sign of aggression. She is a very gentle and sweet girl. She needs a rescue that can take both her and the puppies ASAP. She is at the Mercer Humane Society in Harrodsburg, KY.

Contact Linda Hopper by phone (859) 734-9500 or email

Pineville, KY: Deaf Australian Shepherd Mix Puppy

This puppy is at a local shelter. All I know about him is what was listed on his Petfinder page. I can offer to help with pulling him or transport if a rescue can take him.

McCloud is a cute and friendly white Australian shepherd/dalmation mix puppy that is deaf. He was brought to the shelter with his siblings where he was adopted out only to be returned after his adopters discovered he was deaf. This is a kill shelter, but they are rescue friendly. Please help this boy today because the shelter is very crowded.

Petfinder page:

Contact info:

Call me at ph. (606)-633-0050 if anyone needs help with pulling and transport

Thank you,
Stephanie Gilbert

Friday, March 19, 2010

Los Angeles, CA: Samoyd Mix in High Kill Shelter

This poor girl is at this kill shelter for the second time now. She was adopted once and brought back, and now we have learned she is deaf. She looks so sweet and friendly. Can you help us find her a rescue or appropriate adopter?

If you are interested in rescuing this dog, we recommend you CONTACT THE SHELTER IMMEDIATELY TO INQUIRE about it and confirm availability – it is very important that you ASK THE SHELTER TO PUT YOUR NAME AND PHONE NUMBER ON THE DOG’S RECORD. This can buy a dog that is in immediate danger of euthanasia some additional time. H.A.L.T. has no additional information about the dog or its status at the shelter, and the dog’s situation can change quickly.

If you cannot take the dog into your rescue program, PLEASE FORWARD THIS INFORMATION to any other rescues or individuals that may be able to help. If you have a Facebook page, web site, Yahoo group, or another way to promote to potential adopters or fosters, we would appreciate your help. If you rescue this dog, please let us know when it is safe.

Thanks for the great work you do to save these precious friends.


Jan Vierke <jan @>

H.A.L.T. Pet Overpopulation (

HALT networking & individual dog website post requests

Impound Number: A3806743
Impound Date:
Primary Breed:
3 Years and 0 Months

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Help Deaf Pup in Afghanistan Come to USA

We are currently trying to raise money to bring home (to the United States) a puppy my husband (an EOD tech in the USMC) rescued after an explosion. Her name is "Spike" and she is an Anatolian Shepherd, there are pics on her website as well as the story if you would rather just read it there. We really need help, even if people can't help if they could forward her story to someone who can that wuld be great! We currently have $425 raised, our goal is $3000 by next month. Thanks to everyone who has the heart to help at least to pass the story on. She is a very special puppy!

Spike's Story

"Spike" is a vivacious and fun loving young Anatolian Shepherd puppy rescued by Neil Kulik and the infantry platoon with which he is serving in Marjah Afghanistan. Many of you may have seen the News coverage of "Operation Moshtarak" throughout February and into this month. SSGT Kulik an EOD tech attached to an infantry company found tiny Spike alone and frightened after the building she was living in was blown up. SSGT Kulik and his team went to clear the building after blowing it up and he came upon her in a corner, she was shaking and let out a fearful grown as he pet her. SSGT Kulik promised Spike he would return to her and gave her some water until the next time he could see her. He returned as soon as he was able honoring his promise to the young little puppy. It was a day later and he brought her food and more water. Spike recognized him and wagged her tail. She grew fond of this human and his many friends who brought her food and water and even played with her. She soon became one of them, going with them when she could and bringing as much joy to the Marines as they brought to her. Spike who suffered hearing loss in the explosion that she survived has taken no notice to her injury, she is just happy to be alive. She has become so fond of Neil and his friends that she protects them, growling at people who are out of place and keeping all of the Marines safe. Her favorite human, SSGT Kulik, is to leave Marjah and return to the United States soon and he has told her he wants her to come with. All of the Marines who have had the joy of playing with her during such a daunting time for them want to help to get Spike home as well. The financial cost of getting Spike into the United States is a huge burden and SSGT Kulik is hoping that enough kind people will step forward to make this possible for Spike. He fears that if left behind she will die with her hearing loss making her vulnerable to predators, other dogs, and military vehicles . Many dogs in Afghanistan are shot at and murdered. Dog fighting is prominent and Spike wants to be honored for her service to our countries Marines and the men have told her they don't leave anyone behind, Spike certainly hopes that they will honor their promise when it comes to her as well, that she will come home as one of them, as she deserves to, as a hero.

The cost to bring Spike to the United States is approximately $3,000.00. This includes her flights and quarantine in Pakistan. I do not have more than several hundred dollars myself so Spike is counting on the generosity of caring humans to help her. If enough money isn't raised in the next few weeks to allow for Spike to be brought home with her new family the full amount of the money raised will be donated to the ASPCA. Please, any little bit helps, don't let Spike's humans suffer any more loss, don't allow the Marines who love her to be forced to leave one of their own behind. Every little bit helps.

Lauren Kulik

Saturday, March 13, 2010

NY, NY: Pit Bull Pup Needs a Home

This little girl is an owner surrender at the Manhattan shelter (Animal care and Control

I don't have any room or funds for her, but I can pull her out through Red Hook Dog Rescue if someone else can take her. She probably can be adopted directly from the shelter too. Here are the numbers for the New Hope people at the Shelter. If you are interested and get through, tell them to contact me. Sometimes folks at this shelter can be difficult and I am not supposed to give out these numbers but so what. It is also possible that a local group will snap her up she is very cute.

Harriet and the big gang in Brooklyn
Write me if I can help

*Deaf *
IVORY – A850726 – 8 month old female pittie – 45lbs – OS, 3/11 – NYCHA BAN
NYCHA means New York City Housing ban

Los Angeles, CA: Rescue Needed for Husky



Shelter: EAST VALLEY Condition: APPR HLTHY Age: 1 YR, 8 MO WEIGHT: 38 LBS

This animal has been at the shelter since 01/30/2010 and on this list since 03/04/2010 .

East Valley Animal Care and Control Center
14409 Vanowen Street
Van Nuys, CA 91405
1-(888) 452-7381

Ashtabula, OH: Deaf, Senior, Black Lab Needs Rescue

**Crossposting is appreciated!**

Poor Nanan has 3 strikes against her...she's Black, she's a Senior (10+ yrs old) and she's Deaf. :( She has been sitting in the shelter since June !! She is a very sweet dog, but needs to be in a home living out her final years in comfort, with a family who loves her !

Because she is deaf, she needs to be somewhere where her people know not to startle her or sneak up from behind- probably best that she not be around small children for this reason. If you would like to help Nanan or know of someone who might, Please have them contact me. :)

Thank you!

Tina Hayes

Friday, March 5, 2010

Louisville, KY: Deaf Cats Stay Together



Both siblings are playful, shy with strangers, and love to be rubbed and loved on once they get to know you. Their mother was a feral cat that was being fed at a nearby barn. The cat was also pregnant and when her kittens were six weeks old and weaned, she brought them in her mouth and dropped them at the door of their caregiver (Debbie), who has had them since that time. Daphne and Della need to be the only cats in a household that is accustomed to caring for deaf cats. Daphne has blue eyes, is totally deaf and a alpha cat. Della has one blue, one gold eye and she can hear on one side. Anyone interested in adopting Daphne and Della together, contact Debbie Williamson at 502-239-5956.