Thursday, May 21, 2009

In NC Deaf BullDog Needs Help!


This is Artic. She is a country bulldog and was born at the end of July last year. Artic has been deaf since birth. Shes a very sweet dog but needs the time and love to be worked with. She gets along with other dogs and is very playful. Shes not good around kids at this time because she jumps up but she could be a very good companion dog. She needs a loving home that has the time to help her become a better dog. She is located in Hubert NC 28539 and if interested, contact Jessica at 252-503-0091 or email her at

Deaf Pitbull Clock is Ticking Until Wednesday in GA

UPDATE: Jason, the volunteer, said Koby has found a wonderful home. Here is what he said, "He was adopted by a couple with 2 deaf children. I drove him to IL on Saturday. He is in a great home. The wife used to run the humane society in IA where she lives. Really a great home." He met with his friend Jerry, who brought his pitbull, in IL while waiting for a family to meet them to pick up Koby. Pictures are below.
Jason with Koby and Jerry with Lila

Lila and Koby playing


Tuesdays suck for me.This is the day that the pound selects which dogs have to be put down. Its almost always the pitbulls,. They don't pair them up in dog runs and they take up too much room. I cant blame the pound, they do this in a very humane way. But it hurts none the less. I walk these pups, give them love and attention. I cant save them all. But I make it just a little better for them before they go. Koby is a deaf boy and about 8-10 months old. Scared but very sweet. He is scheduled to die next Wednesday (was supposed to be tomorrow but I pleaded his case). He is fully vetted and neutered. I can pull, vet and transport as well as foster for a few. The owner who gave him up, (because he is deaf) said her other dogs were attacking him. I love people. Contact Jason, the volunteer, at if you can help. He is in Paulding County in GA with Animal Control.

Deaf Cat in AL Needs a Home to Enjoy Life!


He is litter box trained and MUST BE AN INDOOR cat. He is deaf and his front paws are declawed. Casper likes to sit in your lap and be petted. This handsome boy will do well in a home with one other cat and/or dog. Casper is tested for FeLv/FIV negative and got his distemper FIV booster and rabies. To adopt call: Linda Morgan 256-747-1655 Email:

Deaf Pregnant Dogo Mix to be Euthanized in OH


For more information about Maisy, go to To rescue this dog along with her soon to be puppies before it's too late, contact:

Evert Gibson, Dog Warden
1801 Mahoning Road NE, Canton, Ohio 44705
Phone: 330.451.2343
Maisy on the left

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Laylah -- Deaf Pit/BullDog Mix in VA


Laylah is very sweet, a real charmer. She was found abandoned on the side of the road. After taking Laylah home, her rescuer discovered that Laylah is deaf. But that does not hold her back one bit! She is a happy, very loving girl. And she is very smart. With very little effort, her rescuer, who is not experienced with training deaf dogs, was able to use sign language to teach Laylah to sit.

Laylah loves other dogs and plays very nicely with them. She also loves children and does well with them. However, she is a bit too interested in cats to place her in a home with them.

Laylah's rescuer is crazy about Laylah, but she has several dogs that she has rescued, most with special needs, and cannot give Laylah the time she needs to reach her full potential. So Laylah really needs a loving family of her own. She is crate trained, housebroken, spayed, heartworm negative, and up to date on her vaccinations. She is a wonderful girl just waiting for that lucky family to take a chance on her and fall in love.

Go to below link for more information on how to adopt and who to contact for possible adoption:

Snowy Days in NC Wants a Sweet Home Sweet!

Snowy Days

Snowy Days: Estimated DOB - September 12, 2006

Snowy is a striking kitty with his soft white fur and light blue eyes. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s such a loving boy too! He’s a true lap cat in every sense of the word. He’ll jump up, snuggle his way into your lap, make biscuits as you pet him and even reward you with kisses on your hands. You won’t have to guess how appreciative he is of having you in his life and for loving him. His fur is as silky as a rabbit – so much so that you won’t be able to resist petting him. That’s a good thing since he’s never far from you in case you’re ready to snuggle… he just melts into your lap.

Snowy Days is deaf, which is somewhat common in white kitties that have blue eyes. Being deaf isn’t as bad as it sounds for kitties – they tend to sleep through you coming into the room and of course loud noises like vacuums don’t bother them!

Snowy would be great as an only cat – he would be thrilled to not have to share you. And honestly, it’s easier for him to relax and show off his wonderfully sweet personality without other kitties around. This seems to be the only time that being deaf affects him – he seems overly suspicious as cats come up behind him.

Are you ready to take this sweet boy as your soul mate? Bring him some fuzzy mice toys and he’ll be yours for life. He is with me, Sue, for the Hobbes House Rescue at He is up to date on all vaccines, been neutered, tested negative for Feluk and FIV, and been dewormed / deflea'd. Contact Sue at 919-562-0697 or email her at:

Can a Deaf Dog Learn and Be Taught?

There is a section in the Ohio newspaper that is dedicated to pet news. It is a dog version of "Dear Abby," which allows people to ask questions in relation to dogs and she is referred as Dear Dog Lady. Someone asked Dear Dog Lady whether or not her rescued deaf dog can be taught. Go to the link:


Thanks, Brian Riley, for sharing the link!