Sunday, December 14, 2008

Keller's Death Sentence is on December 16th in GA

Spoke to my rescue friend and she actually met Keller at the shelter on Wed. She said she is very sweet and not dog agressive. She thinks she is around 3.

This girl is in need of some help ASAP. She can only be adopted to a rescue. I have a rescue group that will allow me to use their license to pull if someone can save this sweet girl. Clayton Co is just south of Atlanta GA. This is a very high kill shelter and the vet they use kills via a heartstick! :-( Let me know if I can help get her out and to a rescue.

Atlanta Ga & Chattanooga Tn

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Deaf Retriever Mix Help in GA by 12/12!


This is another sweet dog who end up at AC as a stray whose owners didn't care to look for him. He is a very calm and gentle boy who gets along with everyone and everything. He time is almost up. He needs to find a place to go by Friday, 12/12. He does need some TLC but he is a younger dog. He looks like a Retriever/Setter mix (?). I'm sorry but I don't have any more info at this time.

Please let me know if you know of anyone who can save him. Do not call AC. Thank you.

Contact Dorothy at
Etowah Valley Humane Society
Cartersville, GA

Deaf Blue Eyed English Pointer in Minnesota


Marmaduke is a wonderful 2 year old Deaf Pointer.

Duke has been bounced around from home to shelter to home back to shelter. He is a fabulous dog, all heart and love. He is great with other dogs of all sizes, kids, and our house cat. He walks well on a leash, loves car rides, and knows several hand signals.

Since Duke is in the land of the serious hunter, no one will look twice at a deaf hunting breed. This guy is as close to perfect as I could ever ask for. Feel free to spread the word on Duke. We are located in southern Minnesota, right on the I-35 corridor. Interested to adopt, contact Sadie at

Deaf Veterinarian in Arizona for You!

I guarantee that I and other deaf people outside of Arizona are envious of you, Deaf Arizonans! You have a deaf veterinarian all ready to serve you and your animals. His name is Dr. Neil Holmes. Check below:

Dr. Neil Holmes is a veterinarian who can treat your animals at the River Ridge Veterinary Hospital located in Buckeye, southwest of Phoenix. If you want ease and clarity of communication without an interpreter or paper notes back & forth, bring your four-footed friends here for good care!

To set up an appointment with Dr. Holmes:

Phone: 623-386-8821(Voice)
AIM: RiverRidgeVet

Dr. Holmes has been a veterinarian for 10 years. He has recently started working at River Ridge Veterinary Hospital and looks forward to helping you take care of your animals.

Send an email to the above address and ask for a 10% off first visit coupon and a map to the clinic.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Loving Home for Deaf Kitty in Alabama Needed

Click above to enlarge

Munchie is in process of heading to a wonderful foster in the Northeast. She is very active and curious about everything. She is fully vetted. She loves cats, dogs and all people big or small. Home visit and vet reference are required along with signing a contract if the adopter is chosen.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Where is Cooper and Gus Now?

The search for a perfect home for dogs like Cooper and Gus, especially with Gus's dog aggression issue, almost seems fruitless until this family came along. Other families who have shown interest did not meet the criterias in ensuring the dogs would be appropriately placed together forever. This new family of Cooper and Gus had no other pets after losing their two Boston Terrier siblings, named Max and Mindy, of an old age.

We brought Cooper and Gus over to the family to do home visit and let them interact with the dogs. Upon entry, the first thing Gus did, before entertaining the hosts, was attacking a life sized Boston Terrier statue by their fireplace and it was hilarious. It was a sight embedded in our memory. The visit in September went so well that the family is set on adopting them. We can't be any more happier with the outcome as they are an ideal family for any dogs in need of a home. From reading the updates by Cheryl, you'll agree that these boys will have a life of luxury and privilege!

Because these dogs need some training, Rosemary has recommended a professional trainer, Lisa, who I have met and liked, if the family decides to get one.

Here is an update from Cooper and Gus's new family that was sent to Lisa, Rosemary and myself:

October 24, 2008

Hello to all!

I thought you would all be wondering how “the boys” are doing, so I thought I would write you this update! They are TERRIFIC!!!! They have come such a long way in these past 3 weeks I cannot even believe it! As Lisa can attest, they were like laser beams bouncing off all 4 walls at the same time when she came to visit them on 10/13/08! The only time their feet were on the ground was when they needed to propel themselves to another perch!

Lisa quickly saw that these little guys needed some positive diversions apart from fighting with each other as soon as their eyes were open! This was getting me NUTS! Dave commented that this is what happens when you get all of that “testosterone” going in adolescents! They were acting just like 14 year old boys! (Good thing I had a daughter…either I or my sons would not have survived that stage!) So, I went right to the Amish market here in town & bought them marrow bones as Lisa had suggested. They were already frozen, so I just warmed them up a tad in the microwave & then gave them to them outside. It was a really nice day on Tuesday, 10/14/08, so they could be outside. We installed a 12’ X 24’ fence right off of the patio & have fencing on either side of the deck that acts as a chute from the kitchen door right into the fenced in area. They love rough-housing out there with each other! These bones kept them occupied for 3 hours! By then they were so tired of chewing & sucking the marrow out of the bones that they came inside & went to sleep in my office with me for another hour! The Amish butcher loves these little guys & they love him! I buy them 6, 2” marrow bones each week & that keeps them busy!

We also have them in a routine that every morning when they get up, I feed them their breakfast & then I either take them for a walk if it’s not too cold (they’re not overly fond of their sweaters that we bought for them, but they keep them warm as toast in these chilly mornings) or I play ball with them in the family room! I do something with them to wear them out & then they go outside & take care of business! Then they usually come back inside & chew on their bones that are now all over the house!

They will even lay down like good boys on the couch with us at night while we watch TV! This is truly AMAZING! Before, if I sat down they were both all over me! So again, Lisa said that when they do this, stand up & ignore them & they will learn that if they do this to obtain attention, they won’t get any! It took a couple of days, but they got the picture! Now, if any of us sit down, they come running over to the couch & wait to be invited up with us! Once they’re on the couch they know they must sit down or lay down or GET OFF! Don’t even think about bothering Mommy during baseball playoffs, much less the World Series! Now the TV goes on & they come over to the couch, wait to be invited up & then lay right down! Good Boys!

Sleeping at night is another interesting event! They sleep with Becky. Both Cooper & Gus want to be in bed with her (she has a single bed so this is interesting!). She’s OK with that, but Gus gets up on the bed, lays in the crook of Becky’s legs & goes to sleep. Cooper, on the other hand, has to be pacing & jumping back & forth on the bed so that within a couple of minutes Gus lets out this big bark at Cooper & throws him off of the bed! Poor Cooper! There is a brand new, fleece bed on the floor for them, but of course the “prime real estate” is up in bed with Becky! Becky also has a portable nylon kennel in her room for the boys to get used to for when we take them on vacation. Gus likes this, too, so Cooper can’t be in there if Gus wants to be in there! Gus pretty much sets the tone for everything where Cooper is concerned, except for when they eat! I have to put Gus on the other side of the island in the kitchen or Cooper growls the entire time (like Gus can hear him!) letting Gus know to stay away from his food! He does the same thing with the marrow bones, until Cooper extracts all of the marrow! They are a hoot together! After they get finished beating up on each other, Gus will lay & lick Cooper’s face! I guess that’s what you call “tough love!”

Potty training is coming along as well! There does not appear to be any more “anxiety tinkles” in the laundry room, when they have to be in there, like when we’re not home. With me being home all day again, I have them going outside quite frequently to the point where they will strain a little drop of tinkle out, just so they can get a treat! I have an “eight-legged” shadow following me wherever I go! Mommy’s Boys!

In the 3 weeks that they have been with us, I have lost 13 pounds from all of the walks that they go on! For little guys who weren’t really fond of a leash, much less going for a walk, they have sure done a “180° turn” on this issue! I guess I’ll have to buy them snow shoes for the winter!

Well, I guess this is all for now! Please let me know that each of you received this e-mail!

Thanks so very much to all of you for your part in this wonderful saga about our 2 wonderful boys! I know Max & Mindy are glad that we have found yet 2 more Bostons to shower with our love.

Thanks again,

More update below:

November 16, 2008

Hello to all!

I thought you would all like to know how the boys are doing & they are FABULOUS!!! I cannot believe the difference in their behavior & in their demeanor in just 6 weeks! Cooper has made remarkable progress in his anxiety laced behavior! He is actually taking up his part when “Little Man” (our nickname for Gus) thinks he is going to run the show! I am so happy that Cooper is no longer going to play the victim all of the time!

We installed a 12 foot by 24 foot by 4 foot high wrought iron fence in the back yard right off of the deck. We have other fencing acting as a chute from the back door to the fenced in area. This way the boys can run around & play or fight, as they like to do, (boys will be boys I guess) outside! They love to be outside!

We have bought a ton of toys for them & they have learned to play with pretty much all of them! Gus just loves these semi-hard rubber balls that bounce like crazy, yet he can chew on them & they do not shred! Cooper, of course, is not interested in playing ball…he would rather sit in my lap than run after a ball! In the morning after they have their breakfast, I play with them in the family room for about 30 minutes. Gus plays ball, tug-of-war with his many different colored nylon ropes that he has, chews his bones, etc. & Cooper sits in my lap while I’m on the floor playing with Gus! Cooper just loves attention & this 30 minute ritual is right up his alley! Cooper likes to chew his bones & chew on the “busy-body” with the raw hide circles at the ends. I bought them each small ones & they like these things! Gus will give me his paw when I play with him…Cooper will wash my face with his kisses no matter what we’re doing!

About the only bad habit that they still have that I cannot seem to break them of is this getting me up at 4AM to go outside! I don’t know if their last owner routinely got up at that un-Godly hour or what, but this is getting old! They should certainly be able to hold their bladder from 11PM to at least 6AM at their age! So, I don’t know what this is all about, but I would appreciate any suggestions that you might have about this!

I was in Chicago all last week at a conference & I sure missed them! When I came home last night, you would have thought I had been away for a month the way they carried on with me! They love Becky & Dave, but they’re not “Mom!” They woke Dave up every 2 hours last week to go outside! I told him they were really pushing his buttons! I think they just like to go outside!

Gus is really a little imp with Cooper! If Cooper is asleep & Gus wakes up, Cooper has to be awake! So, Gus will go over to Cooper & bark at him & of course Cooper doesn’t hear Gus, so Gus will stare at Cooper until Cooper opens his eyes! Then Cooper is so startled that he lets out this really loud howling bark, which of course Gus doesn’t hear, but he scares the crap out of all of us! Gus immediately starts pouncing on Cooper & poor Cooper is trying to figure out where he even is, since he was awakened out of a deep sleep! They’re like two little kids! I love them both to death & yes, they are both spoiled rotten, just like all of my other Bostons!

Well, I guess this is all for now! I just thought you would all like to know how the boys have really progressed! Thanks again to all of you for making this all happen!


Below are snapshots of Cooper and Gus as puppies and a bit older that their previous family sent me that I'm going to share. I am waiting for new pictures of them in a new home so keep a lookout!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Deaf Dog in NYC Needs Home or Foster ASAP!

Dallas aka Sir Gruntsalot

Are you willing to foster this beautiful and sweet Deaf and partially blind Australian Shepherd/American Staffordshire Terrier mix. Ultimately looking for a forever home for him but until then he needs the love, attention and home life he deserves. Pulled from a shelter hours before he was to be gassed down south. I found he was severe heartworm positive and almost died twice during treatment. He is healthy now and starting a new life up north in the NYC area. He is very strong, a big mush with people, loves to sit in your lap and loves to kiss, but would need someone who knows how to handle his zest for life. Very playful and happy an ideal home would be without other pets, definitely no cats and no small children since his zest for living makes him run and jump and he might knock a little person down unintentionally.

He needs to be out of where he is being fostered ASAP since he does not get along with the fosters dogs and it's a very small apartment. He is with White Angels Hope Rescue and you may either contact Margret at also 917 748 4916 or Kim at

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

FL Deaf Pup Euthanized in Less Than 2 Days!



· Breed: Great Pyrenees
· Sex: Female
· Age: Baby
· Size: Large

Animal Control of West Florida
Chipley, FL

Please contact Belva ( for more information about this pet.

This is the cutest pup who looks like Great Pyrene but not sure if she is a purebred. She has the coloring & the look and will be a large dog. Needs a new home or breed rescue to save this girl. She appears to be only about 3 months old and has a mellow attitude.

All dogs will be heartworm tested, all shots including rabies, wormed and spayed/neutered upon adoption. All cats (with exception of heartworm test) will have the same but will also be tested for feline leuk.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Deaf Labrador Mix in OH Needs Rescue!

Can anyone help this little girl? She is a young lab mix who has found herself in a horrible place. We believe her to be completely deaf. I will sponsor her fees to an approved rescue group.

Adopt a Labrador Retriever: FIONA: Petfinder

Thank you so much,

Carrie Butler
Canine Crusaders
Adoption Coordinator
(330)740-2205 - dial 2

Look to Adopt a Deaf Cat in VA?

I am in need of some help on finding a home for a sweet deaf kitty that I’m fostering due to a family illness. My aunt had open heart surgery in July and had a stroke during – she’s recovering well but she will never be back to the point of living on her own and take care of her kitty again. She is fine with me finding Rascal a new home.

His name is Rascal - he’s a very sweet and lovable 7 year old, neutered, deaf, declawed (front paws), indoor kitty. He weighs a little over 15 lbs – he’s not obese. He’s just a big kitty. His shots are up to date. He loves to be brushed and loved on. He is used to being an only cat but with time, may adjust to others as he has with most of mine. He’s okay with my dog Kroger (Kroger’s 13 and deaf from age – she’s a very calm dog) but Rascal does not like the other dog, Jake, at all. Jake is a lot more “active” and I think Jake just scares Rascal even though Jake loves cats but Rascal isn’t buying it. Over the last couple of months they have been able to coexist with each other – basically, Rascal hisses at Jake and Jake backs down.

Here is where the problem lies – I also have two cats, Catdog and Sally. Rascal and Catdog get along sort of okay but Sally hates Rascal – really hates him. Unfortunately, she becomes very aggressive towards Rascal on sight. I’m keeping Rascal in his own room. It would be great if eventually they all could get along, but I really don’t think Sally and Rascal will work things out. I’ve had Rascal for three months and things have not improved between the two – so I really would like to find him a home where he can be safe and happy. Email me at

Connie Hoover

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Deaf Yorkshire Terrier Set on Fire in Colorado


This is so heartbreaking. How can anyone do that to such a furry creature? Tanya Martin, the owner, will be charged in court. His owner tied him up and put him on the stove. Someone came to Bobo's rescue with over 50 percent of severe burn on his body. He is currently being hospitalized while everyone awaits on whether or not he'll make it.

Here is the latest article on Bobo:

To view more images of Bobo:


To see video of the news with Bobo on it:

Here are several articles about Bobo's prognosis since last Sunday:

Check more about Bobo on the Yorkie Talk Forum that is for and about Yorkshire Terriers:

With the severity of Bobo's injury and the length of hospitalization, I am sure donations would be greatly appreciated. You can write a check payable to "Bobo's Care" and mail to Table Mountain Animal Center Foundation, P.O. Box 270587, Louisville, CO 80027 or do it via online by going to this site at and remember to put in "Bobo's Care."

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Deaf/Partially Blind Chow has Until Monday at 8 am

My name is Marcie Bonar and I am a volunteer with the Animal League of Gaston County ( There is a last chance Chow at our high kill facility, Gaston County Animal Control in Gastonia, NC, that is classified as deaf and partially blind, Tag #7153.

He is set to be euthanized in the gas chamber at 8:00 am Monday, 10/20/08. If any rescues can help take him, I can pull him from the shelter and pay to have him vaccinated and for one nights boarding. I would need your help in paying to board him the rest of the time until transport could be worked out. If you can help, please phone me at 704-678-6639 BEFORE 7:45 AM Monday, 10/20/08. The paperwork says nothing about aggression or any other issues.

I will not have access to a computer over the weekend, so please cross-post to anyone who might be able to help him. They can call me anytime at 704-678-6639 but I must be able to confirm a rescue with Animal Control before 8:00 am Monday, 10/20/08.

Tag #7153 - AC paperwork says dog is unadoptable for being partially blind and deaf.. I've got a hold on this dog until 5:00 Friday.

Marcie Bonar

Friday, October 17, 2008

Deaf American Bulldog Mix Time Running Out!


P.S. The contact is Lesley at, but she may be homeless within two weeks, so please also copy Crystal at "A Buddy for Life" at as well. Thank you!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Soldier Got Rid of His Deaf Dog. Patriot, Not!

Words cannot express the despair in this girl's eyes...but I will try. This precious girl is currently at the Christian County Animal Shelter in Hopkinsville, KY. She is deaf. She was so sweet and gentle with my 4 year old son. There was another dog tied across from her and she paid it no attention. She has been staying with a lady who has several kids. Her story is, of course, a sad one. Her original owner is a US Soldier. He had to be deployed so he asked this lady if she would dog-sit for him until he found a more permanent place for her to stay while he was deployed. After several months, the lady contacted him and asked when he was going to have someone pick the dog up. His response? "JUST HAVE HER PUT TO SLEEP" I wish I could say that I was shocked. So here she is. Scared, lonely, desperate and in need of our help! She is a gentle, very deserving girl and I hope someone has it in their heart to help her get out alive! I am currently full (hoping to have room soon but can't count on it) so if anyone can take this girl please contact me as soon as possible! She is on borrowed time! Her eyes begged me to take her with me...I wanted to so bad. When she realized I was leaving her, she just laid down and put her head on the ground like she expected it to happen. It crushed my heart. Can someone please help this baby find her spot in this confusing world?? Transportation can be arranged and I will personally have her spayed! PLEASE!!! If anyone knows of a deaf-dog rescue or if ANY rescue is willing to help with her, please contact the shelter directly at 270-887-4175 or Contact Jessica at jesi95@hotmail.comor 270-887-6725

Jessica Teague

Deaf Blue Heeler Needs a Home

Lucy is a completely deaf full blooded blue heeler. She is 15 months old. Extremely smart. Loves to fetch!!! She is about 25 pounds and full of energy. She will play hard all day and all night and will not quit until you do. She has her shots but is not spayed. And I am also willing to help with Lucy’s delivery to her new home. She gets along great with the neighbors' dogs, both small and large. I do not know about cats.Thanks so much!!

Barry Farmer
, Tn. 38242

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Help 2 Deaf Dogs at Florida Shelter!

UPDATE: RESCUED! (Cobolt and Icey)

ID# A099629

Cobolt is a beautiful female Catahola, 8 months old, white & blue merle, deaf. She is sweet as pie and loves everyone! Contact Tammy Wolny at (239) 253-7313

ID # A099618

Icey is a sweet 4 year old American Bulldog, female, HW positive, deaf. Icey is very happy to please and a wonderful girl! Contact Tammy Wolny at (239)253-7313 ,_.___
These dogs are currently at Domestic Animal Services in Naples, FL and is in great need of rescue. If you can rescue or maybe you know of another rescue group who may be able to, or if you have any questions, please call Tammy Wolny at (239) 253- 7313.

Sue Weatherford
Collier County Animal League, Inc.
email: phone: (239) 287-2549

Fortinbras is in His New Home in DC!

I was contacted by a lady named Carla to inquire about a deaf cat because their previous deaf cat, Hamlet, passed away of old age. Hamlet was adored by Carla and her partner. Here is a picture of Hamlet on his last day and according to Carla, "...but still looking stunningly handsome if you ask me."
While I have two deaf cats available, which the second one hasn't been posted yet, that are out of state in the midwest and west and safe in a foster home, I want to see if there's a deaf cat in her area that needs a home first. It turns out there was a deaf cat in Virginia that needs a home that I referred Carla to get in touch with. That, Carla is in agreement with. I am happy to report that it all worked out and Carla sent me an email about the new deaf cat along with a picture below:


According to Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia, Fortinbras is... "a man of action, unlike the introspective Hamlet, Fortinbras has planned to invade Denmark but, deterred by his uncle and Claudius, marches on Poland instead. When Hamlet dies, Fortinbras arrives to claim the Danish throne and restore order to the kingdom."

Announcing the arrival of Fortinbras, our new deaf kitten, adopted this weekend in memory of Hamlet. Given the above, we are slightly alarmed by the name we have given this kitten. Hamlet it should be noted, kept order in his kingdom through unconditional acceptance and love of all species (or at least a grudging tolerance). We hope Fortinbras (or "Forty" as he is now known) will follow suit.

On a more serious note, the visit did go very well. It's a bit of a sad story, the cat was rescued by the family's younger daughter who subsequently passed away in April. So they are pretty broken up and in not the best financial circumstances. Nonetheless they took care of the neutering and shots to make the kitten more adoptable. Although they wouldn't accept money from us, we'll send them a check regardless in the hopes that it will help them out somewhat. The other daughter was too upset to be there in person so we just met the mom, but I did e-mail her last night when we got home to send our thanks and let her know how excited we were; she seemed to appreciate that.

So now "Forty" is settled in his own room for a while; the cats seemed not as freaked out as we anticipated and our dog is her usual calm self. But Forty will clearly need some time to acclimate. We're giving him the run of the house while the cats and dog are on the patio; I think that will help him a bit. But while they're inside he's kept in his own room with the door slightly propped ajar so that they can at least sniff one another. He is incredibly affectionate!

Thank you so, so much for helping us find him. I can't begin to tell you how helpful it has been to "do" something about Hamlet's death that honors his memory.

Speaking of which, please let me know if there's anything we can do to help with deafanimalrow. Our time is tight (we're working on getting pregnant) but we can always offer financial support.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Sweet Deaf Rottweiler in SC Needs a Good Home!


We took Zack off of a chain when he was a year old. The man who owned him at that time had chained Zack to a tree since he was a pup. We excepted Zack into our rescue and spent 16 months training and loving Zack in preparation for his forever home. Anyone who rescues deaf animals knows that they do not get adopted as fast as hearing animals do.

Now that Zack has been attacked, in what was suppose to be his forever home, (Where he is suppose to be safe from being attacked), I am very worried about him and feel sick over this whole situation. I take the welfare of the pets we bring through our program very seriously and go to great lengths to help them. To have this happen to Zack in his adoptive home, makes me feel like we have failed him. We MUST find a beautiful forever home for Zack, he deserves
it after all the poor boy has been through.
We have found a TEMP FOSTER HOME for Zack. He is fostering with Shawn and his dog Rowin, a large MALE, American Bulldog Mix. Rowin and Zack get along GREAT. Rowin is not a dominant male so Zack dose not have to worry about being jumped or attacked by him and thus Zack is allowed to interact with Shawn and Rowin in peace. Shawn takes Zack and Rowin for a 2 mile bike ride, daily, in addition to playing with the tennis ball. Zack sleeps on the bedroom floor with Rowin but Shawn has often woken up to Zack sleeping next to him, in the beg. Zack is a snuggler and just wants to be loved.

Shawn has also brought Zack over to our kennels and we have introduced Zack to multiple non aggressive dogs, some as small as 15 pounds. Zack plays with about 16 other dogs in the yard and does great. He loves to play tug a war with the rope toy if he can find another dog strong enough to play with, usually Me Lady, our Alpha, 130 pound Rotti girl. Zack has also been to our trainers house and played with her two puppies, one is 5 months and the other is 3 months old.

Shawn is only able to temporarily foster Zack and for Zack's emotional welfare we need to get him into a forever home ASAP. In a forever home Zack will be allowed to bond with the family and feel loved again. Even though Zack is adjusting to Shawn's home, taking him from his adoptive home has been stressful for him. We do not want poor Zack to think Shawn is his forever home and then uproot him again, into another home. Moving a pet from home to home can eventually lead to separation anxiety. If anyone can give Zack a GOOD forever home, please contact

Michelle Doneza

P.S. Zack's petfinder can be found at:

Friday, September 19, 2008

Braveheart in Need of Your Attention!



Dear Folks,

Generally you find me crossposting and/or requesting help for other rescues or individuals. For the first time, I am asking, believe it or not, for myself. Braveheart is a beautiful loving roly-poly deaf American Staffordshire Terrier (or "pit" in the American vulgar) who loves children, adults, cats, dogs, etc.

When he was first found in Oklahoma, he was starving and exhausted, yet would run away at the slightest hint. With perserverance and patience, animal control was able to bring him to their shelter. He so captivated the volunteer staff that they could not euthanize him.

And that's where I came in. I have paid for his vetting, and with the help of good friends and colleagues we sent him to a boarding facility in Oklahoma where he has turned into a well-fed and loving dog that has captivated his boarding staff.

I'm not looking for funds, but we have now run out of money. I am looking for either a rescue or a kind and loving individual or family to take Braveheart into their homes. If you know ASL (American Sign language that is great) but not necessary. I have placed two deaf pitties in wonderful families and they are extraordinarily intelligent. They depend upon visual facial expressions and will watch their owners intently to understand what is needed. They rarely, if ever, bark since their world is silent.

I have thanked you all time and time again for your incredible generosity and compassion. So could you please crosspost out and have all replies sent to me: I am blessed to have contacts across the United States, so as always, a home visit and vet reference is required. Thank you, all!

Jan Karpel

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Deaf Cat in Ohio Needs a Loving Home

New Home Wanted for Beautiful Deaf Cat

My name is Nicholas Nickleby but everyone calls me Nikki.

I am an 11 month old, white, long haired purebred Turkish Angora with one blue eye and one green eye. My extra long fluffy tail comes all the way back to my neck. I am deaf, but I have a special radar that lets me know where my family members are at all times. I love people, especially children. I am sweet tempered and I love to play and be right where the action is. My family isn’t home very much right now because of health problems so I’m lonely. I need a new home where I will have lots of companionship. I’m FIV and FeLV negative, have had all my shots and have been neutered.

Adoption fee is a tax deductable donation of $70 to C.A.T.S. (Community Action to Save Strays). That's our local cat rescue group. Call (440) 774-3444 or email

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Safety is Needed for this Deaf Dog in PA

This dog needs a special foster or adoptive home right away.

Beans is a beautiful young dog in a really hard situation. He is completely deaf, so he is very confused and unsure of himself in the shelter environment. He was surrendered by his owner because of a move to a no-pets-allowed apartment, and he obviously has no idea what has happened to the life he knew.

He needs to leave the shelter for a foster home or a forever home that will be able to help him with special challenges. Deaf dogs require training with hand signals instead of vocal cues, and Beans is no exception. Since he is people-loving and eager to please, he will probably learn quickly.

Beans is a very sweet boy and is very affectionate with people. He also seems to like other dogs. However, he doesn't have great social skills and isn't sure how to introduce himself to other dogs appropriately. So he could use some help with that, too.

Beans is between 1 and 2 years old, neutered, and up to date on shots.

If you are interested in helping Beans by providing a foster or adoptive home with the special training he'll need, please email to set up a time to meet him--he isn't in the public areas at the shelter.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Death Awaits Deaf Mom and Deaf Son, FL


There are two pit bulls that are deaf, a mother and son, to be euthanized. They are at St. Lucie County Humane Society located in Fort Pierce, Florida. The mother is 2 years old and the son is 9 weeks old!
If you know of anybody that can help provide a foster/forever home, please contact me immediately. My email is or you can call me directly (248-910-5351).


Deaf Boxer in Danger in TX

Picture taken from cell phone

I found out today that initially this boy was at another shelter & Christie the ACO saved him from euthanasia, but now he has been at her shelter for weeks!

Contact info:
2303 Beverly Hills Dr
Fort Worth, TX 76114
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Friday, August 29, 2008

Pyrenees to be Dumped at Shelter in AL


My name is Tammy Ray I need help finding a home for my father's great Pyrenees. We live in Pell City Alabama about an hour and a half from Atlanta. This is the story my father bought 2 Pyrenees from a local flea market oneturned out to be deaf. My father has kept him in a 10x10 fence since he bought him. Every time he lets him out he runs away. He told me yesterday he was taking him to our local animal shelter. I asked him to wait and letme see if I could find him a home. He is a very sweet dog I was going over every week and walking him but after I put him back in the pen he would hurt himself trying to get out. He is 16 months old he is not neutered but I would be willing to take care of everything and drive him into Atlanta, anything to get him into a better environment. My e-mail address is Phone #205-814-1198
Please let me know if you can help.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Senior Deaf Dog is in Danger in GA!

#5025 Spitz X DAPHNE Cage 409

-Female; 10? Years


If you are able to help - please contact:

Cindy Ganues
Animal Care Specialist
Cobb County Animal Control
Phone: 770-590-5621
Fax: 770-590-5620
Cynthia.Ganues@ cobbcounty. org
She will return your call \ email even if she in not working that day.


Shannon Witt
Animal Care Specialist
Cobb County Animal Control
Phone: 770-590-5624
Fax: 770-590-5620
Shannon.Witt@ cobbcounty. org

Monday, August 25, 2008

Deaf Horse Used as a Model

A wonderful article on how Cali, the deaf horse, have contributed to the understanding of disabilities and how they can function equally if allowed and given the opportunity. The emphasis is on the abilities of each individual as everyone has their own limits. Even hearnig animals and people have limits and we are not quick to call them as someone with disabilites. Attached is a video of Cali with her trainer in the article below:


Deaf Horse, FlipFlop, Needs a Loving Home

It seems other horses on the website have been adopted or their adoption are pending while FlipFlop continues to wait for a home. If you have a land with a barn that is appropriately designed to take in a horse and looking for a deaf horse to be seriously committed to, consider FlipFlop. Isn't she adorable?? I have no doubt that deaf horses are able to respond to sign language.
For more information, check:

Deaf Ferret and its Playmate Need a Home

Both ferrets have been de-scented. They are located in Fredericksburg, VA. The owner doesn't have time for them since their son was born.

The first ferret is 8-12 months old, Female, Blaze, with Waardenburg markings. She is deaf but is a very sweet ferret. Loves to lay around and can do a crazy war dance when she is ready to play.

The other is 4-6 months old, Female, Sable. She is also sweet, but will get jealous if the other is outside of the cage. She loves to play with cats, our cat plays gently with her also.


The cage is about 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide, has a platform for them to walk up to get to the top, where the Hammock (WAS- was dirt so took out) is. They are litter trained inside and outside the cage. The bed is on the bottom but they usually sleep together in the hammock. Also comes with feeding bowl, water, bottle and extra litter.

$200 adoption fee for both, including the stuff.

Contact James at or call at 540-717-1895

P.S. If things work out and the adopter is out of state, contact to see how transportation can be arranged.