Saturday, January 28, 2012

Macon County, TN: Schnauzer Mix Seeks a Home

I received a call about a matted, skinny, stray dog, couldn't even tell if it was male or female the matts were 
so bad. Since it was Christmas eve the caller did not call animal control, besides the shelter was probably 
not the place for this dog, she seemed to be deaf. I was able to find a wonderful temporary foster who cut off all the matts and gave her a bath. She has since been to the vet, has been spayed, she's about 10 to 12 years 
old, yes, she is deaf, had a very bad ear infection, has the beginning of cataracts, she's sweet old girl 
looking for a home. She's a schnauzer mix, about 25 lbs, a benji looking type dog, she needs a fenced 
yard because she does wander and can't hear you call her. Please contact me if you want to adopt her. 
She's a very sweet girl. She is in Macon County, TN. Contact if interested. 

Ridgely, MD: Cat in Need of a Home

Hi Everyone,

I'm just trying to put out a mass plea for a cat we have here named Squeakers. Poor Squeakers has been here almost a whole year!  He is 12 going on 13 years old and is deaf!  Squeakers was in one of our long runs for ever until room opened up at the Caroline County Detention Center where he's been for the last several months.  He was not doing so great there and was starting to fight with the other cats in the room. It's a small room that they're kept in at the Center.  So because Squeakers was not doing so well, he was brought back to the shelter where we put him back in his long run.  Now he is in the run with other cats and has never had an issue here before he went to the detention center.  We think he may just be starting to show signs of stress and because of this, we are desperately trying to get our boy out.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Please let all your friends and rescue contacts know about Squeakers' plight.  He is a wonderful boy who we want to get out of the shelter.  I've enclosed pictures of our boy too for you all!

Megan (CCHS)
Visit our website!
Caroline County Humane Society

407 West Bell Street
Ridgely, MD  21660
410-820-1110 (fax)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lafayette, Colorado: Border Collie Mix Have 24 Hours

For more pictures, go:

Hazel will die in less than 24 hours without intervention! 
Her owner naively took her to the shelter thinking she was giving her a chance to find a home.  In reading her bio, it appears Hazel is really a very normal and great dog.  Her big crimes...ones she will die for are: 1.  shedding  2.  giving warning snaps to children who were not supervised and 3.  counter surfing, which happens only when humans leave things there to surf for.

If you can help Hazel, please let Cinda know ASAP!

Breed:  Lab/Border Collie  {mix}
Age/Sex:   4 yrs/Female

My name is Cinda.  I live in Lafayette Colorado.  I have a deaf dog named Hazel who needs a new home.  I adopted Hazel from the humane society over two years ago.  She is a little over four years old.  She was in the shelter because her owner had died.  Hazel is a super sweet dog.  She has presumably been deaf since birth. She knows the following signs:

·        Sit
·        Stay
·        Come Here (her favorite!)
·        GO
·        She can catch ANY treat in her mouth, she’s really good.

I am a night shift worker, sleep during the day.  Hazel is a good, good doggie.  She is content to stay in the house.  Can be left alone for hours and never go potty in the house.  She LOVES to go for walks and becomes so excited when she sees her leash that she literally trembles in anticipation.  I am only 4’ 11” so I use a Gentle Leader collar so that my strength is not a factor.   Before I starting using that, Hazel would drag me all over the place, especially if she saw a rabbit or squirrel.  Also she doesn’t quite know how to act when she encounters another dog, she makes me nervous, so the gentle leader makes me feel much more in control and confident as she doesn’t even attempt to go after anyone or anything as long as she’s wearing it.  Great invention.

Hazel absolutely loves my three children and they love her.  When I was in a relationship, my boyfriend had a young child two years old, and Hazel has snapped at him several times because he makes sudden movements and startles her, especially when she’s sleeping.  She has NEVER broken the skin but for this reason, I would recommend a home without very young (younger than 5?) child.

Hazel is spayed and micro chipped.  She is up to date on all her vaccinations.
The reason I am looking to rehome Hazel is because of the constant year round shedding.  I have purchased a $20 shedding tool that removes a lot of hair and brush her at least every other day.  I have to vacuum daily.   Although she has a very nice orthopedic dog bed, she waits until we go to bed and sneaks up on the couch at night.  She ALWAYS gets caught of course, because she can’t hear us when we wake up and doesn’t know we are standing over her disapprovingly until we tap her and sign for her to get off. 
Hazel gets along well with my teeny long haired Chihuahua and they play constantly and even though Hazel is much much bigger than my little dog, she has never hurt him.  I also have a cat who Hazel doesn’t bother. 

Anyway, my youngest son has asthma and it is getting to be a full time job trying to stay on top of the shedding situation.  Also, my ex husband is making a big deal of the shedding, claiming that it is causing my son to have more frequent asthma related illnesses.   
Another reason that I have come to this difficult decision is that I have family in New Mexico and when I go to visit them, I take the little dog with me because he’s so portable and allowed in hotel rooms as well as welcome at my families houses.  I have tried leaving Hazel with friends while I’m gone but she does NOT respond well to this.  I don’t know if she is just so stressed out that we have left her or mad at us or what, but she is very naughty.  She counter surfs and eats food off the counters (she never does this at home, I could and do leave food out all the time and she never attempts to steal it even if we are not home),  also she would come in from outside and immediately pee and poop IN THE HOUSE!!!!!.  I was so embarrassed.  I cannot afford to board her while I am out of state and I would like to visit my family more often as I have a new granddaughter in NM. 

I just think that Hazel would do better with a couple or family that could share in her care. I am feeling very overwhelmed.  I feel like it is all on me to walk her, brush her, feed her, bathe her, and vacuum vacuum vacuum.

I know that Hazel would not do well in a shelter environment and my heart breaks just thinking of it, but I am in an urgent situation.  I worry if she will get adopted because of her deafness, and if she does, if the family would recognize how to deal with it.  Also, I worry that she would act like she did when I left her with my friends and they would think she is a bad dog and return her.  I really feel that she needs some patience and understanding and lots of love.  She is a very loving affectionate gentle dog.  And very well behaved, completely house trained. 

I live in a tri level town home and I keep baby gates up going to the downstairs and upstairs in order to keep the bedrooms hair free and I would recommend confining her in this way especially at first in her new home. 

Contact Info:

Cinda Sarinopoulos

Naples, FL: JRT Need Rescue Immediately


... 3 yrs
HW neg
12 lbs
Appears to be deaf

Collier County Domestic Animal Services
7610 Davis Blvd, Naples, FL 


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chicago, IL: American Bulldog Seeks a Home

Dear Friends of Petraits,

Dylan (Petraits attached) is an extremely handsome, playful, fun, and energetic, two-year-old, 65-pound, male, deaf American Bulldog looking for a loving guardian.

Dylan is a smart boy with a great personality who pays close attention to his human companions and has learned sign language. He knows the commands sit, come, down, and will automatically sit if he see you have a treat for him. He really forms a strong bond with his people. He is also full of energy like a playful and fun two-year-old puppy.

Dylan is looking for a loving human to take him under their wing to continue his training and boost his confidence. He loves people and is full of kisses and tail wags. He also loves to hang out in a dog bed to play with his toys and chew his bones. Even though he can’t hear a squeaky toy, he still loves the vibrations they make in his mouth.

Dylan loves to play rough and tumble with other dogs his own size. Being deaf, he can’t hear other dogs’ warning growls, so he’s best with an equally playful companion. He may eventually be fine with dog-loving cats. He is great in the car, good on walks, and can easily run a couple miles with a human running buddy.

Dylan is healthy, neutered, de-wormed, up-to-date on vaccines, micro-chipped, heartworm-tested and on preventative. To meet and possibly foster or adopt Dylan, please contact for an adoption application. His adoption fee of $200 benefits the rescued dogs of Secondhand Snoots.

To see other pets for adoption, please visit
Petraits Pet Photography

Ottawa, KS: Boxer Needs a Home

This adorable little 2-year-old DEAF boxer needs a home!! She was abandoned out in a field and has been in the shelter for a long time :( She has one blue eye and one brown eye. Knows a few signs, and a visual-centric home (deaf people or interpreters) would be a perfect fit. Ottawa is not far from the Kansas City area, and I'm sure something could be worked out for non-Kansas residents by way of transportation. So, please spread the word!

Here is the Petfinder link:

Thank you!


Orlando, FL: Shih Tzu Sisters Need Forever Home

Animal ID: A223216 Lucy
Animal ID: A223215 Ethel

Animal ID: A223216 Room No.: WD58
Hi, the Shelter named me Lucy.
I am an approximately 8 year old white and black female Shih Tzu.
I am friendly and I tested heartworm negative.
I have been at Orange County Animal Services since Monday, January 09, 2012.

Animal ID: A223215 Room No.: WD58
Hi, the Shelter named me Ethel.
I am an approximately 8 year old white and black female Shih Tzu.
I am friendly and I tested heartworm negative.
I have been at Orange County Animal Services since Mond ay, January 09, 2012..

Meet Lucy (A223216) and Ethel (A223215)!

These sweet 8-year-old Shih Tzus sisters are looking for the perfect place to live out their golden years. They are both mostly blind and deaf, so they are scared here at the shelter, but have plenty of love left to give! Please share Lucy and Ethel!

Lucy and Ethel are located at Orange County Animal Services (OCAS)
2769 Conroy Rd., Orlando, FL.

The phone number is (407) 254-9140

If you are not a rescue partner of this shelter, and require assistance with helping one of these dogs, please contact Veronica, who is not an employee of

Non-rescue partners needing immediate assistance (life or death), please contact Lori, who is a rescue partner at this shelter:

Monday, January 16, 2012

Baltimore, MD: Pit Bull Needs a Home or Rescue

There is $100 sponsorship offered by Vicki at for rescue who takes her.  

Name: Grace
DOB: 2/14/10
Age: 23 months
Disability: Deaf
Breed/Weight: White, Pit Bull Terrier, approx. 45 lbs
I have a deaf 15 month old white female Pit Bull terrier that I need to find a home for.
Grace is a very sweet and affectionate pup. She loves belly rubs and to be pet. She is highly energetic & loves to be walked. Grace loves interacting with people and has been socialized with many dogs and cats. With love, consistency, and regimen, Grace has come to understand several commands using basic sign language. Like any puppy, she may give you that look, - “What?! Really?” but always follows through. She enjoys looking out the windows to see what or who is passing by.

Because of her disability, it can be difficult to let her off the leash.  She is looking for someone with patience and a lot of love to give back; and for a home with a lot of space to run her little heart out.


Dallas, TX: Pit Bull Mix Needs a Home, Foster or Rescue

From: Adopt A Dallas Pet
adoptadallaspet at yahoo dot com.
Date: 2012.01.15
Re: Deaf dog needs new home, foster home, or rescue group
Location: Dallas / Garland, Texas

Several years ago Denali wandered into someone's back yard. His ears had been cut off in an apparent non-medical attempt at ear cropping. It turns out he was deaf as well. 
Adoption attempts were unsuccessful, but a foster home was found and this eventually turned into a permanent home. Denali was living the good life with other dogs, cats, and a bunny rabbit. He loved to swim in the pool and jump in the morning shower with his new mom.
However, now he is suffering the unexpected tragedies of human life, including a divorce, unemployment, and a home foreclosure. Sadly, Denali must find a new home, and fast.
Denali did suffer some kind of back injury several years ago and had back/spinal surgery. He seems to have healed fine, but he can't hold it indefinitely, though it is possible this could improve with a change of food (I've seen improvements like this before).
Many of the details are foggy right now. I am still trying to gather all the facts, but don’t want to hold up networking him for a few details. I’ll get more info just as soon as I can.
Denali needs a new home, a foster home, or a rescue group to take him. For any or all of these, standard interview, home check, reference checks, and adoption contract will apply. He will not simply be handed over to someone else, no questions asked.
He is a pittie mix, probaby 5 - 7 yrs old., 70+ lbs, neutered. Good with other animals.
If you can help in any way, please contact me soon adoptadallaspet at yahoo dot com.

Cartersville, GA: Damatian Mix Needs a Home

He is in the Etowah, GA shelter. Shelter contact information is ph# 770 383 3338 or email:

His name is Nike. He is deaf, but a very sweet boy. He was adopted from the shelter and returnd because the family couldn't communicate with him.

He is HW negative, has all his shots, and is neutered. Can someone find a place in their heart to rescue for Nike?

Judy Pogue

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Philadelphia, PA: Daschund Needs to Get Out

Call 215 426 6300, extension # 234 or 251


Oddball Oscar is an adorable deaf little wiener dog of about 9 years old who is desperate to find someone who will love him and understand him, for once! Oscar was surrendered by his owner's son because they could no longer care for him. It's true, Oscar is deaf and does have some cataracts, but that doesn't mean he is ready for the end! Sheesh

This spunky guy has a lot of living to do and love to give. In fact, when you take Oscar for a walk, he trots along like a youngster, leaping up onto steps without a care in the world, ears flapping in the wind like flags. He really likes to go for walks and explore what is around him - typical inquisitive dachshund! Oscar was tested with cats at the shelter and did pretty well, so he could probably live with a kitty if you have one at home. He also did OK with other little dog he met here, but please bring any resident pups you might have at home in with you to meet Oscar so that we can make sure it's a perfect match! 

Oscar can be a little fussy over his food bowl, so we recommend feeding him separate. We would also prefer that he go to a home without children (as they might freak him out with his hearing issue and impaired vision). An ideal place for t his guy would be a nice calm home with adults who are pretty relaxed but do enjoy getting outside for some fresh and sight seeing. Does this sound like you or someone you know?

Please share for Oscar or come and meet him today! Must be a 501c3 to pull from this shelter! To inquire about him or visit him, here is the information: 350 East Erie Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19134 and 215 426 6304

Greenville, AL: Blue Heeler Needs a Rescue ASAP


Bucky is a young male deaf Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) that desperately needs rescue from the high kill shelter he is in.  For more information, please contact Kandys Killough at This shelter is located in central AL and transport help is available.

Rebecca Harshman 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stolen and Abused Pup is Back with the Family

Harmony, was found after being stolen for several weeks. Harmony's mom adopted her to surprise daddy for Christmas. During her short time missing, there was reports of abuse. She is lucky to be ok and reunited with her family, who have not given up on her from the beginning. Harmony is a family member just like Thomasson's human kids. 

A video of Harmony after he was found and reunited with the Thomasson's family:

Harmony with her beloved Daddy

For more, check these articles:,0,2582886.story

Jonesboro, GA: Elderly Chow Chow Needs Help

This sweet boy is currently at Clayton County Animal Control.  He has been there about a week and I've been keeping my eye on him. He is a really sweet boy, but he does not appear to hear much, if anything at all!!!  I think he has a pretty bad ear infection, and if it has been going on awhile, that would probably explain the lack of hearing.  He has already been placed on the "kill list" and I was able to get him a little more time, but I don't know how long it would actually be the humane thing to do to keep him just sitting down there... I don't think he's  a young dog. His AC# is 120012.  If anyone has any options for this sweet boy, please act quickly.  Any inquiries about this dog should be directed to Animal Control at 770-477-3684.

Vineland, NJ: Pit Bull Mix Pup

Snow White is a deaf, seven week old pit mix pup that is sweet and fun loving and adorable. She and her litter mates were born and raised is a foster home and are well socialized, healthy and happy. Their mother was a pregnant stray pit mix that arrived at CCSPCA as a stray. For more information about adopting Snow White go to:

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Let's Have a Wondrous New Year Ahead!

Megan and her deaf cats.

Deaf Animals wish everyone a happy and safe New Year! May 2012 be a much improved year for everyone - the animals, earth and humans. 

To start the new year with a bang and keep in mind, "Do Not Buy, Adopt!" in mind, here's to this: 

If you can't adopt -
If you can't foster -
If you can't sponsor -
If you can't volunteer -
donate or transport an animal to safety...
If you can't donate -
educate, network, and crosspost...

Everyone can do something, large or small to help save a life...

Pit Crew IL