Monday, March 30, 2009

Dog Stolen from a Deaf Girl in NY!

Last night on WABC-TV news there was a report of a small dog stolen from a home in Ozone Park, Queens.

The dog recognizes sign language. His owner is a young, deaf girl. She is devastated. NYCdog is calling out to all dog owner groups to spread the word. Let's help find this dog.

(Incidentally, this is the third dog stolen from a house or yard in the last week in Queens.)

Here is a video with pic of dog:

Please spread the word and help reunite this young girl with her special friend.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Help Deaf and Blind Senior Daschund in FL!

Contact: CCAC rescue

Tommy is a approx 15 year old guy who is deaf and blind. He was picked up as a stray walking around. He is old and tired. We have him in a cage with a nice thick warm blanket. Would love to get him out if at all possible..

Here is a link to his info:


Volunteer/Rescue/Adoption Coordinator
Clay County Animal Care & Control
(904) 529-5273 Fax (904) 284-781

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Time for Aussie In Calif is Running Out!

Absolutely beautiful lethal white aussie. I'm not sure if he's deaf or not. I haven't had a chance to observe him in person, but my guess is that there's a good chance he is.

If anyone interested in adopting him please call the shelter phone number right away, or let me know and I can get your though to a shelter volunteer. Sadly, I think he only has a day left.

There's a photo and video of him on this website:


Selma in KY Needs a Home

Click above to enlarge

Selms is in Louisville, KY. Carrie Westenhofer is Selma's foster mom. Contact her at if you need any more information about Selma.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Deaf Collie/Sheltie Mix Pup in CO


This new puppy, whom we call Otto, was going to be put down a week ago Saturday at a northern Colorado shelter because he did not pass the temperament test. (He is a puppy! Good Lord!) So they called us. Even though he is not a collie or sheltie, we wanted to help the little guy. He has been at the home of our director in Pueblo and is quite happy. But we really need to find him a home soon that can work with him with sign language and just be there during his crucial puppy months.

If you want to see Otto, go to our website This is me, Otto! Thank you.

Jen Munch
Webmaster/Board Secretary
Pueblo Collie/Sheltie Rescue of Colorado

Molly -- Boston Terrier in NJ Looks for a Home!

Meet Molly, a four-year-old, deaf Boston Terrier and our resident kissy face. She was well-loved in her previous home, and was tearfully turned over to Friends of Homeless Animals because of a divorce. Very playful and affectionate, this petite girl is a HUGE fan of every human she meets. However, she is VERY interested in the cats living in her foster home, and has no desire to become friends with the resident Frenchie. But, she’s never been away from her previous owner before and she’s just settling in to a whole new environment, so we’re going to give her a few weeks to adjust and will fully assess her behavior then.

Molly’s foster mom noticed that she does the cutest thing: when settling down or trying to comfort herself, she takes her pink stuffed pig or her blanket, gathers them with her front paws and “nurses” on them until she falls asleep. She also likes to bring her “bone” to her people, and gives the most precious “LOVE ME!” face when she has it in her mouth. Molly likes to be around her people very much, and though crate trained, would prefer to be by her human’s side at all times when at home.

Molly is scheduled for a vet check-up, a spay, and updated vaccinations this week. Once she’s all healed, she’s set to visit a canine behaviorist and trainer, to see if this sweet little deaf girl can be taught some basic obedience. We know she’s smart, and we’re positive her inability to hear won’t hold her back one bit. On the plus side, Molly is both house broken and crate trained.

We believe Molly was never given any official boundaries or training, so someone who has experience with dogs is a must. And while Molly is absolutely fabulous with children, she tends to get excited and could easily knock over a toddler, so ages 10 and up would also be preferred.

If you have a soft spot for adorable deaf girls, or think you’d like to share your home with Molly forever, fill out an application and get the process started at This sweetheart of a Boston is going to be snatched up in no time! Molly is being fostered in NJ and can’t wait to meet you.

Reva Heintz

Home Wanted for Dalmatian/Italian Greyhound Mix in PA

Beautiful and sweet 4-year-old dalmatian/italian greyhound mix searching for a new, loving forever-family.

Daisy is deaf, but trained in hand signals. She's extremely smart and very well-behaved. She's a pure, sweet soul who just loves to snuggle. She also ADORES going for long walks around the neighborhood. She's used to cats and kids of all ages, and is sweet to them all -- her "worst" trait is that she loves to lick everyone!!!! :)

She'd do best in a home where she's the only dog. She gets along with cats and kids. She comes with a crate/bed, bowl, harness/leash. We're giving her up reluctantly, and are searching for a family who will truly appreciate her. Serious, sane inquiries only, please. She's an amazing dog, and deserves nothing but the best of homes.

She's up-to-date on her shots, healthy, well-trained, crate-trained (she uses her crate like a bedroom/safe-spot), loving, and basically an angel in a dog's body.

Thanks! Maggie
Joe & Maggie Yates

Two Cats in DC Need to Stay Together!

Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit animal rescue organization serving the greater Washington area. We rescue dogs, cats and small animals primarily from rural shelters where their chances of finding permanent homes are slim. Sadly, without our help, these animals would face almost certain euthanasia - often within days or hours of our rescuing them. Once in our care, we find these animals permanent, loving homes in and around the DC metro area.



Snow Queen and Smudge were rescued from their original home by animal control. These two white beauties were found neglected and living in horrible conditions along with several other cats. Despite their rough start, these cats are extremely loving, affectionate and playful. They must be adopted together. They LOVE other animals and would do well in a home with cats or dogs. Smudge is believed to be deaf so we are looking for adopters who are comfortable with this. It does not stop her in any way from being a happy, healthy, playful kitty. Snow Queen and Smudge are approximately one year old. Their petfinder link is:

Interested to adopt them, contact to let them know.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Senior Deaf Dog Needs a Home in CT!


This is Sarge, our old boy at Stamford Animal Care & Control. He is very sweet, just a bit slower now as he is senior, walks well on the leash, pulls a little. Definitely needs to be the only dog due to his deafness. It makes him uncomfortable around other dogs. And I believe his previous owner said he was never too fond of others. I believe he has lived with kids but personally b/c of his age I wouldn't put him with kids at this point, not young children anyway.

Thanks Donna,
regards, Clare

P.S. This is his petfinder site: Sarge's petfinder

This is his petfinder write up:

Sarge is not going to ask you for too much. Just a nice warm bed, a lap to lay his head on and a nice biscuit every once in a while. Found wandering the streets, Sarge has had enough of the apparently rough life he lived. Sarge came to us with a thick collar around his neck that had been there for a number of years. Tied to the collar was a thick rope that was clean cut, perhaps to let poor Sarge go loose. He is gentle and sweet, loves his human friends. But, we believe Sarge would do best as your one and only dog so he could live out his senior years in peace. We have had Sarge since 1/8/09.

UPDATE 2/24/09 - Sarge's owner was located and has signed him over to the shelter. He travels too much to be able to care for Sarge properly. But, can you believe Sarge is 18 years young? He is in amazing shape for such a senior, senior boy. Sarge is also DEAF which may be nervous and snappy near other dogs. Sarge sure is in need of a wonderful home where he can live out his last days in warmth and peace. Please give Sarge the wonderful home he deserves. He'll thank you over and over for your kindness.
This pet has been altered.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Join on Facebook!

Deaf Animals now has a Facebook Group.  Come join us there as well!  

The more people know that deaf animals are as lovable, smart and loyal as hearing animals, less deaf animals and siblings will be left behind at shelters and euthanized.  Spread awareness and love for Deaf Animals by joining us at facebook - for you with facebook accounts, click here to join!

(click on the photo to enlarge)
Many thanks to Avi Haimowitz for setting this up!

Small Dog Needs Rescue's Assistance in SC!

He is very scared but does not appear to be aggressive. He is good with other dogs and was turned in by his owners without reason. He is about 15 lbs. He has upper respiratory right now and is being treated until I can find placement. Time is running out and because he is deaf and heartworm+, we can not adopt him out. I am hoping a rescue can help.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Michelle Shead
Rescue Coordinator

ACD Puppy in WV Needs Help!


Sign Petition to Help Poppy in CO Live!

UPDATE: The mgr of the trailer park was contacted and he said that the family decided to put this elderly, deaf dog down THEMSELVES, and keep a younger one that they had secretly hidden for 8 months.. The mgr of the park said he would never advise somebody to euthanize their dog. He thinks the family should keep Poppy and let him live out his life there, and that they need to find a home for the younger dog that they took in and secretly kept for 8 months. Will find out later to confirm whether or not above is true.
Poppy is a 15 years old deaf dog

Check the link to learn what the story is and then sign your petition. So far, there's 430 signatures and 1k is needed to accomplish the goal. Poppy needs our voice to get it heard:

Oliver, the Deaf Gorilla. Yes, a GORILLA!

Oliver peering through the window!

Oliver was born at the Bronx Zoo in 1988. He has been moved to a sanctuary for gorillas called Gorilla Haven, which is run by Steuart and Jane Dewar. The reason for the move is, after discovering Oliver is deaf in his teen years, he couldn't interact with the others due to his inability to vocalize in order to negotiate. Oliver no longer can co-exist with the pack but where he is at is better than zoo as he has the free run on this huge acreage of property. To read more, check the articles: 899-Gorilla_Haven_Invites_You_To_Visit_And_Adopt_A_Gorilla_In_2009

If you want to donate on behalf of Oliver and the sanctuary where he calls home, you can go to:

Friday, March 6, 2009

Deaf Dog in Calif Has Until 3 PM Today!

I work at the Contra Costa Animal Services in CA. A deaf dog will be returned to the shelter by 3:00 today. I need to find a possible owner before then! Please put the word out and have anyone call me at 925-642-8099 or email me at We're desperate!