Monday, April 28, 2008

Deaf Pittie Needs a New Home ASAP in OK



Please help us! We rescued Nitro from the local shelter because we did not want him to fall into the wrong see, not only is he a American Pit Bull Terrier but he is DEAF too! He needs to be with someone that can teach him sign language! He needs to be with a person that will love him and stick right by him...he needs that and wants that so much! Poor Nitro has just developed pneumonia and is at the vet. We really need a foster home or forever home for him soon! The rescue kennel environment is just not the one for this big baby!

Nitro is a very specical boy...he is Deaf. Nitro is a Staffordshier Bull Terrier. Sweet, loving and very smart. He needs someone to take the time to teach him sign language. He learns fast! Nitro really needs a home and out of the rescue kennel environment! He is a dream boat...all white, with tan speckles on his ears and green eyes! About 2 years old, 65 pounds.

Deaf/Hearing Sisters Need a Home in TX!

Deaf sister

Hearing sister

Reply to: comm-658222617@ craigslist. org
Date: 2008-04-27, 12:12PM CDT

Beautiful, smart and loving girl needs a home before we just can't keep her any more. She was raised with small children and farm animals and is great, but her owners got rid of her because she couldn't hear. She is what is called a "Lethal White" where two Merle dogs were bred together and produced her. She is deaf, and while that is not good with a lot of traffic, it is great for a calm family life because she will be a home-body and very devoted. She is good with other animals too and playful. $20 to pay for food costs and she has had her puppy vaccines. Her sister in the other photo is available also. She is not deaf and a great girl, also.

P.S. They are located in Lone Oak.

Angel is Floating in Heaven!

Who is the fairest of all?

We are proud and excited to say that we adopted a deaf kitty this weekend! We began to talk about adopting a second cat to keep our hearing cat company several months ago. We talked about the idea of adopting a deaf kitty and we had no idea how difficult it is for deaf pets to find homes until I learned about and visited with Katherine via email. It made me want to try even harder to look for a deaf kitty to adopt. We looked for a deaf kitty to adopt for many months and it was worth the wait! Angel had waited for a year and half until now to be adopted when all of her hearing siblings got adopted a long time ago.

My husband and I are deaf. We have a daughter who will be 4 this summer and she is hearing. We explained to her many months ago about the idea of adopting a deaf kitty. We talked about it every day so she would become familiar with how to be around a deaf kitty such as letting the deaf kitty know that you are in the room by gently patting on its head or waving in front of its face.

She loves me like she does her mommy and daddy!

We found a deaf kitty available for adoption, who was in a foster home, in a small town few miles from where we live. When we first met Angel (deaf kitty), we fell in love with her! She is adjusting to her new forever home very well. She loves to be with people and follows us everywhere we go in the house.

Checking out what intrigues Angel
If you want a new pet, I encourage you to consider adopting a deaf pet and do not give up until you find one or check this blog. Katherine is very good at answering any questions that you may have about adopting a deaf pet.

Thank you, Katherine, for having your awesome blog website that educates us so many things about deaf pets that need a home all over the United States. It got me so motivated to adopt a deaf kitty! I will continue to share this blog website with other people.

Taking a break from the mirror, oops I mean window

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Louie: A Deaf Senior Dog Needs Home in KS!

UPDATE: ADOPTED!I'm not young and up to date on the internet ways. This is the dog, Louie, who is listed urgent at City of Emporia Animal Shelter, Emporia KS. I will donate $30 toward his adoption fee if someone can find a place for him. I'm not sure how much longer he has to find a home at this point.

$80 adopt fee with $60 returned after he's neutered.

Sue (Tinley Park, IL)

Boparoo Desperately Seeks Forever Home in AL!

Gosh, that is great what you are doing on this website!! Boparoo came to us (Metro Cat Clinic) when he was six weeks old. He was born in March of 06. He is combo neg, up to date on all shots, neutered and microchipped. His adoption fee is $85.00.

He is very friendly and loves other cats, but has grown up in a vet clinic where he is much loved, but I know he would love a home with a nice bed to sleep in.

Since he has never been in a home environment, it will take someone who understands to work with him or just give him time to adjust. He would do best in a home with another cat since he watches what they do and learns.

Thanks for anything you can do for this great guy. I am over my limit with animals and so is everyone else that works here or he would of been adopted. I think being in a deaf home would be wonderful for him.

I give him Fancy Feast can food every morning and when he sees me coming, he just screams with excitement.

Thanks, Carrie
I am on the top of the world!

After Deaf Animal Row asked Carrie why hasn't Boparoo been adopted during those 2 years since kittenhood, she said, "We have tried to get him adopted since he was a kitten, but no one wanted to take on a deaf kitten. So, I am still trying." Let's help put an end to his 2 years of waiting period for a purrfect home. Carrie can be reached at:

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Deaf Staffie Has Limited Time Until 4/18 in CA

UPDATE: Rescued!

Elfie, Harbor Shelter ----------- URGENT!!!!
Click above to enlarge

Her IP was advised that we have only until the end of the week (Fri 4/18) to get her out! CAN YOU HELP??

ELFIE - 3 YEAR OLD FEMALE STAFFIE MIX W/ AN UNBELIEVABLY SWEET DISPOSITION!! She is very mild, gentle, affectionate, great w/ people of all ages, great with other dogs, good on a leash, medium energy level. She has cauliflower ears and her hearing is impaired. She was redlisted but now back to green but ELFIE COULD BE EUTH'D AT ANY TIME FOR MEDICAL REASONS! And again, her IP was given until the end of the week to get her out. It will be heartbreaking if this sweet girl does not make it out. Elfie is at HARBOR ANIMAL SHELTER and needs your help!!!!!!

If you have questions about Elfie or are interested in making a donation or rescuing Elfie please contact Harbor Volunteer, Tami, at (remove spaces) ASAP!!!!!
Or contact Harbor Shelter directly:

Harbor Animal Care Center
735 W. Battery Street
San Pedro, CA
(310) 548-2632, direct line, New Hope Coordinator

Monday (Closed) Tues (8AM - 7PM) Wed (8AM - 5PM) Thurs (8AM - 7PM) Fri (8AM - 5PM) Sat(8AM - 5PM) Sun (11AM - 5PM)

ELFIE, 3 year female stafffie mix
ID# A935370
Impound date: 03/22/08
Status: URGENT, medical condition

P.S. Katherine here at Deaf Animal Row, I picked up a malnourished hearing staffie from the street over a year ago that I nursed back to health and fostered. I was bonded to her and she was an incredibly loving dog. She was adopted to a wonderful couple who spoil her to rotten. Hope Elfie will be as lucky. Below is a picture of Shauna before and after:



Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sponsor this Deaf Cat, Maxi, to Save His Life in KY!

Maxi is a gorgeous solid white kitty w/ stunning blue eyes. This "deaf" kitty was outside and found as a stray. He's truly lucky to be alive w/ no protection and not being able to hear! He's a very very affectionate & playful boy and he will MEOW rather loudly when he wants attention. He will steal your heart in about 2.2 seconds if you just give yourself the opportunity to fall in love. IF You cannot adopt Maxi, consider sponsoring his adoption to help save his life and offer him a better chance @ finding a forever home!

Maxi was discovered after browsing the same website that Kelly, the deaf pitbull mix, was at. I am going to sponsor $35 in her care and I ask that you donate whatever you can. Go to the link above that will lead you to two buttons to sponsor or donate. This will buy Deaf Animal Row and others time to find her either a foster or permanent home for Maxi. With enough sponsorship, the money could go towards to this cat being fixed, tested and vaccinated. I am not exactly sure how that works with sponsorship.

There has been more successful where publicity on this site in finding a home for deaf cats. I hope that one day Deaf Animal Row will have as much success in facilitating the adoption of deaf dogs into a deaf friendly households like it has been for the deaf cats.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kelly -- Need a Home Fast in Kentucky

FURTHER UPDATE: It is with regret that Kelly is euthanized.

UPDATE: The petfinder said Kelly is adopted, but the shelter officers said she has been euthanized. This will be followed up.

Hi! My name is Rhonda and I'm a volunteer, looking to help Kelly out of the shelter. Kelly is deaf and hardly anyone around here will adopt her. She is right now in the Bowling Green Humane Society Shelter in Kentucky. Check her out and see if you can help her out. Email me at


If you want to sponsor this dog, Kelly, to help the shelter, send money to paypal for Kelly. More information is on the link above.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Euthansia on 4/20 for Brandy in Arizona. Help!

UPDATE: Adopted!

Brandy: 12 Days Left to Live
Euthanasia date: 2008-04-20 Reason for euthanasia: Space


Breed: Pit Bull Terrier (mix breed)
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Size: Medium
hasShots, specialNeeds,

Shelter: Verde Valley Humane Society
1502 W. Mingus Ave.
Cottonwood, AZ
Shelter dog ID: 3YCO0213
Contact tel: 928-634-7387
Contact name: Cyndi
Contact email:

About Brandy Brandy is a beautiful, very happy and friendly dog. She is deaf, so will need some special considerations in her new home.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spay/Neuter & Adopting from Shelter = You Save Lives!

I hate to be the bearer of this sad reality as no one does, but I feel this is important to educate the public. This hit me when one of the deaf cat adopters contacted me to inform me that his friend wants to know if she can have a deaf cat or deaf dog that is not spayed/neutered. I explained why it is not going to happen, which this adopter did relay but that person didn't believe it and want to hear it from me. So, I thought I'd might as well let more than one person
learn by sharing here.

I will be no part nor do I support in allowing someone to get an unspayed and unneutered pets, be it deaf or hearing. I do know that no rescue groups, foster homes or shelters across the nation will adopt out an animal without having it spayed and neutered because they're very aware of the real and tragic problems affecting our furry friends.

All kind of cats and dogs there are, mixed or purebreed, they are euthanized, including kittens and puppies everyday at shelters. They do not deserve this at all and people contributed to this either by ignorance, selfish reason or greed. It is humans who contribute to the overpopulation of cats/dogs and we need to take the responsibility in spaying and neutering our pets and educating others the importance in doing so. Below are two videos:

Born to die

Multiplying cats

By watching these videos, I hope it will make you realize that when you buy a dog or cat, you kill those that are waiting in the shelter. When you do not fix your dog or cat, their offsprings will be dropped off in shelter too you'll never know about and will not help save these animals in shelter, also waiting for home before their euthansia date.

Do not buy dogs from pet store as they come from puppymill where these dogs are used as breeding machine, living in unsanitary crates forever. The more they see they are not making $$, they'll stop and it's better for the puppy mill dogs. To learn more about puppy mills, go to:

Photos of those rescued from puppy mills, go to:

Please think about how each one of us, as a human, can help make a difference and save a life. The animals rely on us for our hands/voice. It is with hopes that after this blog, the person or anyone who want an unspayed and unneutered pet will now understand that it means death for infinite of innocent animals.

Pennsylvania is known as the east capital of the Puppy Mills. The issue of puppy mills will be on Oprah's show tomorrow, so tune in to watch! For more information, go to this site:

At this moment, not all of them can be saved but down the road with all of our help other than adoption, foster and rescue. Start with ABC -- Animal Birth Control -- to help end homelessness of animals. A campaign is done by PETA about this at:

Know your ABC's and spread it!

Good source of information on facts and myths of spay and neuter can be found here about cats and dogs:

If you want to know of a low cost spay/neuter place in your home area, go to this link: