Sunday, October 31, 2010

Alvin, Texas: Am Bulldog Needs Donation for Injury

Please Help Zeus!

All Donations are “Tax Deductible” and can be made through PayPal, American Express, or by sending a check to “Paws” at P.O. Box 816, Alvin, Texas 77512. You can also go to on our website or to Chip In at

Zeus is the sweetest most gentle 2 year old American Bulldog we have ever seen. He was found wandering the streets of Houston when he was a 6 month old pup. He is deaf and has been in our rescue for a year and a half. He had bowed back legs when he was brought to our rescue.

There did not seem to be a problem until he got older. We took him to a specialist and he was diagnosed with luxating patella’s, medial and lateral. He also had a torn ligament. We have had one of his legs operated on and the bill was over 3200.00. His left leg should cost a little less because he hasn’t torn the ligament.

In four months we have to operate on the other leg. Because Zeus was in so much pain our only options were surgery or euthanization. Zeus has the opportunity to have quality of life with surgery to fix his legs. We would appreciate any donations to help us pay Zeus’ medical bills.

Volunteers for Transport Needed




November 6-7, 2010

Alexandria, AL


Norwalk, CT

If you're able to drive, please email me at dawgcr8 @ (please take out the spaces) and put OFFER in the subject line.

Drivers, please include the following information in your email:



Email address- home:

Email address/work:

Home phone:

Cell phone:

Leg(s) you can drive:

Vehicle- make/model/color:

License plate number:

Name of transport coordinator for whom you’ve driven in the past


Rescue affiliation:


Kerin Hanson at dawgcr8 @ (please take out the spaces)

Sending party for Jackson:

Melinda Thompson, Foster
Alexandria, AL


Phone: 256-689-9583

Sending party for Momma dog and three pups:

Krista Bauer, Foster

Phone: 404 786 6679


Receiving party for Jackson:

Main Street Vet
11617 Reisterstown Rd, Reisterstown MD 21136

Receiving party for Momma dog and three pups

Kristan Dunkelberger, Tails of Courage

47 Saddle Road

Norwalk, CT 06851

Phone: 516-721-6631


TRANSPORT ROUTE (all Legs are flexible):

This will be a monitored transport and there will be 10 minutes allotted at each transfer.


Leg 1:

Alexandria, AL to Bowdon Junction, GA (Passenger #1 only)

1 hour (55 miles)

6:00 AM EDT to 7:55 AM EDT


Leg 2:

Bowdon Junction, GA to Smyrna, GA (Passenger #1 only)

53 minutes (51 miles)

8:05 AM EDT to 9:00 AM EDT


Leg 3:

Smyrna, GA to Commerce, GA (Passenger #1 only)

1 hour 17 minutes

9:10 AM EDT to 10:30 AM EDT


Leg 4:

Commerce to Greenville, SC (Passengers #2-5 join transport)

1 hour 22 minutes (81 miles)

10:40 AM EDT to 12:05 PM EDT


Leg 5:

Greenville, SC to Gaffney, SC (Passengers #1-5)

54 minutes (50 miles)

12:15 PM EDT to 1:10 PM EDT


Leg 6:

Gaffney, SC to Belmont, NC (Charlotte area) (Passengers #1-5)

48 minutes (42 miles)

1:20 PM EDT to 2:00 PM EDT


Leg 7:

Belmont, NC to Statesville, NC (Passengers #1-5)

51 minutes (48 miles)

2:10 PM EDT to 3:05 PM EDT


Leg 8:

Statesville, NC to Mount Airy, NC (Passengers #1-5)

1 hour 1 minute (61 miles)

3:15 PM EDT to 4:15 PM EDT


Leg 9:

Mount Airy, NC to East of Wytheville, VA on I-80 (Passengers #1-5)

59 minutes (52 miles)

4:25 PM EDT to 5:25 PM EDT


Leg 10:

East of Wytheville, VA on I-80 to Roanoke, VA (Passengers #1-5)

1 hour 24 minutes (81 miles)

5:35 PM EDT to 7:00 PM EDT

Leg 11:

Roanoke, VA to Staunton, VA (Passengers #1-5)

1 hour 32 minutes (87 miles)

7:10 PM EDT to 8:45 PM EDT





Leg 12:

Staunton, VA to Strasburg, VA (Passengers #1-5)

1 hour 20 minutes (77 miles)

7:00 AM EDT to 8:20 AM EDT


Leg 12a:

Strasburg, VA to Fredrick, MD (Passenger #1 only)

1 hour 19 minutes (68 miles)

8:20 AM EDT to 9:40 AM EDT


Leg 12b:

Fredrick, MD to Reisterstown, MD (Passenger #1 only)

57 minutes (52 miles)

9:50 AM EDT to 10:50 AM EDT


Leg 13:

Strasburg, VA to Hagerstown, MD (Passengers #2-5)

1 hour 4 minutes (62 miles)

11:00 AM EDT to 12:05 PM EDT


Leg 14:

Hagerstown, MD to Harrisburg, PA (Passengers #2-5)

1 hour 23 minutes (77 miles)

12:15 PM EDT to 1:35 PM EDT


Leg 15:
Harrisburg, PA to Allentown, PA (Passengers #2-5)

1 hour 30 minutes (81 miles)

1:45 PM EDT to 3:15 PM EDT


Leg 16:

Allentown, PA to Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ (Passengers #2-5)

1 hour 23 minutes (75 miles)

3:25 PM EDT to 4:50 PM EDT


Leg 17:
Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ to Norwalk, CT (Passengers #2-5)

1 hour 27 minutes (75 miles)

5:00 PM EDT to 6:30 PM EDT


Passenger List:

Passenger #1:

Name: Jackson (he is deaf)

Breed: American Bulldog

Sex: male

Spayed/Neutered: No – will be done by receiving party

Age: about 2 (not sure, was a stray)

Weight: 60 lbs (15 pounds underweight)

Vaccinations: completed, except rabies vaccine- will be done prior to transport

Health certificate: paperwork will be sent with dog - will get rabies vaccine before transport

Behavior issues: no cats

Traveling with (collar, leash, crate, etc): none

Passenger #2:

Name: Angelica

Breed: Lab X

Sex: F

Spayed/Neutered: No – will be done by receiving party

Age: Approx 1-2 years

Weight: 45 pounds

Vaccinations: UTD

Health certificate: Y

Behavior issues: Very sweet, can get a little excitable

Traveling with (collar, leash, crate, etc): Collar

Passengers #3-5:

Name: Angelica’s Puppies

Breed: Lab X

Sex: M/F/F

Spayed/Neutered: No – will be done by receiving party

Age: Approx 10 weeks old

Weight: 10 pounds each

Vaccinations: UTD

Health certificate: Y

Behavior issues: None

Traveling with (collar, leash, crate, etc): Collar

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tuscaloosa, AL: Cat Needs to Get Out

We recieved a 3-4 yr old solid white cat at our shelter. He is already neutered and declawed on the front.
He was found in someone's yard about 2 months ago and they couldn't keep him anymore. He is sweet and loving, but his only flaw is that he HATES other cats. Not quite sure what that is about. With him being deaf and not liking other cats there is no way that we can adopt him out. If anyone is looking for a great cat or can rescue him, please let me know ASAP. My information is below:

Kelley Strickland-Tuscaloosa, AL
Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter
205-752-9101-work #
205-331-0304-cell #

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Greenville, AL: American Bull Dog Pup Needs Help Quick

We are running out of space and time to hold onto him. He is 7 months old. He's an American Bulldog who is extremely sweet.

Yes, he is deaf. Not Neutered. Not UTD on shots. Very sweet somewhat jumpy but only because he doesn't know you're there. Good with kids but not to sure about dogs and cats. The family that had him was splitting up and the wife couldn't handle him.

If you can help, contact Kristi Stinson at

Pembroke Dock, Pembroke (UK): Border Collie Needs a Home

POLO : 5 month old, sable male (sadly thought to be deaf)

* Polo was found wandering.
* He is sweet but a little scared as someone threw him out, possibly because he may be deaf.

* Polo is very sweet, he possibly has hearing problems which we are working with him to evaluate if or how deaf he is.

* Due to this and this only Polo is by donation only, obviously he will still be castrated, micro chipped and vaccinated etc so please bear this in mind when making your donation.


* This wonderful boy is reavailable through no fault of his own. He really is coming on. This is the second time adopters have changed their minds at the last moment.

* Polo has done absolutely nothing wrong.

* His confidence and character grow daily and he has learnt that toys are for playing with, food is worth waiting for.

* Everywhere he goes people pay him attention, as hes so striking to look at. I would call him enchanting, he just a wonderful dog to be with!

* He so deserves a second chance of life, all he wants is someone who'll love him as much as he'll love you.

* If you can offer Polo the right kind of lifestyle - complete the application form!

Please only apply if you can offer a home that will give the stimulation and love that a collie needs.


Many Tears Rescue
Phone: 01269 843 084 between 10am and 4pm

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Henderson, NC: Homeless Man Needs Help with 2 Dogs

THE CONTACT IS 252-433-5603 WILL or Benji Brackman at 540 825 7304
Recently homeless man in Henderson needs help with dog food for his 16 year old deaf dalmation and 6 year old dobie mix. He has about 3 days worth of food left.

This gentleman lost his job, his home, and his now living in his truck. He's enlisting in the Navy Reserves but needs placement for his dogs. He's an ex-animal control officer and paramedic as well. The dogs are currently staying in an old neighbor's empty chicken house. I met this man myself on Saturday. He's articulate, intelligent, and very nice. His cell phone is paid through the next 2-3 weeks, so he can be reach via cell. 252-433-5603.

Extremely Urgent Situation. 21 Rescue groups were contacted over the weekend. Only two replied back with a no. It's a shame that a man who's dedicated his life to animals isn't even worthy of a response email from 19 other groups. The dal is spayed, the dobie is not neutered. We have a sponsor for the dobie's neuter on the 28th of this month. A tentative temporary home for the dobie in Durham, but we also need an outdoor kennel donated and delivered to the Durham area - used is great.

This is going to take a network of people to make it happen, please email if you can help! It's getting colder and colder each night. Once these dogs are placed in homes, the gentleman will then move into a men's shelter. Until then, he won't leave the dogs.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lakewood, CA: Heeler is to Head the Pound

Deaf Australian Queensland Heeler - needs help NOW, will be taken to pound soon & will have no chance there - special needs dog!

An old, sick woman had Dakota and kept her in a cage all of the time. Dakota was given to a friend of mine at almost a year old - Dakota was afraid of my friend and her family. She was taken to the vet to get spayed then she was given to us.

Female, around 2 years old, Deaf. Body of a greyhound. She has A LOT of energy. She likes to run around. She has a LOUD bark. She can get jealous easily when around other dogs. If door is open, Dakota will go outside to go potty. Give me a call 562 455 6640 or reply to this email at

Thank you,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Americus, GA: Pit Bull Has Until Tomorrow!

UPDATE: Amber from shelter put a hold on Elvis until Tuesday, Oct 26th to buy him time. . Contact Laura at if you can help.

This is the last call for ELVIS. This Precious, cuddly, 8 yr old, deaf Bully boy will be put to sleep at 9 am Friday 10-22-2010 without a firm rescue commitment.

This boy is so sweet and just loves can food and being petted. He will follow you everywhere and has shown no signs of aggression. He is HW+, so the rescue that pulled his best friend could not take him.

lease Cross Post EVERYWHERE.

Call at 229-924-0268 or email

Laura Powell, Rescue Coordinator
Sumter Humane Society
108 Industrial Blvd
Americus, Georgia 31719
(229) 924-0268
(229) 924-8563-Fax

Friday, October 15, 2010

Richmond, VA: Dogo Argentino Mix in High Kill Shelter

Above link, there's sponsorship you can donate $


Casper is S
OLID white with one freckle on his ear. He is a sure head turner. He is also a big boy. I didn't get him on the scale yet but I think he is in the neighborhood of 80lbs. He is a young boy probably about a year old given that his teeth are as white as he is. He is friendly, doesn't really jump up on you, has some leash manners (he doesn't pull as bad as a dog that size could), and we suspect that he is good with other dogs given his calm nature around them inside the shelter (haven't tested him as he is a big boy but will closer to his release date). Why is Casper urgent? Casper's world is silent. He is deaf which I believe is not too uncommon in sold white dogs. If you are interested in adopting Casper please contact He is located in Montgomery County Animal Shelter!

Louisville, KY: Both Dogs Need Rescue

A white female American Staffordshire Terrier named Evie. She is white with blue eyes and weighs about 35-40lbs. She is a smaller girl. She is completely deaf and is sweet. She gets along with some dogs (but not all.) We have not yet tested her with cats. Her Animal ID# A421523You can see more photos of her at this link:

The second dog is a 2 year old male Boxer who came in as a stray. He is also deaf. He is good with other dogs but somewhat shy. We have not had him cat tested either. His Animal ID# A422915.



Phoenix, AZ: Senior Golden Retriever to be Euthanized


Phoenix, AZ - October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and this senior dog should be at the top of someone's adoption list. The beautiful, old dog has no name - he only has an intake number to identify him.

According to shelter notes, he was dropped at the shelter by his owner - a "surrender", although no reason was provided. Right now, this old boy is scheduled to be euthanized.

The shelter evaluators have noted that he is fearful. The person that took his photo at the shelter believes that he may be deaf, which would explain his fearful behavior. Though staff have labeled this dog as fearful, the photographer was able to enter the kennel run, sit with him, and pet him, without incident.

It is difficult to imagine what it must feel like for this dog right now. The over-whelming fear and confusion that he is surely feeling from being in a foreign environment, surrounded by only strangers. To say that he is certainly bewildered and frightened would be an understatement.

Time is of the essence for this old boy. He certainly does not deserve to die in a frightening shelter. It's hard to imagine how or why anyone could abandon their senior dog at a shelter. It's impossible to imagine handing that leash over to a staff member and walking away from your loyal companion, knowing that you've most certainly handed him a death sentence.

Potential adopters or rescues can contact the shelter if they are interested in providing a safe haven for this dog. He is already neutered and estimated to be 10-12 years of age. Contact information is as follows:
  • Duanne Wilster, Maricopa County Animal Care and Control Westside alternative placement coordinator office 602-372-1158
  • Or, the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control Westside, Phoenix, AZ direct at 602-506-2765
  • Intake number: I282 / A2901699

Senior dogs make wonderful companions. They ask for little and provide much in return. If you have a spot in your home for a soft bed and a place in your heart for a beautiful companion, please consider saving this dog.If you are not able to save this dog, please take a moment to circulate this article with his contact information. Please post it to your Facebook account and give it a Tweet. You never know who might be able to help.

Stephen L. Phillips,

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fremont, OH: Cat Needs a Home


my little, deaf kitty
needs to find a new home.
Breed: Angora mix
Birthdate: 3/13/05
Green Eyes
Soft white hair
Declawed (front only)
Up to date with shots
Very sweet and lovable
Loves to lay on my lap or beside me to get petted
Loves cat nip, tuna, milk, and cat treats
(her favorite cat treats are Whiskas and
Temptations, chicken flavor
Eats Purina Cat Chow food dry
Loves to chase moths or bugs
and will bat them right out of the air
Doesn’t meow a lot,
only when she needs something.
She will let you know if she needs food or water
by letting out one of her cute little meows
Fufi loves to look out of the window
and feel the breeze of nice fresh air,
even though she is an indoor cat.
She sleeps lots during the day,
always greets me in the morning
for some attention.

She snores quietly which is very funny

Fufi is Litter box trained;
sometimes she misses over the side
but never on purpose
If you tap your hand on the ground or on the sofa
she will jump up next to you

If you make a piano like motion
with your fingers on the carpet
she will come over and want to be petted.

Fufi bats around a cat nip filled toy
and carries around one of her toy mice
every once and a while

She loves loves to be brushed

Fufi loves to wear her witches dress at Halloween;
she used to wear a little sweater as a kitten, so cute!

She loves to sleep under my Christmas tree
during the holiday

I always wanted an all white cat.
I purchased her at a reputable pet store as a kitten.

Now I am truly very sad
to have to find her a new home.
I am moving
and am limited to only two pets.
She deserves only the best
and I have cried many nights
over the thought of not having her around.
She is my very best girl
(I tell her that all the time).
I care most about Fufi being
comfortable and happy
because I know how hard it must be for her
not to be able to hear anything
and it would be selfish of me to keep her
knowing she is upset with a dog and cat
that scare her all the time.
I need to do what is best for my little girl,
even though I don’t want to say goodbye...
(and of course, I am crying right now even writing this).
If you are interested in adopting Fufi,
please fill out an online application at:

Kind Regards,
Barbara McGrady

Deaf Cats See Better Than Hearing Cats

Cats in a pet shop in Hong Kong

A research finding about deaf cats' ability to see in comparison to their hearing counterparts. Just like deaf humans, deaf animals do compensate for the sense that's non-existent since birth. Often people focus on what they're lacking rather than what they're capable of.

There's nothing to dwell on about a deaf being and with accomodations, they do well. This is not something new for members of the Deaf community as most of us are aware of it. It is dandy to be deaf not only for humans but also for animals so leave them be! Read here.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

North Charleston, SC: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Needs Rescue!

Bryson is a 8-12 month old Staffie that was left in our drop off box after hours. He is a complete goofball that just wants to run and play! Bryson is 69 pounds and is heartworm negative. He has been SAFER assessed and scored 1 and 2s throughout. His only 3 was during the food testing and it was noted he may need food modification.

During the SAFER assessment it became obvious that Bryson is deaf. It does not affect him in temperament or playfulness in anyway but b/c of the deafness we can not put him up for adoption. Bryson is in need of a rescue group to properly care and train him for his future forever home.

Please contact or cell ph# 843.566.3496 if you can help.

Danielle Lynch, Rescue & Foster Coordinator

Charleston Animal Society, 2455 Remount Rd., North Charleston, SC

Irving, TX: Aussie Pup at Risk of Euthansia

URGENT~**DEAF**NAME: Shiloh CAGE NO: stray area ANIMAL ID: 11628773 BREED: Aussie Shepherd-X SEX: male EST. AGE: 5 months EST. WEIGHT: 30 lbs HEALTH: DEAF...appears healthy otherwise. TEMPERAMENT: friendly ADDITIONAL INFO: stray AVAILABLE DATE: 10/13.

IRVING TX SHELTER~OVER FULL~ Shelter is full. Although the shelter is closed to the public on Sunday and Monday rescues can still pull animals on these days by coordinating with Laura (shelter supervisor). Her email address is

IF YOU WANT TO RESCUE AN URGENT DOG AFTER THE SHELTER IS CLOSED CALL THE RESCUE HOTLINE 972-721-3597. Irving Shelter Telephone: 972-721-2256 or 972-721-2257. The Shelter Hours: Mon - Fri 11:00am to 6:00pm Sat noon to 5:00 pm. Sun closed.

Russell Posch
Shelter Walker
214-529-2920~ FOR RESCUE USE ONLY