Monday, September 29, 2008

Sweet Deaf Rottweiler in SC Needs a Good Home!


We took Zack off of a chain when he was a year old. The man who owned him at that time had chained Zack to a tree since he was a pup. We excepted Zack into our rescue and spent 16 months training and loving Zack in preparation for his forever home. Anyone who rescues deaf animals knows that they do not get adopted as fast as hearing animals do.

Now that Zack has been attacked, in what was suppose to be his forever home, (Where he is suppose to be safe from being attacked), I am very worried about him and feel sick over this whole situation. I take the welfare of the pets we bring through our program very seriously and go to great lengths to help them. To have this happen to Zack in his adoptive home, makes me feel like we have failed him. We MUST find a beautiful forever home for Zack, he deserves
it after all the poor boy has been through.
We have found a TEMP FOSTER HOME for Zack. He is fostering with Shawn and his dog Rowin, a large MALE, American Bulldog Mix. Rowin and Zack get along GREAT. Rowin is not a dominant male so Zack dose not have to worry about being jumped or attacked by him and thus Zack is allowed to interact with Shawn and Rowin in peace. Shawn takes Zack and Rowin for a 2 mile bike ride, daily, in addition to playing with the tennis ball. Zack sleeps on the bedroom floor with Rowin but Shawn has often woken up to Zack sleeping next to him, in the beg. Zack is a snuggler and just wants to be loved.

Shawn has also brought Zack over to our kennels and we have introduced Zack to multiple non aggressive dogs, some as small as 15 pounds. Zack plays with about 16 other dogs in the yard and does great. He loves to play tug a war with the rope toy if he can find another dog strong enough to play with, usually Me Lady, our Alpha, 130 pound Rotti girl. Zack has also been to our trainers house and played with her two puppies, one is 5 months and the other is 3 months old.

Shawn is only able to temporarily foster Zack and for Zack's emotional welfare we need to get him into a forever home ASAP. In a forever home Zack will be allowed to bond with the family and feel loved again. Even though Zack is adjusting to Shawn's home, taking him from his adoptive home has been stressful for him. We do not want poor Zack to think Shawn is his forever home and then uproot him again, into another home. Moving a pet from home to home can eventually lead to separation anxiety. If anyone can give Zack a GOOD forever home, please contact

Michelle Doneza

P.S. Zack's petfinder can be found at:

Friday, September 19, 2008

Braveheart in Need of Your Attention!



Dear Folks,

Generally you find me crossposting and/or requesting help for other rescues or individuals. For the first time, I am asking, believe it or not, for myself. Braveheart is a beautiful loving roly-poly deaf American Staffordshire Terrier (or "pit" in the American vulgar) who loves children, adults, cats, dogs, etc.

When he was first found in Oklahoma, he was starving and exhausted, yet would run away at the slightest hint. With perserverance and patience, animal control was able to bring him to their shelter. He so captivated the volunteer staff that they could not euthanize him.

And that's where I came in. I have paid for his vetting, and with the help of good friends and colleagues we sent him to a boarding facility in Oklahoma where he has turned into a well-fed and loving dog that has captivated his boarding staff.

I'm not looking for funds, but we have now run out of money. I am looking for either a rescue or a kind and loving individual or family to take Braveheart into their homes. If you know ASL (American Sign language that is great) but not necessary. I have placed two deaf pitties in wonderful families and they are extraordinarily intelligent. They depend upon visual facial expressions and will watch their owners intently to understand what is needed. They rarely, if ever, bark since their world is silent.

I have thanked you all time and time again for your incredible generosity and compassion. So could you please crosspost out and have all replies sent to me: I am blessed to have contacts across the United States, so as always, a home visit and vet reference is required. Thank you, all!

Jan Karpel

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Deaf Cat in Ohio Needs a Loving Home

New Home Wanted for Beautiful Deaf Cat

My name is Nicholas Nickleby but everyone calls me Nikki.

I am an 11 month old, white, long haired purebred Turkish Angora with one blue eye and one green eye. My extra long fluffy tail comes all the way back to my neck. I am deaf, but I have a special radar that lets me know where my family members are at all times. I love people, especially children. I am sweet tempered and I love to play and be right where the action is. My family isn’t home very much right now because of health problems so I’m lonely. I need a new home where I will have lots of companionship. I’m FIV and FeLV negative, have had all my shots and have been neutered.

Adoption fee is a tax deductable donation of $70 to C.A.T.S. (Community Action to Save Strays). That's our local cat rescue group. Call (440) 774-3444 or email

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Safety is Needed for this Deaf Dog in PA

This dog needs a special foster or adoptive home right away.

Beans is a beautiful young dog in a really hard situation. He is completely deaf, so he is very confused and unsure of himself in the shelter environment. He was surrendered by his owner because of a move to a no-pets-allowed apartment, and he obviously has no idea what has happened to the life he knew.

He needs to leave the shelter for a foster home or a forever home that will be able to help him with special challenges. Deaf dogs require training with hand signals instead of vocal cues, and Beans is no exception. Since he is people-loving and eager to please, he will probably learn quickly.

Beans is a very sweet boy and is very affectionate with people. He also seems to like other dogs. However, he doesn't have great social skills and isn't sure how to introduce himself to other dogs appropriately. So he could use some help with that, too.

Beans is between 1 and 2 years old, neutered, and up to date on shots.

If you are interested in helping Beans by providing a foster or adoptive home with the special training he'll need, please email to set up a time to meet him--he isn't in the public areas at the shelter.