Friday, February 26, 2010

Macomb, IL: Euthansia for Pit Bull on 3/3/10

I was just notified today the county board found out Pink has been in the shelter since September. The policy is to only hold a dog for 21 days. Pink has been red listed!! He will be put down Wednesday March 3rd if we can't find a rescue or sanctuary to take him. PLEASE get this guy out of there!! Pink is a neutered, sixteen month old, deaf pitty and is UTD on his shots. He does come with some baggage BUT is learning more and more every day. He had been chained in a backyard till his previous owners brought him in because they couldn't "control" him. A shelter volunteer has fallen in love with him and would like to give him a forever home once she finishes college. She can't have him in the dorm where she lives. She has taught Pink sign language, is working on his dog aggressive issues, and gives him as much attention and love that she is able to under the current circumstances. If it weren't for her Pink would have already been put down. Please contact me if you can help out.

Thanks so much!
Dawn Gray
Secretary, Humane Society of McDonough County
(309) 333-3573 or email leahs4me@

Shreveport, LA: Red Heeler Mix

More About Sassy

My name is Sassy and I'm a young red heeler mix. I'm a special needs dog because I have hearing loss and a heart murmur, so I will need to take medication for the rest of my life. You will never meet a sweeter dog! I love to chase shadows, everything catches my attention. I will need someone very special to love and take care of me. If you will be my angel, I'll be forever yours.

Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana
P.O. Box 52442
Shreveport, LA 71135
Phone: 318-219-7387
Fax: 318-938-1812

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

McDonough, GA: Dalmatian Mix

More About Hudson

We are looking for rescue for Hudson, he is deaf and special needs. Hudson is covered in liver spots though we cannot be sure he is a Dalmatian mix. He is extremely happy and lively but a bit hard to work with since he cannot hear. We are sure he will be very receptive to sign language and needs a rescue group willing to commit to getting him the training home he needs. Hudson has a few healing wounds on him, we are not sure what happened before he arrived with us. He is neutered and has been given booster vaccines. Please be prepared to keep Hudson safe, he is lucky he was not hit and killed before landing here. (770) 288-PETS. My I.D. # 2/16-594 please refer to this number when inquiring about me.

Lost and stray animals are held at the Henry County Animal Care and Control Shelter for four business days in order to give their owners a chance to reclaim them. After that time period, adoptable animals are held as long as space allows.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Wilmington, DE: Deaf Cat to be Euthanized

Contact info:

Cosmo has always had to fend for himself. He's either been stuck in a cage at a shelter or bounced around from foster home to foster home. He urgently needs someone who can understand his nature. Cosmos is deaf and does not like to be picked up and carried around but he does love to fall asleep on your outstretched legs and keep you company watching TV.

He would probably be best suited to a quiet adult home where he can be your one and only. He does not want to share you! He prefers to spend most of the day sleeping which leaves him refreshed to attend to his second favorite pastime, eating.

We only have one week to find Cosmo a new home. Then he will be euthanized. Please help this boy find his way! Transportation is available!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Louisville, KY: Deaf Cat Wants a Home of Her Own

Abby is a 1 ½ year old, slender, white, blue-eyed, deaf cat who is looking for a permanent home with someone familiar with special needs cats who will give her the individual attention and consideration she needs. She is sweet, playful and funny with a very good temperament. She gets along with both younger and older cats, provided that they do not pick on her because of her deafness. She has been with her current caregiver for her entire life. Anyone interested in adopting Abby should contact Debbie Williamson at 502-239-5956.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Portsmouth, OH: Help Needed for Senior Deaf/Blind

This is a female beagle or beagle mix, she is a reddish brown and white in color, she is short hair and a medium size , this girl is probably deaf and maybe blind and is extremely underweight, her health is not good and she needs some help and a forever home to spend her last day, she is very sweet.

Contact Info:
Scioto County Dog Pound
Portsmouth, OH 45662
Phone: 720-353-8802
Email: scdogpound2 @

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Marietta, GA: Pit Bull Mix Needs Another Chance

If you are able to help - please contact:

Cobb County Animal Control
1060 Al Bishop Drive
Main Phone: (770) 499-4136

Cindy Ganues

Phone: 770-590-5621
Fax: 770-590-5620
She will return your call \ email even if she in not working that day.


Shannon Witt

Phone: 770-590-5624
Fax: 770-590-5620

Go to and click on the Cobb link to see some of the other listed dogs and cats at the Cobb shelter! Or better yet – stop by the shelter and meet them all!

GUS Run 115 #1011 -Male, 1 yr, Neutered, Heartworm Negative, DEAF -Super sweet boy. He loves to play ball and a fun game of tug-o-war. Happy go lucky. -Unfortunately he cannot hear a word you say. He is deaf. He does know sign language. -He is house-trained, good with kids and pets.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jackson, Georgia: Spaniel Mix to Face Gassing

More About Me
old and deaf but lots of spunk still.

Thank you very much –
Networking saves lives!

SGD Forum Dec 2008: " 98 per cent kill rate: it's very small and isolated--almost no adoption traffic and very little rescue help" There are only about 8 dog runs. They must still need help. Please crosspost!


Butts County Animal Control
158 Bibb Station Rd
Jackson, GA 30233 (about 50 miles southeast of Atlanta)
Phone: 770-775-8013
No Internet Access

Ermine, KY: Kitten Needs a Home

Fern is an adorable and sweet extra special girl. She loves to purr very loudly when she sees you and especially when you pet her. Fern is about 4 months old (as of 2-12-10) and weighs around 4 1/2 pounds. She has a medium length coat with long hair on her tail and long tufts in her ears giving her a very cute appearance. Fern is a typical kitten, curious and playful, but what makes her extra special is that she is deaf. Don't feel sorry for Fern though, she doesn't. Fern does just fine with her specialness and doesn't let it stop her from doing anything a normal kitten would do, except perhaps coming when you call her name. Oh, wait that dogs that do that. Cats mostly only come when they want to anyway so I guess she is pretty much normal. Fern seems to make up for her deafness by being more in tune with her other senses. Her eyes catch every movement, her nose is constantly going and she loves being touched. Fern was most likely born deaf so to her nothing is out of the ordinary, it’s just the way it has always been. In fact she hides it so well we weren't sure she was really deaf until we took her to the vet and they checked her. Fern has only a few special needs due to her deafness, the main one being that she must stay strictly indoors because she can't hear approaching danger. She also may need a bit of warning before touching her if she is sleeping or can't see you. This can easily be done though by stomping your feet a bit or tapping something near her. This way she can feel the vibrations and know you are there. Fern is a really great girl that hopes you will see her deafness as something that makes her special and not as something that makes her broken or not normal. So far Fern has been fine with other cats and dogs, but we are still working on introductions. She is extremely capable of being a great companion and giving you years of love. Please consider adopting this extra special sweetie today. Fern is Felv/FIV negative, current on vaccinations, on flea preventative and will be spayed and microchipped before going to her new home. Fern is located in Whitesburg, KY. It is in southeastern KY only about 15 minutes from the Virginia border.

If you are interested in adopting Fern please visit and fill out our cat application form. In order to adopt we do require adoption application, vet reference, home visit and adoption fee. You may also contact us at steph @ or call 606-633-0050 for more information about Fern.

Thursday, February 11, 2010





Dr. Pia Salk

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pryor, OK: Mixed Breed Need a Rescue

Contact people: by phone, Sandy Ray, Pryor Animal League at 918-864-1077 or by email, Tanya Kittrell at pupsavr4life@

Please help me find this guy a safe place to go. He was surrendered to the city shelter when the owners discovered he was deaf. I took him home before he could be euthanized. He truly needs someone that has experience with deaf dogs and can train him.

Tonka is an 11 month old Whippet/Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix (DNA analysis was completed). He is a sweetheart but needs someone who is experienced with deaf dogs. He has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He gets along great with other dogs. As you can tell by the 2nd picture he is a snuggler. He is always on top of another dog. He is approximately 40 lbs and is crate trained. I have a house full of small dogs (under 10 lbs) and he can get a little too rough when playing with them. He also tries to lay on top of them to He can't hear their warnings to stop so the poor guy ends up with a tiny dog biting his bottom. If anyone can help,
it would be greatly appreciated.

Please crosspost as you see fit.

Thank you everyone.

Sandy Ray
Pryor Animal League, Pryor, OK

Saturday, February 6, 2010

St. Louis, MO: Deaf Dog in Need of Foster or Adopter

Contact person: Theresa Coker at tcoker @

The rescue group I volunteer for (Dr. Doug's Vet-Pet Rescue, has inherited a young, deaf, mixed breed dog and we're looking for help for him.

The story I've heard goes that the dog was pulled from JCAC as a puppy by a group called PAWS. Last year, the cat fosters from PAWS split off and joined Vet-Pet but PAWS kept rescuing dogs (and apparently cats too). In late December, early January Vet-Pet got a call from Webster Groves Emergency Clinic - someone had dropped off three kittens and a dog that they claimed they found on the side of the road. All the animals were microchipped to PAWS. I don't know what the whole story is but the three cats were 5 months old and unsocialized and the dog has never had anyone work with him either I'm sure. I don't know why PAWS didn't reclaim the dog…supposedly the rescue group has fallen apart completely but I don't know the story behind that.

Since Vet-Pet took over the accepting of any cats that were PAWS returns, we went and picked the cats up. Webster was going to take the dog back to JCAC and our coordinator got softhearted and decided we would take him on and try and find a foster/forever home for him. We haven't been able to find anyone with deaf dog experience or who is willing to learn how to communicate with him.

He's estimated to be 8 months old, somewhere along the line it was thought he was a pit mix…I don't see any pit in him personally. He's already fully vetted and weighs about 35 maybe 40lbs? Currently he is living in a small run at Clarkson-Wilson Vet Clinic in Chesterfield, MO. He only gets out for brief potty breaks and when a volunteer can take him for a walk…which is certainly not going to help his adoptability. He's a great dog, smart, easy to motivate with treats and attention. Is supposedly good with dogs and kids…cats I don't know about. He just needs someone to work with him and teach him some self control and obedience. If you know of anyone with deaf dog experience (or willingness to learn) that might be interested in fostering or adopting Cheezy (no idea why they named him that), then please call Courtney at Clarkson-Wilson Vet Clinic, 636-530-1808. We can transfer him to another rescue, adopt him out, or sign a new foster up with our group.

Please feel free to cross-post and let me know if I can help with transportation or anything like that.


Theresa Coker

Foster Home Volunteer

Dr. Doug's Vet-Pet Rescue

Deaf Pit Bull in New Jersey Need a Home


We are writing to see if you can help rescue Cid the American Bulldog we have in our care that is deaf. His file # is 18951 and attached is his photo. If you can help please call Cathi at (609) 693-1900.

Thank you,

Colleen Buchanan
Photo Editor/ Membership Coordinator
(609) 693-1900