Deaf Pets & Their Owners

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Megan, Opi & Puck

Megan first gave thought about deaf pets when she visited a friend who had two deaf dogs. Inspired and fell in love with those dogs, she decided that it was her goal to adopt a deaf cat. She searched in her area and first discovered Opi who was 1 1/2 year old at the time. After two months, she felt that Opi needed a companion. Then came Puck who was 3 months old. They're a perfect fit because Opi has a motherly instinct and as much as Puck is an alpha cat, he is really a giant baby! Getting surprise reactions from people, Megan grew a passion in educating others in adopting deaf cats by showing the daily lives of her two cats on Facebook and Instagram.
Facebook: Opi & Puck, The Deaf Cats
Instagram: OpiPuck


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