Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blind and Deaf Aussie in GA

Last week, Dekalb County Animal Control rescued (literally) a very special needs dog who had been abandoned in the back yard of a house in Dekalb County when his "owners" moved away. Unfortunately, animals being abandoned like this is not that uncommon. However, what makes this situation especially troubling is the fact that this dog is completely blind AND deaf. He is an Australian shepherd mix and his handicap is most likely the result irresponsible breeding techniques. It is not that his eyes have a defect; rather, he was actually born with no eyes. He also has many albino characteristics, again probably the result of breeding.

The staff and volunteers at the shelter are just shocked that anyone would simply abandon an animal like this and leave him to fend for himself, so badly handicapped and completely defenseless. And yet, with all of this going against him ... he is a very sweet and loving dog. He has a wonderful attitude and a big smile. He walks very well on a leash and relies on his sense of smell and the guiding touch of people to help him get around. He also seems to get along well with other dogs and he has been seen leaning on other dogs and following them around, sort of using them as his "guide dogs" and the other dogs seem very willing to help him out. He has no trouble finding food and water in his bowls and he will take treats right out of your hand.

Obviously, he has very special needs. And the number one thing he needs is a permanent home and a family who will love him and help him lead the best life that he can. This poor dog has so much going against him in life and he has already been abandoned once. We do not want to see him mistreated ever again.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in giving him a permanent home, please contact Jamie Martinez, our Adoption Coordinator at Dekalb Animal Control. Jamie can be reached at 404-294-2165 or 678-654-6988. Her email address is jsmartinez@co.dekalb, You are also welcome to go by the Dekalb Animal Control shelter anytime during their regular business hours (M-F 10am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm, closed on Sundays and holidays) and see him or even take him out for a walk on a leash. It would certainly make his day.

I hope that someone can help him out. He deserves it. Thanks.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Deaf ACD Pup in GA

PUPPY run 48, ID#4625 Cattle Dog
-Male, 1 yr, Neutered

If you are able to help - please contact:

Cobb County Animal Control'

Cindy Ganues

Phone: 770-590-5621
Fax: 770-590-5620
Cynthia.Ganues@ cobbcounty. org
She will return your call\ email even if she in not working that day.


Shannon Witt

Phone: 770-590-5624
Fax: 770-590-5620
Shannon.Witt@ cobbcounty. org

Friday, August 28, 2009

Deaf Lab/Dal Mix in GA

ARAMIS – Dalmation X Lab

-DEAF! Knows sign language!
-Male, 2 yrs old; Neutered and current on his shots.


-Loves to play. Has a very funny flashlight game that he plays that is sure to have you laughing.

-Makes great eye contact!

-Good with other dogs.

-Great with kids – people in general.

-Very well-behaved.

Aramis was rescued from an abusive situation. He is a very sweet boy! He is deaf. His rescuer has been trying to find him a home – and thought he had but it fell through at the last minute! The problem now is that his rescuer leaves for Cuba for a year – at the end of this month! And Aramis has NO PLACE TO GO BUT THE SHELTER!

Please contact for contact info.

American BullDog Mix in NJ

A Special Needs Dog...St. Ides is a big lovable guy with a wonderful temperament who adores children & adults alike. He is a Bulldog mix who is approximately 4 years old and very active. We believe, he may be significantly hearing impaired or deaf. His adoptive home must provide trust & understanding for his special needs. He loves to go out for walks & will run nicely along side the volunteers who exercise him. Ides is intelligent and wants to please but will require training and consistency. He may do better initially as the single pet in the home. If you are his forever home, your love and understanding will be returned many times over.

Deaf Cat in Toronto, CA

UPDATE: Picasso went to a foster home in Rochester, NY, that has two other cats (one deaf and one hearing) who keep him company and occupied until a home is found.
Picasso is a well cared for socialized grey and white deaf cat with a back leg deformity. He was found in a stray cat colony in the winter and rescued by myself and a colleague. The twisted back leg led us to believe he was badly injured, but an x-ray proved that the defect was either there since birth or due to a bad injury that healed without medical assistance. He was checked for disease, neutered, given all shots and deworming aid. The vets' decided that amputation of the back leg would not help his mobility since he seems to use it to get around just fine. We decided to not place him back in the colony since it would seem he had a hard enough life as it was. The fact that he was also deaf made his little story that much more incredible. He survived for two years in the wild like this!
He was terribly fearful of people and it took a year for me to gain his trust. Now he is a changed cat and is a lovable companion. The only problem is that he is terribly lonely. I own my own business and am gone for the most part of the day - every day. He cries constantly when he can't see me and I can hear his screams (boy - deaf cats sure have a pair of lungs!!) for a block down the street when I leave the house. I would like to find him a home where he can enjoy the company of another cat and/or the presence of a person who is home a lot.

Contact deafanimals@ if you are interested in Picasso

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Deaf Pit Bull Will Die Without Help in CA

$175.00 has been raised for the rescue who takes this pit bull. Contact Lisa if you can help this deaf white pit, who is in Shafter, California at:

There is a deaf pit girl at Shafter. She was spayed/microchipped/vetted at our mobile clinic in July in Bakersfield and got out of her owner's home somehow.

We called the owner for two days in two languages, and she did not call us back. I gave the info to the shelter staff, and they were able to reach the owner. She did get our messages, but did not return the calls or the emails.

This woman knows that her dog is going to die. She was told by the shelter manager. The dog has been there since 8/11, and is on the euth list today – they are giving me two more days to see if we can network her around. She surrendered the dog today, as she doesn’t have the money to pay to get her out. It’s not that much, so she obviously doesn’t care about the dog.

Do you have room? Do you know of anyone who might take her? I am hoping to get this dog out of the shelter on all fours and into a rescue that will find her a good owner that cares about her the second time around.

Here is her petfinder link from the Shafter shelter:


Please cross-post!

Lisa Tipton

AngelDogs Foundation

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Deaf Aussie Pup in GA Needs Help!

Blue is between 6-8 months old. He has had a sad life so far, relegated to a yard and doghouse alone. He is deaf and of course not neutered, never put on heartworm or flea prevention, etc.

After 3 months of asking we have finally gotten his owner to give him to us [a friend of mine has him now] but is not a position to keep him long. She has a dog aggressive dog I placed with her and we need to move Blue as soon as possible. I have given him his first booster shots and wormed him as well as put Advantix on him. My girlfriend is keeping him safe but he must still stay outside. She is crating him while she is at work in her laundry room and he has been perfect.

PLEASE if any of you can help me and take this boy let me know! We are desperate to move him since its been a struggle for her as a single mom with a 2 year old to manage these two dogs. I am doing everything I can to avoid bringing him to the shelter.

Blue is currently being housed in Jackson Georgia and she will deliver him to anyone in or around the metro ATL area. Just to be very clear, I am posting to my rescue people but am not in a position to take this dog anywhere out of my immediate area. If anyone out of state can save him you must make all your own arrangements, we will drop him off at the vet of your choice in prep for transport but I cannot do more than that. Thank you for your understanding and all your support!

Betsy Merchant

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Deaf, Blind & Epileptic ACD in PA Needs Help!

Contact is:
Can anyone help this dog at all!!! they said they have tried every rescue they can and there is no one!! I hate to think of this dog in a pound. He is In Erie, PA but I will transport anywhere as far as Buffalo, Rochester or can meet with him HELP!

This is the ad... I spoke to this person and they have not been able to find anyone to help.

I have a 5 yr old male Blind, Deaf and Epileptic Aussie Cattle Dog that I need to rehome ASAP. I'm living out of a hotel and I don't think its fair for him plus he's becoming a liability. I'm starting to work full time and I'm not gonna always be home to take care of him like before.

Can anyone help me out?? I don't want to take him to the pound. I'm avoiding that as much as possible cause I know what they'll do there.. so please someone help him! If I cant place him soon I'm gonna be forced to take him to the pound. He's well behaved, he gets along with all other dogs, cats, other animals and he loves kids of ALL ages. Hes semi housetrained (if you keep up with him) and 100% paper trained. He is on meds for his epilepsy.

I'm from MD but I'll be in Town from Tues 18th to Mon 24th. If you would like him please, let me know asap! He is Free... I just want to have him go to a wonderful home! I'm almost out and can't afford anymore meds. Please don't let me waste this perfectly good well behaved dog.

Deaf Setter in TN Last Day Tomorrow

1 year old neutered and fully vetted English Setter mix. His name is Tucker and he is microchipped. Seems very smart. Owner returned him to the shelter as soon as they found out he was deaf. They had an awful little 4 year old boy who was running all over the shelter terrorizing all of the animals. I am sure that had some affect on Tucker.


Colleen Conway
Senior Animal Transport Coordinator
Petsmart Charities Rescue Waggin
South Central Region

Now I'm Home Animal Rescue
Nashville, TN 37211

Nashville, TN: Greyhound Needs a Home


Stone is described as white, but he's not albino - he even has some freckles on his ears. He tested cat-safe in Memphis. He's a very social greyhound, but also seems to understand "social boundaries". Stone interacts very well with other greyhounds, and would do well with a greyhound buddy. He's a very sweet boy!

GPA Nashville
GPA Nashville adopts retired racing greyhounds into loving homes in the middle Tennessee area, as well as southern Kentucky and northern Alabama.

Visit our web site at GPA Nashville

P.O. Box 1042
Goodlettsville, TN 37070

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Deaf Chihuahua in Fremont, CA


I'm a volunteer with Furry Friends Rescue. We rescue dogs and cats from Bay Area shelters, usually Fremont and Hayward.

Bolt was rescued from Tri-City Animal Shelter on 8/21/09. He is super friendly and sweet. He might be deaf but that doesn't stop him from being a happy and spunky little dog. He's playful with other dogs. No sure about cats. Bolt is very affectionate, loves to snuggle and give you kisses. Kids 10 yrs+. More info. to come.

**Note: Adoption in Northern California - SF Bay Area Only**

Thank you for reading this,
Barbara Gifford

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Deaf Pit Bull in GA Needs Help!

UPDATE: Chewy - Chewy, the 2 year old deaf pit bull, at Habersham County Animal Shelter. Below are photos. You can see that poor Chewy is rather homely and still bears scars from bites and mistreatment. However, we hope these first two photos below also convey how very sweet he is.

Chewybacca, a white deaf pit pull who had apparently been used as a BAIT DOG and who was abused (even more) by his owner. In addition to his many bite wounds, he has three distinct raw strips around his neck where a collar or chain was embedded.

Contact Ellie Hulford at shelter ASAP Phone: 706-754-3533

Below is a message and photos I originally received from the director of the Habersham County Animal Shelter (located 1.5 hours north of Atlanta). After receiving this email, I personally visited "Chewy" (terrible name given his breed) last week. He is super, super sweet...but obviously confused about where he is and what's going on.

I'm sure his deafness makes it difficult for him to process everything. His skin needs work (rather scabby), and he clearly was malnourished. The shelter director said he had a scraping for mange, and that the test came back negative.

Chewy is WONDERFUL with people...he leans against you for more petting and is very grateful for attention. There were several dogs around, and he didn't seem interested in most of them. However, he was extremely interested in an adolescent shepherd pup. It was difficult to tell if he simply wanted to socialize with him...or would have been aggressive with him. The shelter director thinks he needs to be an only dog; but she says she recommends that with all pits. Anyone with other dogs would really need to test him out with them.

I don't know about cats...but given his background (sometimes cats are also used for bait animals, of course) I would be very cautious about placing him with them unless tested with them first.

We'd really like to get this poor boy out of this shelter into a permanent home or with a reputable rescue group. Any assistance you can provide in getting the word out about him would be appreciated. We can help with transport to the metro Atlanta area if he is going to another rescue group if that would be helpful.

Thank you for your help!!!!

From shelter director:

This sweet Pit Bull was brought in by the Habersham County Animal Control after receiving a call that this dog was being used to fight. Chewy is about 2 years old, neutered, and is deaf. He has bite wounds from head to toe and 3 deep gouges in his neck from a tight chain. A couple days after Chewy arrived we gave him a medicated bath followed by an oatmeal shampoo to
soothe his skin. His moans of relief reminded us of Chewbaca from Star Wars and so this boy was named Chewy. There was such relief in his eyes as he leaned into his bather. With treatment his skin has greatly improved and he genuinely seems to appreciate all the attention and love he gets here..

As shelter manager my dilemna is that I should euthanize this dog as unhealthy, unadoptable since we are so over-crowded. However, because of his sweet disposition I feel he is worthy of saving. The very least this boy deserves is a loving home and he will be a faithful and loving companion. Please help. Chewy's days are numbered.

Habersham County Animal Shelter
4231B Toccoa Hwy. Clarkesville, GA 30523
Ellie Hulford, Shelter Manager
Phone: 706-754-3533

Hours of Operation:
Wednesday, Tuesday, Friday: 10-5; Monday, Sunday: Closed
Thursday: 10-7; Saturday: 10-2 (adoptions only)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Senior Deaf Beagle in KY

Shelby County Animal Shelter
Shelbyville, KY

Senior Deaf Beagle in NY

Snoopy is a senior with an estimated age of 8-9 and he is deaf. Snoopy is a real Sweetie who loves to cuddle and be petted. Snoopy hopes that someone will open their heart and home to him to live out his remaining years. In interacting with Snoopy, he runs and jumps and loves attention. He still has lots of "puppy-ness" in him!!

Orleans County Animal Shelter
Albion, NY

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Abused and Neglected Deaf Pit Bull

UPDATE: Check this site for more pictures of Nico since he was pulled from the depressing place --

This truly, truly broke my heart and it is what is happening to many, many animals everywhere. The body language and look on this deaf pit bull communicate a lot to us what he is going through. We need to give equal attention and money to animals who are abused and neglected by humans. It makes it so easy to lose faith in humanity but I can't because I know there are good people out there who are nothing like these low life scumbags.

If you want to support, go to:

Deaf Pit Bull in NY Area Near Canada

I have another deaf pit bull here at my shelter and we are beyond capacity right now. Her name is Adelaide. She is approx 8 - 12 months old and full of energy. She got all A's and B's on her safer test and is super sweet. She is however going stir crazy in the kennel and starting to spin. If you can crosspost her or ask for help crossposting her I would greatly appreciate it.

Kathy Brainard
Potsdam Humane Society - Northern New York on the Canadian Border

Deaf Cat in KY/IN area Need a Loving Home

This beautiful girl, Lilly Rose, is 4 1/2 years old and deaf and she needs a home, preferably where she can be the only cat or with young kittens. She is up-to-date on her shots and front declawed. Lily Rose gets along with dogs better than cats because other cats from previous home bullied her and she is fearful. In foster home, she is adjusting wonderfully to a bully-free environment. She is affectionate and sweet. She would make a great addition in a home with a cat friendly dog as she enjoys playing with a dog and have become buds with foster's dogs. Contact Sally at if you are interested in Lily Rose.