Sunday, April 22, 2007

12 Commandments Of Rescue

Anyone considering participating in rescue should be aware that:

1. It CAN be either short-term (maybe overnight or a few weeks) to longterm (could be months to years) until a forever home is found.

2. Unless otherwise agreed upon by the rescue or potential adopters, decisions regarding its health and welfare are purely yours.

3. Unless otherwise agreed upon, you MAY be responsible for 100% of the cost of fostering an animal.

4. Unless otherwise agreed upon, transports are also on your own dime.

5. You most likely will fall immediately in love with the animal. Remember, if you are transporting, the animal is not yours.

6. Most of the time a foster or transport is uneventful. But keep in mind that things that CAN go wrong with a foster or transport WILL go wrong.

7. The rescue organizer and the transporters are all generally very good people. They, along with others in the rescue group, are good support. Rely on them for any help.

8. The foster MAY not get along with your animals.

9. These animals MAY come with issues regarding their life experience.

10. If you have one of these, it will be your responsibility to work with the animal to overcome these issues, and be VERY honest with the potential adopters about its needs.

11. There is a lot that goes into one rescue/transport/ foster, so do not think you are doing ALL the work.

12. It is one of the most difficult but most satisfying jobs you will ever undertake.


  1. I have transported several Jack Russells and one of the things I suggest if you do transport is to bring a crate in your car. Not everyone owns a crate and for the safety of you and the dog in a moving vehicle a crate can make a big difference. I love transporting dogs knowing I am making a difference in the animal's life. Nice list.


  2. Maybe that should be in the FAQ list when transporting. But you are right Lidia. Be prepared....


  3. Today I went to see if I could rescue three deaf dogs at SPCA in Sacramento. I was not able because I was not authorized by a president of rescue groups .Also no proof of 105c3 that Deaf Animal Row (may or may not) have . I was told that I can not foster til I show them papers that you may have If you do please send to you have my e mail address.

    I am very interezsted in chihuahua and boxer and boston terrier I needto talk with you if you will please give me your number thank you