Friday, April 20, 2007

Lidia Anorga's 3 Deaf Dogs

I'm an ASL interpreter and I have 3 deaf Jack Russell Terriers (JRTs). We are all known as the L's because all our names begin with the letter L. My involvement with rescuing deaf JRTs began with Ludwig. With the help of my friends, Angela & Peter Hauser, I adopted Ludwig at 10 weeks old and little did I know this would change my life forever. I became involved with Russell Rescue and then with placing deaf JRTs with Deaf people across the United States.

Right now I have Ludwig, Listo and Lollipop. My sister's deaf JRT comes to visit and stays with me often - her name is Mia so at times I have up to 4 deaf Jacks in my house and contrary to popular belief, my dogs are not and have never been aggressive toward people. Yes, I have had some dog fights but that has been due to mulitple dogs and establishing dominance - never have any of them bit me or anyone else because they were startled, or aggressive toward humans. Deaf dogs are just as normal as the hearing ones the difference is not in the dog but in the human. If you adopt a deaf dog YOU need to make the accomodations for your dog and not blame the dog when YOU do not do what dog needs. If you are not fluent in ASL then you can make up your own home signs to communicate with your deaf dog. My sister does not know ASL but she has her own communication system with Mia. Consistency is the key and lots of love. I am so happy that we now have this web page to help all the other deaf animals in need!

If anyone wants to contact me my email is: The pictures are of my niece with Lollipop and my 3 deaf JRTs relaxing at my friends, Jules house, who also has a deaf JRT named Petey! I also have a hearing JRT/Chihuahua mix named Little bit and a hearing Retriever mix named Lucy Goosey. I am outnumbered 5 to 1. :)

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