Wednesday, April 7, 2010

East Amherst, NY: English Setter Has Until 4/8

This is an urgent message from Black Dogs, Second Chance rescue!

There is a friendly English Setter female that was found as a stray in rural Western NY. She is at a dog warden facility for a 5 day hold. She is wearing a tag, but most of the information on it is scratched off, except for the word "DEAF".

Her stray hold is up, and she either needs a rescue to pull her or to be claimed by her owners. Please crosspost far and wide. We are hoping someone can save her (our rescue does not have the room/foster space, or we would rush right down there and save her ourselves). We do not want her to die. If you know someone who can save her, please email us ASAP. Time is of the essence, she needs a commitment by this Thursday!!


Thanks in advance!


  1. You can look at the labels in the future :) She was reclaimed by the owner.

  2. Thank you to everyone who helped my bonnie! Last spring i was on vacation and had left bonnie with my parents. My sisters jerk boyfriend(now ex) though it would be funny to scratch off her tags, as she had escaped before and he couldn't stand her and didn't want her back. Well, she did get out, and somehow ended up 60 miles away from home. I'm so thankful we have her back! She is truely a sweet dog!!