Sunday, April 4, 2010

Libson, OH: Euthansia for Boxer on 4/7

This is "BUD" (1 yr and 45 lbs, avail 04/01). He was found wandering on McSwiggen Rd. Bud is very friendly and loving and other than being borderline emaciated he appears to be in good health. We believe that Bud may be deaf or partially deaf. He is very friendly but will require someone with a firm but gentle hand. Due to his hearing loss it will infact be a challange to train Bud. He was not wearing a collar/id and no one has called to report him lost/missing. He has been give a parvo/distemper (7-way) vaccine and has been wormed for 3 days with panacur.

He is scheduled to be euthanized on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7TH.

Columbiana County Dog Pound & Adoption Center

8455 County Home Road
Lisbon, OH 44432
Phone: 330-424-6663 x1757
EMail: Lisbon, OH


  1. Oh no, please keep us posted so we know if he at least found a foster home.