Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vicksburg, MS: Deaf Pit Bull Needs a Placement

UPDATE: A crossposter got the location wrong so it's in Lapeer, MI.

I'm writing about a very special dog who needs a loving family. Recently a good friend's daughter's friend was killed by a drunk driver and left behind a one year old pit bull named Casper. No one from this girl's family was willing to take Casper in so my friend brought him home until a suitable place could be found. Added to the difficulty of placing this breed is the fact that Casper is an albino and is deaf. There are a whole new set of considerations because of his disability. I know many people would never consider a pit bull for a pet and I understand their concerns. Casper is a very sweet and loving boy who thinks he's a lap dog. He's had all his shots and is neutered.

Casper responds to certain hand signals and wants very much to please. He really needs a safe place and someone to continue working with him in a loving way. If anyone is interested or has any idea about a safe place for Casper to live I'd very much appreciate hearing from you.

Norma Smith
(810) 667-7397
normashome @ charter.net

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  1. CORRECTION: This dog in is Lapeer, MICHIGAN, NOT Mississippi. I spoke with Norma and got the correct location. Thank you.