Friday, April 2, 2010

Justin, TX: Catahoula Pup from Shelter

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Catahoula - Blue Merle

12 Weeks Old

I could go on and on about how awesome Jill is but let me give you the summary. She was born deaf and with only one eye. She was dumped by the breeder, that's how she came to us. We are looking for a rescue or adopter that has experience with deaf or visually impaired dogs. Jill is unbelievably smart. At 12 weeks she is sitting, kennel training, leash training, and she learns more everyday. She is very loyal and gets attached quickly. She follows me around 24/7 and never takes her eye off of me. She loves her stuffed toys and will bring them back and fetch them for hours if possible. She loves other dogs and looks to them for guidance, she mimics them and does what they do. She is truly a diamond in the rough! Please pass the word about this deaf visually impaired girl, her "special needs" do not keep her from being a normal puppy but her training and needs will be different than a regular dog. I have taken her home with me to get her out of the shelter until we can find her a home or rescue. I have pics I can send anyone interested.

Thanks, Suzanne
City of Justin Animal Control
940-648-2541 X113

Justin is between Ft. Worth & Denton Texas off 35.

Anyone interested can call me directly at

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