Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pros and Cons of Natural Cat Litter

While this does not relate to deaf animals, I feel this is important to share as it concerns the health of animals and humans as well as the environment. There's a wonderful vlog for American Sign Language (ASL) users by Raychelle. The English version you will see on the link below is an addition to the ASL vlog. She discusses about the pros and cons of the four natural cat litter: Feline Pine, Swheat Scoop, Yesterday's News and World's Best Cat Litter. I hope that by watching the vlog, this motivates the non ASL users to learn the beautiful language in its own right.

I am a frequent visitor of and encourage you to check the site out. It's a wonderful place to learn how to be eco conscious and friendly.

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  1. Thank you for input about the cat litter. I found a few where to buy. Some are groceries, Target, other companies, shelters and etc. My highly recommended to buy cat litter from shelter only. Becuz animals are belong to shelter that we need to help their business and of course a little more price than other regular at stores.
    I can't wait to buy it for my cats. I'm sure they will be happy with new littler.