Monday, April 19, 2010

Living Proof of Boo's Rehabilitation

Boo is a 2 year old Bull Terrier, and is completely deaf. Boo was surrendered to us by her breeder in October of 2008 at the age of 6 months. By then she had been placed in 5 or 6 homes before we took her. She had been repeatedly returned to her breeder because she was out of control and no one knew how to handle her, which was only compounded by her deafness. When we were able to take possession of her, her health was quickly declining due to neglect. She had a severe case of kennel cough which was going into pneumonia, severe digestive issues, and her legs and tail were covered with ring worm. She also had cuts on her face from the breeders' other dogs constantly attacking her. It took over three months of intensive veterinary treatment just to get her well enough to safely be spayed. Mentally she was also a wreck. Boo had one of the worst cases of separation anxiety that we have ever seen, causing her to panic if someone was not in her direct line of vision at all times. She had no structure at all in her life up to that point, and had no idea how to take direction from a person. She had lived her first 6 months in some very tense environments. It took weeks before we were even able to see her just relax. Boo has now made a complete turn around, both physically and mentally. She is now one of the most balanced dogs either of us have ever been around, and is the best dog for us to use in rehabilitating other problem dogs. The fact that she is deaf has made her into one of the best teachers for people that don't understand what internal energy is or how it is used.

Boo has become the poster child for why dogs with seemingly impossible to overcome problems should not be euthanized, as there is always hope.

Felicia Chesser
Misfit Dog Psychology and Rehabilitation
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Misfit Dog Psychology and Rehabilitation


  1. What a wonderful story! And what a cutie pie too. Thanks for sharing.

    Shannon and the Gang

  2. I wish you all the best in finding Boo a forever home. I have a 2 yr deaf IG who was a bit out of control when I got her. And is still abit claustrophobic. Not to much w/ Sep anx since I have another hearing IG. Your write up was written well about how they teach us with internal energy. Most people when they find out she is deaf say aww thats awful. But I disagree, my dog is so friendly, happy and adventerous. I taught her sign language and now she knows a bout 70 signs and some sentences. I am her only real link of communication so she is a bit more attached physically to me. I'd styress that to whoever gets Boo. What a lovely, adorable face. Good luck!!

  3. Shannon:

    I am sure Felicia appreciates it!


    Thanks for doing a wonderful job with your dog. Boo already has a home with Felicia. I agree no pity needed for deaf animals as well as deaf humans.

  4. So happy for Boo. He seems like a good dog.

    Is Boo an albino dog? Any idea what a "part albino" dog with black nose called?

    I also have a similar looking deaf dog. So far so good. She knows her basic commands by hand signals.

    Thank you