Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fredericksburg, VA: Deaf and Blind Cat Needs Help!

Before you read about this deaf and blind cat, a deaf blind cat can lead a normal and wonderful life like any other cats. Here's the link with video that was posted here some time ago of a deaf blind cat with a hearing blind cat:

A neutered long-haired (matted) white male cat (name Tuffy) came into the Spotsylvania County Animal Control Shelter yesterday by his owner. He is deaf, blind and extremely matted. His control # is 1253. If there is anyone that can help get this guy out of jail, please contact the shelter directly.

Super friendly. I do not have any additional information other than the fact that he is not in the main cat room where visitors would see him. He is in the back in observation because he is matted, deaf and blind. The shelter does not consider that very adoptable qualities. Poor Tuffy does not stand a chance in this place where they have a hard time getting the cute, fluffy and perfect cats adopted. Someone needs to rescue him as we never know when his time will be up.

Spotsylvania County Animal Control and Shelter

450 TV Drive · Fredericksburg, VA 22408

Main: (540) 507-7450
Secondary Line: (540) 507-7459
Fax: (540) 891-9705

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  1. I had contacted Blind Cat Rescue in NC as soon as I read this and they acted quickly. So sorry that this sweet fella was so sick- Blind Cat Rescue had him taken immediately to a Vet who found him in full liver failure and suffering! He is now in kitty heaven, God Bless!Thanks to Blind Cat Rescue in NC for all that they do to help blind cats, they do lead normal lives despite blindness (just like us).

  2. Hi,

    I was directed to this website and post by someone at, who apparently hadn't realized Tuffy was dead. Being dead isn't my idea of kitty heaven.

    It is great that Blind Cat Rescue took him. I also do blind/deaf/handicapped kitten and cat and sometimes dog rescue, and I often treat liver failure/kidney failure. Please feel free to contact me. I'm trying only to take kittens at the moment, because introducing cats into the household always upsets my own guys, but I did not bother to wonder what age Tuffy was, because it sounded as though he'd be friendly and sweet with them.

  3. Thanks for sharing and it's very sad that Tuffy didn't have a chance to enjoy his life after he's taken care of. What kind of owners are they to dump him at the shelter. At least Tuffy isn't suffering anymore and didn't die in a shelter but in loving arms. Thanks to the Blind Cat Rescue in NC!

    May Tuffy cross the rainbow bridge to join other furries and humans.