Saturday, April 3, 2010

Georgetown, DE: Am Staff Mix Puppy in Shelter


Gracie is a sweet six-month-old white Am Staff mix puppy (DOB 10/4/09) who originally ended up at the SPCA in Georgetown, DE when she was a tiny pup. She came in with a torn ear and was obviously deaf. All white, with gorgeous light colored eyes and a brown nose, she is a cutie. Shortly after arriving, Gracie went into a foster home and was reportedly doing so well, her foster Mom decided to adopt her. Well now, after four months, Gracie is back at the shelter and it appears that she received no training in the interim. She is a very affectionate dog but still very much a puppy with all the behavior that comes with that. Deaf dogs can be trained but they don't learn by osmosis. Poor Gracie deserved a home where someone would take the time and effort to train her but it didn't work out that way. Now she desperately needs someone who is willing to work with her, ideally someone with deaf dog experience.

If you can help Gracie, please call Lisa at the SPCA, 302-856-6361 or email her at Gracie is a very sweet girl but she needs to be out of the shelter and into a loving home where she can be properly trained as soon as possible.

On behalf of Gracie, thank you for considering helping Gracie or forwarding this on to someone who might be able to.



  1. This is so sad! How can a foster mom take a dog back to the shelter??? I hope she finds a home or gets out of the shelter immediately!

  2. I'm sure many others felt the same thing as you do. How anyone with the right heart or mind do that?

  3. Gracie reminds me of a dog I had named Daisy. Daisy was a white pit bull and she was deaf. Even though she was deaf, she was the best dog ever and obeyed hand signals just as well as any other dog obeys voice commands. I would love to adopt Gracie but I live in Ohio and am not sure how hard it would be to get her.