Friday, April 2, 2010

Manahawkin, NJ: Abused Deaf Dog Needs Help!

I am a volunteer at the Southern Ocean County Animal Facilty in Manahawkin, NJ. We recently were brought a dog whose body is full of scars, and who has been determined to be deaf. The shelter staff suggested that the dog may have been used as a "bait dog" for a dog fighting ring. He was clearly abused regardless, and it is very sad.

I read the dog's cage card today, and it appears they've listed him as a bulldog mix. This little guy has been temperament tested, and failed. No doubt it is due to the abuse he must have endured.

Please, if you are a rescue (or know of one which can help) and have any interest in this poor abused and deaf angel, contact the shelter and inquire about him while I try to gather more information. I would be willing to personally assist in transporting this dog someone can help him (some locations may be far, but see what can be worked out - where there's a will there's a way). He's the victim and doesn't deserve death after all he's been through.

Key notes: CHAMP IS DEAF. He is also scarred all over his body, and the staff believes he may have been used as a "bait dog" in a dog fighting ring. He did not pass his temperment test, no doubt due to his abuse and his deafness :( now the staff does not feel comfortable letting the volunteers walk him. He sure has had a tough and unfair life.

Champ has been walked by volunteers prior to his test, and had never shown the walkers any gruff or negativity, just sad puppy dog eyes. We, with the staff, changed his bedding yesterday afternoon (post-temperament test) and Champ came out of his kennel calmly and sadly blinked at us as we made up his new bed. Since he couldn't hear us coming we had to get his attention by gaining his sight. It is heartbreaking. He just needs some love and kindness and help.

He is faced with imminent euthanasia if no alternative is found, and I truly do not know how much time he has before that action is exercised. Please contact the shelter for expedited action immediately if your organization can help him. Please :(

321 Hay Road
Manahawkin, New Jersey 08050
Phone: 609-978-0127

(Trish is the facility manager and a truly great lady)

I have attached a photo of CHAMP, he needs help, not euthanasia. Unfortunately as this is a county facility, Champ needs the help of a rescue like yours to save him from euthanasia now. I'm desperate to save this poor little boy.

Thank You,
Louise Denecke
(912) 441-3100


  1. I believe this one sadly was put to sleep.

  2. If you check the labels, you'll see the word, "euthanized" as one of the labels. It was updated over a week ago. It is heartbreaking. I spoke with the lady at shelter and she said this dog is
    very sad and sweet. She tried to be an advocate for this dog and I commend her!