Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Deaf Great Dane Puppy Needs Donation

From reading the information about Bella, it seems Bella has gone through a lot for a puppy. A lot of money has been spent on her for different health problems. The latest has been parvo and it's a serious illness. To learn more about parvo, go to:

Veterinary Q & A: Parvovirus Infection in Dogs

Bella is with
Patti Mauldin at Valhalla Rescue. The rescue that pulled Bella from a kill shelter and Bella was fortunate to be given a chance. She needs to be fully recovered before she is up for foster then adoption.

You have the choice of making a donation through chipin that's available on the link or mail a check directly to the VCA Animal Hospital on behalf of Bella. Make sure to put Bella's name for the Vet Office to know who the money is intended for. Go to their website: http://www.vcahospitals.com/pacific-avenue-south and look for the address where to mail a check.

With the economy not being in its best shape, donate what you can and/or spread the word. If we could get 1,200 people to donate one dollar and the goal would have been accomplished and still be able to help other animals in need.

All the updates and pictures along with chipin can be found on this link:


Valhalla Rescue
Email: valhallarescue@msn.com
PHONE: 253-847-7767


  1. I would be interest in adopting the dog. Please don't hesitate to reply back to nealgolden123@yahoo.com

  2. We'll do what we can! What an angelic baby!

  3. Poor Bella,I just got two deaf great dane pups from a breeder who was going to have them put down.My heart goes out to Bella.Parvo is very bad and even harder to put in check.