Friday, April 16, 2010

Birmingham, AL: Deaf Great Dane Needs Foster

I am desperately seeking a knowledgable foster for this young deaf great dane. I have a potential dane owner who runs a doggy daycare here in Birmingham, who is thinking of fostering but nothing certain and I hate for too much time to pass. The shelter will work with me and they are open 7 days a week too which is great since I have a career on top of my own rescue and work Mon-Fri 7am-6pm.

Savannah is a beauty. I spoke to the shelter rescue coordinator and she gave me some insight on her.

- owner surrender (owner said that he had landlord problems)
- she is good tempered and seems to be irritated with the shelter life
- she was not to fond of other dogs coming up behind her while she was eating but is fine with the dogs when no food is around. There was no full out attack-aggression but just a snarl and warning.
- she is 12-14 mos old
- if you are able to foster or know of someone, she will come FULLY vetted to you

If you or someone you know might can foster her for Peace Love & Dog Paws Rescue, Inc. we would be able to save her life!!! I can't turn my back on her and must help her. She needs someone who understands her but also understands that she is a young playful pup and with the right training (hand signals, etc) she will be a wonderful companion. The staff at the shelter is not sure if she knows any signs because they do not know any. Thank you very much!!

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Alison Potts Shirley, President

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  1. my boyfriend and i am interested in it, but we will talk about it to see what do we think. he wants a great dane dog so badly but deaf, that will be so great oppuntity for us!

  2. I love his pink nose! Diane