Saturday, April 17, 2010

Manhattan, NY: Deaf Pit Bull in Kill Shelter

843438 -- BAMBAM, Neutered, 9months, Deaf (owner surrendered "No Time").

A VOLUNTEER WROTE: Bambam is such a great dog even with his disability this boy already knows to sit - play ball and walks beautifully. He is white all over with these unusual large coin circles of the faintest of gray on his back under his white hair and you have to get close up to see this; beautiful face and expressive eyes. He loves to be with company and actually would entertain himself once his human companion is around. Didn't seem to mind other dogs, just kept wagging his tail and he would definitely be suitable for an apartment. He weighs 48.90lbs -- In & Out: 4/15 and is rated Mild. Beautiful dog.

Another volunteer wrote:
I can not get his soulful eyes , his sweet face out of my mind.
How he just sat there patiently waiting for his turn to go out, just following me with his eyes not making a sound. Please, the shelter is no place for a delicate soul like Bam Bam. We need your help, come look at him take him out for a stroll, you will never put him back in his shelter kennel.

A Volunteer Wrote: Bam Bam has already made himself so popular at the shelter that volunteers are scrambling to walk him, write his bio, and otherwise champion him. It's not hard to root for this beautiful boy: He is an all white stunning dog, and at 9 months is so ahead of the curve he already knows how to sit, walk beautifully, and play ball. He's so seductive that one volunteer actually talks about melting into his eyes...and she's not wrong. What's most extraordinary about Bam Bam is that like many pit bulls who are all white, he is deaf. And like all the deaf, white pits that we have met, he rises above the bar in every other way to make up for his lack of hearing. He is alert, he is attentive, and he is lovely with people, affectionate and sweet and willing to please and obey any command that is given visually.

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  1. I agree, just looking at this picture and I notice his eyes, beautiful, too bad I am in Oregon!

  2. I just rescued a deaf boxer,she is fantastic and compensates with visual & feeling for her loss of hearing. She is remarkable. If he were here I would go check him out right away. Probably he would have a forever home with me.