Friday, December 31, 2010

Checotah, OK: Bull Terrier Mix at Shelter

Transportation can be arranged by contacting Vicki McKay at Any interest for Marilyn, contact Bernita at by email or 806-339-1362
by phone.


Hello, I am a volunteer at the Checotah Animal Shelter. Kate said that you might be able to find my Marilyn Monroe a good home. She is a year old deaf pit bull, pure white with a brown spot on her lower back. She is very beautiful! I found her on the streets of Checotah and loaded her up in my vehicle. I fell completely in love. I ordered her a medical tag just in case she got lost. Marilyn is very friendly to all dogs and people. I have been working with her on weekends teaching her sign language. She knows three commands (sit, good girl, stay). She loves to play with the ball and has a great disposition about her. I would love to adopt her but I have no yard and have three dogs which are all potty trained and rescue dogs. I rent my home and not supposed to have any dogs. She deserves a big yard to play in. I am so attached to her and love her so much that as I write this email, I have to wipe my tears but I want her to be so so happy with an adopted family.

Thank you,
Bernita Rittenhouse

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