Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Palmetto, FL: American Bulldog Mix is Out of Time

Male – intact; 67 lbs, 15-18 months old; HW negative; Has had DA2PPCCV and Bordatella at the shelter and $15.00 pull fee. Located at Manatee Animal Services.

Has been at the shelter since December 7th and is out of time!

From shelter contact - This dog is an American Bulldog Mix, mainly white with some brown on him. He is laidback. He does bark at things every so often not much though. He loves to play and have belly rubs. He will try to sit in your lap and give kisses. He seems to know hand signals, I am not sure how many. He loves his blankets. Here are some pictures of my sweet heart.

Christina S Rios
Animal Care Specialist II
305 25th Street West
Palmetto , Florida 34221
(941)742-5933 x 234


  1. Manatee Animal Services is currently closed. Who else can I contact?

  2. That's the only information I received. I did a search on internet and found this email address, which is Thanks.

  3. Someone sent me a message stating that he may have a hold on him from a rescue...otherwise I can't get any other info. I have someone who might be able to help but don't know who I can get in touch with! ARGH! (Oh, and this is the same person who posted "anonymous" above.) :)

  4. Thanks, Kristine. There's contact information on the page you can use for someone you know who might be able to help if the rescue do not come for the dog. Do keep us all posted and it is much appreciated!