Thursday, December 30, 2010

Irving, TX: Outdoor Cat Needs a Home

Mr. White - who when the cat first showed up in my neighborhood I named Snow White thinking it was a female. Very people friendly, I was able to pick up and pet. Was busy for a few days and then when I took Mr. White to the vet to get fixed I realized he was a male, hence dropping the Snow part of his name. I have a colony of 12 use-to-be ferals (a few still kinda keep their distance) all fixed and we have a lovely community till Mr. White came along. He doesn't geehaw well with the others. He has also taken to harrassing the cat across the street too, all in a bid for food, which there is plenty of for all .
I found out from my neighbor across the street that Mr. White is stone deaf, he does NOT have blue eyes, hence maybe some of his acting out. I use the Animal Wellness collection of flower essences on all my cats - him included to keep behavior calm and peaceful among the pack. Tho Mr. White is not to hep on taking the drops from me. I feel like he used to be an indoor cat and is very used to and friendly with people, and someone dumped him in the neighborhood. I would love to see him go to someone who wants a single white beautiful cat in their home or out on a farm where he can roam freely and not feel he is in competition with other cats for food. As I said earlier he is fixed and had a rabies shot and flee treatment - the basics that the Feral Friends vets do. Have no idea how old he is - maybe around 3 or 4 years old.

work email -
cell # 214-802-1134
THANKS - Elaine ~ Irving, Texas
PS - I would be willing to meet someone part way with him to transport him say within a 100 mile radius of the Dallas area, which would have to be on a weekend.


  1. he is adorable......but we have five cats, one white, cross eyed and also deaf......I so hope he finds a furever home.

  2. Life on the street must be so hard for deaf cats.


  4. Yes, it's a possibility. The person who knows about this cat in particular will be able to share more details as to whether or not this cat can be an indoor cat.