Saturday, December 25, 2010

Miami, FL: Rottweiler Needs Out Before It's Too Late

I.D. # A1268335

Sophie is a female, Rottweiler, 1 yr. old, spayed, and an owner surrender. MDAS is overflowing with animals.

This poor baby was so scared, she jumped when the flash on my camera went off. A relative of the owner dropped the dog off and said the dog was partially deaf. She is sweet just very scared, doesn't help that she is deaf I am sure. She is located at Miami-Dade Animal Services, 305-884-1101 and her I.D. number is A1268335!

For a list of email to contact about helping Sophie, you can try the director of animal services at Her direct ph# is 305-884-1102 and ext is 228


  1. Here is the latest info by Louise after the posting about Sophie:

    I will make room for any rescue who will take this dog in and give free boarding for a month. I will also include the food. I will work with her with basic commands if she does not know any and try to build her confidence up. Deaf dogs make wonderful pets. They are adoptable so let's get her out of there where she is probably afraid and they probably don't have patience with her making her even more afraid....

    Louise Kuttler, Pet Concierge
    Sun Kiva Kennels
    "Your pet's favorite vacation resort"
    120 Woodbine Lane, Hawthorne, FL 32640
    Phone: (352) 481-3082 Fax: (352) 481-2003 Email:

  2. Sharing this comment on MDAS Facebook profile and my personal profile too! Thank you Louise for your offer! Paws Crossed!

  3. Where are you located?Im a ways away in Arkansas but I will do what I can,Darla

  4. Sophie is in Miami-Dade Animal Services in Miami, FL

  5. Wonderful news....Sophie was adopted today!!!!!