Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lancaster, CA: Pit Bull to be Euthanized Tomorrow

DIES 12/10

Sweet female deaf dog at Lancaster, CA shelter. NO EXTENSIONS. She's a doll.....soft, cuddly, affectionate, learned sit in less than five minutes. Please help.....we are full.......can anyone foster for Angel Dogs Foundation? If you can offer your home to foster, send email to Lisa at She will cover all the veterinary care. Just need a loving foster home to train him and the rescue can help you with that.


  1. I'll be happy to take her in.. But how I'm in Missouri.. email at

  2. Hi Jolene:

    I am not sure how it works for Lisa. I would encourage you to send an email to Lisa at Thanks for your interest!

  3. contact me at i m willing to give him a home here in pittsburgh pa

  4. GI:

    Contact Lisa at I believe she would require home visit, reference check, adoption fee, etc. Anyone who have the best interest of animals in need would understand and support that. Thanks.

  5. Hi Linda, she's SAFE and in boarding. We have no room at the inn at the moment.

    She is an extraordinarily sweet dog!