Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Alvarado, TX: Abandoned 3rd time and Needs a Safe Place

3rd time in a year!

Sunday we found out that the neighbors in back of us had moved. They had a beautiful white dog that they kept chained to a telephone pole with a dog house. No shade at all. I guess they thought he would get into the dog house to get out of the sun (and COOK). When I investigated more closely, I found that he had no food, no water. What were they thinking: when he got hungry, he'd just go somewhere and someone would pick him up and feed him? Or shoot him? Or get run over? Sometimes I just hate people! God forgive me!

It's just unbelievable. He was really hungry. We moved his chain and dog house under the carport so he can have shelter. We're feeding him and making sure he has water at least twice a day. We let him off the chain to run. But we're not comfortable leaving him off for his own safety. He isn't very old - maybe a year. He has the most wonderful personality, smiles all the time. Happy, runs around barking. Comes and sits in front of you. Loves everybody. Starved for attention. Is not food aggressive. Loves to be brushed and petted. He doesn't know what to do with treats - buries them, I guess for his next meal.

A family moved in summertime in July and wanted to keep him. I don't know when they moved, but they're gone and he's still there. We are feeding him and caring for him. He has shelter - carport and 2 dog houses - is still on his steel cable, but we have no other way to contain him.

We obviously need help. Actually I think he may be house trained. The trailer was open yesterday and I went in looking for some clue of the owner. He came in with me and went over in the corner and laid down. He's very docile.

Please contact me at this number: 817 659 9275.

Thank you,


  1. I pray that someone will adopt this sweet dog soon. Very soon!

  2. That really hurts me when I read this. Poor beautiful dog. I wish to take him home but I am 1500 miles away. Contact pitbull rescues. I am thinking of him...

  3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR ADDRESS!!! that opens him up to be taken for dog fighting, class b dealers, etc. please remove the address and just leave contact info. thank you for helping him

  4. Thanks! I just removed the address and will let Cathie know it is for safety reason. You are correct about dog fighting, class b dealers and even being used as a bait.

  5. thank you so much for helping this dog, i just posted him on every texas or pit bull rescue i could find, so hopefully you will get some inquiries soon <3 please keep us updated on him.

  6. OMG!! This was our dog! We moved into an apt that would not allow pitbulls so we gave him to a couple in Alvarado. Where is he now did he find a home or do you still have him? His name was Savage!!! He is actually almost 5 yrs old now. Please contact me tiffanynr1123@yahoo.com