Monday, December 13, 2010

Pasadena, CA: Chihuahua Has Until 24 Hours

Hi you guys, can you please help me network this dog, was going to be killed today but I got a 24 hour extention. He is apparently blind and deaf and is not in good shape, needs a cozy bed and lots of tlc. Please don't let him die in the shelter! He is so lonely , cold and scared!!!!!!!! I haven't met him yet but I hear he is very sweet!

You guys know that I love these little special cases so much, but we've taken in so many hard cases and geriatric dogs, that it would be very difficult right now so i'm begging you to help me network this poor baby and maybe someone can open up their heart and give him a wonderful loving home. He won't need much! I know he will appreciate it so much!!!!!

And FYI this dog cannot go on a long road trip, or on a plane out of state. He is not healthy enough to travel!

If you guys can help please contaxt Lorna at Pasadena humane

Thanks you guys. xoxox


  1. is not working!!

  2. Thanks for the head up. I just sent an email to the crossposter with cc to to follow up. Waiting to see if this email gets returned undeliverable. I checked on internet and this email address is correct. Will keep you all posted if anything changes.

  3. I cross-posted it on my fb. I hope someone can save him and let him enjoy the rest of his life in a comfortable over-sized warm fluffy pillow!!! Please keep us updated!

  4. How old is he? Wish I could take him....I'm in Texas

  5. Thanks, Anonymous, for doing your part.

    I heard back from someone at the same email address and this dog is safe with a local rescue organization.