Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tampa Bay, FL: Lab/Bulldog Mix Needs Rescue by Friday!

I was notified that there is a one year old lab/bulldog mix left behind in the apartment for the roommate to take after by someone who moved out of state. This person have liver problem and cannot walk the dog. She has a friend, who is staying until this Friday before she flies out of country where her home is, help walk the dog.

However, after this Friday, she cannot take care of this dog and needs to look after her own health. Bud doesn't belong to her. The dog weighs about 70 lbs. According to the people where the dog is currently, the dog is friendly and sweet. The only issue is he pulls when on the leash and it's hard to control him. He has a lot of energy where he's not able to steam off and wants to play.

This dog is only 1 year old and I was told he have been to 4 different homes already. I strongly feel he needs to go to a good rescue with a foster home who can work with him and assess him before knowing which home is good/right for him to ensure it's his 5th and last home. Don't let him go to a shelter or be given to just anyone to adopt for the 5th time only to be given up again and again and again.

Please email deafanimals@gmail.com if a reputable rescue can help.

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