Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jacksonville, FL: Pit Bull Lost Since 11/26/10. Help!

It has been a week now that Petey, a deaf pit bull, has been missing. He was adopted from the Animal Control last summer when his time was up. Please crosspost far and wide non stop until Petey is found safely. For information about Petey, check the link on craiglist:

I made my great escape last Friday (Nov 26) at around 3pm. I think it's around this time I made my great escape because a former human roommate left in a huff, when he was supposed to be watching me. My owners are hoping I just made my escape and still am in Florida. I am a handsome boy at one year old and I am playful. I'm very friendly with humans, never have bitten any, but I may be a little rough on other dogs. This is also something I don't like to tell people, but I have this nervous chewing habit when I'm left alone by myself. I have eaten my owner's expensive camera, blinds, bed, sheets, you name it! Whatever you do, don't leave me alone in a room. I will get into trouble for sure! I also happen to be deaf. I can hear only extremely loud noise but I won't know which direction it comes from.

I've escaped once before, and I was found by Orange Park High School, and taken to Clay County Animal Protection Services in Green Cove Springs. My owner had to spring me out and pay a fine because I didn't wear a tag. I have had all my vaccinations, rabies and all.

Again, my stats are:

Neutered, male, white with spots on my fine coat - I have a spot on one of my eyes, just like the dog in the old tv show Little Rascals. I was wearing a reflective collar, black and gray (the reflective part is gray). My owner was stupid enough to postpone getting me my tag and see what happens! However I do have a microchip, so shelters can scan it for identification purposes... if they do it at all when they are not too overwhelmed with the volume of dogs like me getting in all the time.

I think I am done with my grand adventure and I am ready to go home to my owners. I don't know why, but they love me with all their hearts and I'm sure they are very sad about me being gone. Please help me get back home where I belong!