Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nashville, TN: Pit Bull Needs Another Placement

I am a volunteer for the MJ shelter and help several rescue groups but this one is special needs and would like her to get the help and special attention she needs. She is about 6-8 months old and has been picked up in the Nashville area about 4 months ago in the middle of the street. She is deaf, not sure if she is completely or just partial because she does seem to hear very loud bangs just not clapping of the hands or being called or the other dogs barking. She is a pure white pit with a pink nose and ears. There is currently 4 other dogs in the home and 2 are very dominant and keep beating her up and this is one of the reasons she needs to get out of the home quickly. The owner is an elderly man and his children and grandchildren seem to keep bringing animals home and he said then he is left responsible for their care, but this one he really wants to have her find a good home because of her special needs and he knows his home is not it. If there is anything anyone can do, please e-mail as soon as possible, I will transport her. She is a sweet dog and needs love and attention.

Tanya Beadles
Office Manager
ServiceMaster of North Davidson/Wilson
12017 Lebanon Road, Tn 37122
Phone-(615)754-8536 or (615)889-6471

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