Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hinesville, GA: In Danger of Heart Sick Euthanasia

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Please take a look at this stunning boy. He came in with his mate, the white Boxer on one of the pictures. Both were supposed to be picked up by their owner who never came. His mate is now going into foster care in Brooksville, FL but Romeo remains behind bars and since the facility is full, he is now in extreme danger of losing his life via heart stick euthanasia. Romeo is only around 2 years old and very sweet. After several tests, Romeo appears to be deaf! He does not respond to any kind of noise that he does not see, like clapping hands, squeaky toys, etc. He is more interested in the volunteers than at looking and sniffing other dogs. The volunteer who has worked with him said she would trust him with other females but not so much males, which is why the foster home in FL was unable to take him. He does not do that good with cats, no aggression but the volunteer thinks he would just try to snatch one if he could.

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