Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fairplay, MD: It's Foster/Rescue or Euthansia for this Boxer

There is a 6 yo male white deaf boxer with aggression issues at our kennel that has been boarded with us for over 2 years that will be euthanized 1/7/11 at 130p. He has never BITTEN down on anyone, just GRABBED them, never drawn blood or moved past the mouthing stage; unfortunately he thinks this is how he lets people know when he does not like things. He does better with female humans, but can warm up to male humans too. He needs a home that can just let him be, with NO kids. He LOVES other dogs and is ok with cats. He was beaten in the head as a puppy b/c they thought he was stupid, so he is very touchy about being touched on his head or neck, he has never grabbed anything but hands that were near his head. This dog could live with someone that didn't want anything from him, although he can be affectionate, someone that could let him live his life in peace and have outside time with some pals. He knows hand signals, is very obedient and low energy. The rescue MIGHT consider a foster home that commits to him for his lifetime. Please contact Elaine at


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