Monday, January 10, 2011

Springfield, MO: Husky Mix's May Be Euthanized Today

This dog was posted last friday:

If you would like to adopt this dog, please call the Humane Society at 417 833 2526

His stray hold is up. He's not doing well in that environment. He can't hear anyone approaching and can barely see so he just stays hanging back, timid and doesn't interact with the public. That's not truly his personality though, it's just that he's stuck in the kennels that he doesn't act like himself. He learned to sit and shake in one day with hand signals so I know he's got an active brain in there!

Rachel S. Campbell, Director
WinterPaws Arctic Breed Rescue
MDA License #RQ-8264
(417) 773-6014


  1. This posting needs to be clarified...
    Folks, I am the original contact regarding the dog on this link and apparently, several details of my original post have been rewritten and forwarded incorrectly during my posts circulation. I run WinterPaws Arctic Breed Rescue in Springfield, MO. I also have no idea who is. We don't have a Cindy who works for us here at WinterPaws. This dog is NOT at Animal Control, he is at the Southwest Missouri Humane Society. Therefore, those contact links for Animal Control in the post are useless. Also, he has NOT been put to sleep yet, but it could happen any time if space is needed. If you would like to adopt this dog, please call the Humane Society at 417-833-2526. His adoption fee to the humane society is $100, but WinterPaws will donate $50 of that back to the adopter. This will also include a voucher for him to be neutered. He is 32 lbs, deaf and as you can see from his pic, vision impaired due to cataracts. There is no indication he is mixed with a German Shepherd dog. He has all his shots and is heartworm negative. He is not doing well at the shelter and therefore, potential adopters are passing him by. I just wanted to clarify the misinformation. If you are interested in him, please email Thanks.

  2. Thanks for clarifying and some information will be removed now that you have shared. Sorry for the inconvenience by whoever changed some of the information during the cross posting.