Thursday, January 13, 2011

Watertown, CT: Cat Needs a Loving Home

Meet Andromeda, a 7 year old deaf kitty with one blue eye, and one green eye. Unlike most deaf kitties, who are only deaf on the sides with the blue eye, Andromeda is fully deaf. You can run a vacuum right next to her and she won't even twitch. Andromeda lived in one home for 7 years until her owners decided they could no longer take care of her, and had to bring her to a shelter. Through the work of a wonderful woman, Andromeda was saved from being euthanized, and placed in a foster home ready for adoption. Several months later, Andromeda was adopted and taken to a new home. This is where the unfortunately situation of finding her a new home comes in.

While Andromeda is incredibly snuggly and cuddly to humans, she does not like other cats. After being introduced to one very small kitty, Andromeda pounced. For the last 6 months, she has lived in medium sized rooms with a set of baby gates stacked up so she can see out, but not get to the other kitty. She has been on herbal remedies as well as medication prescribed by the vet, and yet her distrust of other cats remains.

This sweet girl is incredibly friendly and loves to snuggle. She walks freely up to new people she's never met before and looks for a scratch behind her ear. She purrs loudly, and likes to chat, and although she's deaf so can't hear your responses, she does respond well to hand gestures. She LOVES to play. She has a few stuffed mice she plays with, she plays with a mat that has catnip in it, and goes completely crazy for straws and the laser pointer. She'll follow the little light for hours before curling up against her human for a nap.

If you're looking for a new pet, a snuggly, affectionate, playful pet, please consider adopting Andromeda. She will not disappoint you. Vet references ARE required before you can adopt, and you must be aware that she will not be given to a home that has cats, or to people who plan to get more cats. She has had enough trauma in her life an now just needs to find her forever family. We are located in Connecticut, so if you are within driving distance, and are interested, please contact me here.

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