Friday, January 7, 2011

Springfield, MO: Husky Mix's Time is Up

If you can help or have contacts I can make, please reply to Rachel at

I'll try to keep this short, but you know how rescue stories are...

I had a client who asked me to find him a Husky back in October. Seemed like I could never find the right one for him. In November, someone found a stray, forlorn, little Husky mix puppy boy in Joplin, MO. Skin and bones and in rough shape. She reached out to me, but we only take purebreds into our program. But after passing along his story and pictures to my client, he decided he wanted the dog and we made an agreement that I would go pick him up and I would act as an intermediary for him to acquire the dog.

I went and picked him up for my client and delivered him. Very quickly I realized that he was not puppy at all, but an adult of about 2-3 yrs - maybe older. To top it off, he's deaf. I could tell that the new owner was not happy with this discovery, but he took him anyway. On 12/22, the owner called to tell me the dog had escaped his back yard. He was ultimately found on 12/29 (he had wandered INTO a Wal-Mart), and was taken to the SW Mo Humane Society, who contacted me because I had posted lost & found ads around. He did not have the collar and tag on that I had provided the new owner. The owner does not want him back (and I'm not sure the guy didn't just let him loose to get rid of him). It shames me that I went against my instincts and that this has happened.

He is sitting in the HS and his stray hold is about up and even though the owner doesn't want him, I cannot in good conscience leave him there without first doing everything I can to help him. We cannot accommodate a long-term foster or a special needs dog right now and I would like to try to find him a special needs rescue if possible or a foster home situation or permanent home.

Being deaf, he is scared to death in the kennels and the shelter manager advises me that he will not make a good adoption candidate because he hangs out in the corner, not being able to hear anything. He doesn't appeal to the general public, even though he is a sweetheart once given the chance to interact. He startles easy, of course, and needs to be taught hand signals. He learned to sit and shake in one day. He has an interesting throaty bark (maybe due to the fact that he can't hear himself?). He's wonderful with the shelter staff that he now knows. He's UTD on shots, heartworm negative and other than being thin with a dull coat, is in relatively good condition. He is not neutered. He's very laid back and easy going and will make an excellent house pet. He IS an escape artist though and needs a watchful eye. I am willing to provide some sponsorship funds to a rescue who can take him and help with transport.

His stray hold is just about up and he's about out of time. I have been advised that due to his needs, he will be one of the first on the euth list should the space be needed. If you can help or have contacts I can make, please reply to or to this post.

Thank you!

Rachel Campbell
WinterPaws Arctic Breed Rescue


  1. Wow, the owner is the most callous human on the earth because he did not remove the collar and tog from that dog. Evidently, he did it on purpose to get rid of him. The owner should be charged for negligence. You should give out his name so any rescue organization will know that he is not a good candidate. What a shame! Hope he will be adopted soon. I would love to but I am way far from Missouri. Thanks

  2. Has he been adopted?