Thursday, July 19, 2007

Video of Deaf Dalmatian On The News

Deaf Dalmatian Learns Sign Language

The article is good, but I am disheartened by this statement, "Deafness in dogs can lead to significant emotional problems and often deaf puppies are euthanized." It would be nice for them to point out that it's human's failure to accomodate their needs, in order to put them on equal footing as hearing dogs, by providing them visual access and communication at a young age as opposed to auditory. This reminds me of how some deaf children have emotional/behavioral problems because of lack of communication/visual access.


  1. that is for sure!! curious, are you deaf, smile??

    And deaf children are put on medicines because of hearing people' insensitive toward their needs!!


  2. Yes, I am as deaf as every animal
    you see on this blog :)

    You do have a point about how some deaf children are put on medications for their behavioral and emotional problems that resulted from a lack of visual communication/language.

    One of many goals of this blog is to educate the public and increase awareness that it's not because the animals are deaf for how they are but humans selfishness not to accomodate to their visual needs.

    There have been plenty of success stories where people take in deaf dogs with some behavioral problems and turn them around by using visual means of communication.