Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Please Save This Deaf Boxer in Illinois!!!


Would you have room for this white boxer? She is an owner surrender and has cysts on both of her hind legs. The owner said she was around 5 years old. We suspect she is older than that.

We are doing a heartworm test on her today and will let you know the results. We can give her a dhlpp and rabies before she leaves. I don't believe she is spayed, but I will double check to make sure.

She is currently being held in animal control and unless we can find some place for her to go, she will be euthanized.

Please let me know if you can help her. Transportation is available if you can take her. Contact Sue at: randolphcountyhumanesociety2@yahoo.com


P.S. Foster her if you can!


  1. Poor dog looks terrible! She needs to be cleaned and given alot of love. I will spread this word to everyone here in Boston. Thanks

  2. i live all the way over in scotland or i would take her in a second i love the breed i have a year old female boxer i couldnt inagine anything happening to her so the people who let this poor dog get into this state should be treated the way this poor dog was treated see how they like it better yet lock them up and throw away the key i hope this dog gets her happy ending that she deserves !!!!!!!